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Law reformers circulate draft arbitration bill

| 21/06/2010 | 5 Comments

(CNS): Following the development of a draft bill, the Law Reform Commission is asking the public to offer final comment on a proposed new Arbitration Bill. The Commission circulated the discussion paper ‘Review of the Arbitration Laws in the Cayman Islands’, which formed the basis of the new law over one year ago on 11 May 2009. The Bill seeks to modernise the conduct of domestic and international arbitration in the Cayman Islands by streamlining the current legislative regime and introducing provisions which, the commission said, are consistent with existing legislative models in other jurisdictions.

Comments are invited from the public on any aspect of the draft Arbitration Bill, 2010. The Bill may be viewed on the following website:
Submissions should be posted no later than 23 July, 2010 to the Director, Law Reform Commission, c/o Government Administration Building or delivered by hand to the offices of the Commission on 3rd Floor Anderson Square or emailed to

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Debate ends as ministers quiet

| 21/06/2010 | 15 Comments

Cayman Islands News, Grand Cayman Island Headline News(CNS): Not one of the government’s minsters or back benchers stood to add anything to the 2010/11 budget debate in the Legislative Assembly on Friday. Even though the occasion traditionally offers all members of the House the opportunity to talk about their achievements and their future plans, none of the UDP members exercised their right to speak. Following opposition member Arden McLean, the premier stood to begin his right reply to the contributions from the opposition benches and wind up the debate. McKeeva Bush said they had no right to criticise the budget as all the problems he faced were the fault of the PPM and once again he had heard no solutions from the leader of the opposition. (Photo Dennie Warren Jr)

On Friday evening the premier said he would make his full reply to end the budget debate on Monday morning (21 June) but not before he had criticised his opposition colleagues and once again blamed them for the continuing financial difficulties. He said the opposition had made a mess when in office and left the country without any money. He accused them of driving business away and doing nothing but “building a few roads” and starting some buildings.
“They are the very bunch that ruined everything,” Bush added.
The premier accused McLean and Miller of talking nonsense over their objections to the cargo port in East End and that the debate was over. “I have let people say what they want,” Bush said, adding that the member for East End could lay down in front of bulldozers or trucks but he was going to get it done.
Bush told the Legislative Assembly that the opposition did not know anything about developing and attracting business but yet he had to sit down and listen to them when they did not understand he was trying to build something for the future. He accused the opposition of trying to make a comeback before calling for an adjournment until Monday when he said he would be dealing more fully with their criticisms.
The debate on the budget will end once the premier finishes his right to reply this morning and the members will then begin the scrutiny of the government’s spending plans and revenue expectations in the finance committee.  
The Finance Committee stage usually provides the members with the opportunity to talk to chief offices in each department and to question them directly on spending plans. This will be the first time the committee will be chaired by the premier in his role as Minister of Finance and he has already indicated that things will be done differently and he will be seeking to keep the deliberations short.

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