Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke in custody

| 22/06/2010

(BBC): Police in Jamaica say they have arrested suspected drugs lord Christopher "Dudus" Coke on the outskirts of the capital, Kingston. Jamaican media say he walked into a police station although Information Minister Daryl Vaz told the BBC he had been detained in a "police spot-check". The Jamaican government wants to extradite Mr Coke to the US to face charges of drug and gun trafficking. Attempts to capture him in May led to clashes in which scores of people died. Mr Coke, 41, is accused of being the leader of the notorious Shower Posse.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Are they sure he is the "real" Dudus? I had a Jamaican tell me that no one

    knows what he really looks like!

    • Anonymous says:

      I have a unicorn I would like to sell you. Not only do they know what he looks like, they know what his baby-mother and kids look like.  Dudus was well accepted in certain houses of "upper" St. Andrew.

    • Anonymous says:

      "I had a Jamaican tell me that no one knows what he really looks like!" Never heard a more ridiculous statement. If you have nothing sensible to say please keep quiet!

      • You are right says:

        You are right, Have’nt that person ever heard of the word DNA, what part of the bushes some people are living anyway?

  2. whodatis says:

    I am yet to meet a "drug lord" who has ever encountered difficulty when it comes to pushing his product.

    America (& UK – so much weed on the streets of London today – it boggles the mind!) needs to examine its society and question what should be done about the overwhelming demand and consumption of the natural herb within its borders rather than making scapegoats out of alleged "drug lords".

    ‘Dudus’ didn’t gamble with the financial profiles and mortgages of hundreds of millions of people in this western world and cause the mass homelessness and global financial meltdown facing the world today. Our priorities are quite out of order and we are yet again bypassing the real issues facing us today.

    Back in the day cotton, spices and tobacco werethe commodities in high demand – Brits and Europeans went to the ends of the earth and beyond the fringes of humanity (slavery, genocide, brutal colonialism) to secure and control the trade of said commodities. Those countries and its spawn, the USA, are great and powerful nations as a direct result. (However, we are not allowed to focus on such historical economic / political truths as that was a long time ago and mankind has advanced so much since then!)

    Gimme a break! New day, same $**t.

    (The simple fact is that there are and always will be, certain thingsin this world that are craved by a significant portion of human beings … sorry but this truth is as real and natural as a waterfall. It is what it is.)

    • Anonymous says:

      What is your point?

      You go back far enough in history and all races on this planet have committed terrible crimes against each other (Are e only allowed to go back 200yrs?). You think Dudus should just go free…why? There is evidence that he has committed terrible crimes against his own people but because there is a human need for drugs its ok?

      Get that chip off your shoulder and live life.

      • Anonymous says:

        I wish I could give you a thousand thumbs up. You see, it doesn’t suit the person’s cause to go further back in history. It would be far more difficult to play victim if the person did. Slavery and Indentured Servitude still exist today, but we are so preoccupied with the past 200 years we don’t really care about those currently suffering.


      • whodatis says:

        Touched a nerve did I?

        Who said anything about race?

        I was simply referring to the nations that hold the most power in this world today – and the methods by which they attained it. (Those "commodities" back then were the most valuable in the world at the time – sound familiar?)

        In regards to my stance on "drugs" / Dudus – if we are talking about marijuana then I do believe that the "war on drugs" is totally counter-productive.

        ALL of the statistics surrounding this issue support this perspective.

        Tell me – how do you feel about our approach to alcohol vs. marijuana?

        Lastly – my life is swell (I was born and raised in the Cayman Islands after all)… what chip could I possibly have?



    • Night Flyer says:

      And it’s spawn Wow! what Venom.Cant imagine such anger at other human beings. Go chill have, a spliff.

  3. wonderment says:

    Here comes the next Dudus! 

    If they think they can fight this mafia war by capturing one man, they are in for a surprise. And those people who rallied behind him because of his charitable deeds, will always have their greviance against the Jamaican government, because they are convinced that the government is not for the people of Jamaica!

    There are more Robin Hoods to come.

    This arrest means nothing!  Caymanian leaders in high places better wake up and learn from this!  If you don’t put your people first, your people will find other means of survival.