Patient led health care initiative launched

| 26/08/2010

(CNS): Clients from the Department of Children and Family Services will be the first patients to be allocated their own personal physician as part of the pilot launch of CayHealth. Government officials said this is an evidence-based health initiative that will give patients better access to healthcare. Patients will be able to schedule all appointments with the same doctor, who will in turn coordinate any specialist visits and overseas care, officials stated. The programme will be officially launched on 1 September but it is slated to become a national initiative, and according to the health minister, forms part of the wider goal of improving the country’s health and health care.

The programme is a partnership between the ministries of Health and Community Affairs and the Health Services Authority.
“I believe this provides a great opportunity to improve our people’s health as we work towards developing a sustainable high quality healthcare system for the Cayman Islands,” said the health minister, Mark Scotland.
One of the programme’s main features involves assigning general practitioners as personal physicians. In addition to seeking services through CayHealth, patients will also continue to access paediatrics and women’s health clinic services in the usual manner due to the special nature of these services.
“Patients are at the heart of the healthcare system and being able to schedule visits with the same physician is a major step forward as it will improve patient-doctor relationships. Furthermore, when a doctor knows your complete medical history, it inevitably results in better and faster care,” the minister added.
The programme is also aimed at reducing waiting time by serving patients at the district health centres, where they will also be able to fill prescriptions. Government said the initiative supports the concept of preventative healthcare and encourages people to take an active interest in their health. As such, the programme offers patients health education which promotes healthy lifestyles through the Public Health Department and partner agencies.
“Evidence-based clinical management programmes such as CayHealth are especially effective in improving the quality of life of patients suffering from chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and asthma because they allow physicians and patients to manage their health, rather than just responding to acute symptoms,” Scotland stated. “As such, this programme’s focus on preventative primary health care and patient education will allow the health care provider to manage the patient’s health and well-being which should reduce the need to seek emergency and acute care services.”
Mike Adam, the community affairs minster, said CayHealth had the potential to create a strong healthcare model for future generations. “We hope that the first participants will become strong ambassadors for the programme in their communities.”
Government officials said the programme was developed by a multi-agency steering committee comprising representatives from the Health Services Authority, the Department of Children and Family Services and CINICO.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    With the old system it took around 3 weeks to see a specialist.

    With the new system I suppose it will take around 5 weeks to see specialist doctor.   2 weeks to wait to see the GP + 3 weeks to see the specialist.

    So could someone explain how this can be better for patients to wait 5 weeks to see a Specialist?

    Also why is there a two tier system?  If you are not a CINICO patient you only need to wait 3 weeks to see a specialist.  

  2. Jab Jab says:

    Good luck with this. I hope they have better luck booking patient visits than the current GT Clinic does.