Chuckie resigns from PPM

| 26/08/2010

(CNS):  Full story — Following what he described as the opposition’s failure to respond adequately to the current government’s flawed policies, the former tourism minister has resigned from the People’s Progressive Movement. Charles Clifford says his former Cabinet colleagues are not providing the focal point for the community to express its disappointment and disagreement with government policy that an opposition party should. The PPM has not been aggressive enough in opposing the UDP administration and the policies it has implemented since coming to office and both parties were “dysfunctional”, he said. Clifford suggested the PPM needed to take a more active role in opposing what was happening and lead the community against government policies, such as tax hikes, that are undermining the economy.

Clifford has not given a clear indication of where his political future now lies but he has officially parted company from the political party with which he was elected to office in 2005.
He joined the PPM after resigning from his position as permanent secretary in the Tourism Ministry in 2004 with the then minister, McKeeva Bush. During the campaign Clifford had focused heavily on what he suggested were the corrupt policies and behaviour of the previous administration. He was later to face a tribunal for taking Cabinet papers and blowing the whistle on what were questionable financial dealings of the 2001-2005 UDP government in connection with the development of Boatswain Beach.
Since that hearing Clifford has persistently questioned why his removal of governmentpapers was more of an issue that what appears to be the less than transparent issues surrounding payments made to various parties involved in the project with public money.
Clifford has never shied away from controversy and said Wednesday that he believed both of Cayman’s political parties were dysfunctional and said the country was in dire need of a change of policy when it comes to local politics.
“Since leaving office in May 2009, I have reflected on a number of occurrences and contemplated where we are as a country and where we should be heading. I have not taken this decision lightly. But for my entire adult life I have always put country before self and my loyalties will always rest first and foremost with my country and not with a political party,” he said.
Clifford, who lost his seat at the 2009 election, coming in a few votes behind the UDP backbencher Dwayne Seymour in Bodden Town, recently proposed a march on the Glass House to demonstrate to government the dissatisfaction of the people over the proposal to sell the new government administration building and, among other issues, immigration policy. However, he was not backed by his party colleagues, despite the fact that the threat alone had delivered a clear message to government and saw the premier back down from selling the new government office.
He said there was room for far more civic action, which the political leaders should be directing, but he said the PPM MLAs did nothing more than go on the radio and raise objections in the Legislative Assembly, which fell on deaf ears.
The former Cabinet minister said he still believed in the concept of organised party politics but
Cayman had adopted the wrong model, not least because the two local parties were born as a result of the so-called 2001 coup and are nothing more than marriages of convenience.
“As with all marriages of convenience they have become dysfunctional and more focused on campaigning than on addressing the complex issues facing our country,” he said, adding that they were both in the midst of a leadership crisis and neither of them have properly functioning branches outside of their West Bay and George Town bases.
He also pointed to the lack of any real difference in the ideologies of the two political parties. “It seems that there are no real differences between the PPM and the UDP on the macro policies relating to the economy, environment, immigration, growth management, human capital development, social programmes and strategic planning for Cayman’s future for the next 50 years,” Clifford stated. “If there were real differences, I would have expected the PPM opposition to be much more aggressive and resolute in their objections to the flawed policies of the incumbent government.”
As they have in the past, Clifford said the Caymanian people could lead the way towards a new modern democratic political regime that is appropriate for Cayman’s unique society. “In every generation of Caymanians we have always had people who did the right thing to ensure our success. Let us keep that trend going and let us not be the generation that failed our country,” he added.
Although Clifford said he has not made any firm decisions about where his own political future now lies, he described himself as right of centre with very specific fundamental political beliefs, which he promised to discuss with CNS in a future interview.
He was, however, certain that the Cayman Islands cannot exist in a vacuum for it is a part of the global village. He encouraged the many talented Caymanians out there who are politically aware but who have dismissed thethought of ever seeking political office to reconsider. “I once thought that way too but I realised in 2004 that there have always been and must continue to be people who are prepared to make the sacrifice for the sake of our country,” he said, as he asked his fellow Caymanians to step up and begin to reshape the country’s political landscape.
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  1. The Crown says:

    CNS: Why weren’t you even a little forthcoming when i asked where is the HRC? Is it because out of 5 commission members 2 are law firm partners? A fact incidently that doesn’t digest easily with these firms who’s majority of lawyers require work permits. Or is it that the Bill of Rights doesn’t come into effect until Nov 2012? Who is it that has allowed these farcical types of practices? Is it our noble mother country who felt compelled to be expedient on gay rights much sooner than the rights of the people of the Cayman Islands? Here we have namely & accountably a governing country who’s history has embraced slavery on a grand scale & drawn untold wealth from colonialized countries,hence the name,issuing as the champions our rights?? All the while smiling with immunity to any reproach.Amazing,trully amazing. Is it the seldom useful arbitrary Revd Sykes,who’s vigour is only prompted by a display suggesting legalized same sex marriage? What a corrupted little country. Caymanians wake up,some of your own are fabricating a ark & the main engineers are those with a overseas education who despise blue collar folk but require someone to do what they despise.

    • anonymous says:

      There is a great mystery surrounding a distant date of implementation of the BIll of rights   2012  is quite a long time span from 2009.

      It looks tricky and no  one has explained why the long wait. Meantime people are being taken advantage of and the HRC can’t really function without the document already enforced and working.

      • Anonymous says:

        There is no mystery. The Bill of Rights has certain implications for us (e.g. free education to all resident children – new schools?) and the delay gives govt. time to take account of those implications.   

  2. Anonymouse says:

    Chuckie has left the PPM because the elected PPM members are not standing up and fighting the Dicktator and the UDP.

    Now he wants to convince us that he is for the people. What a bunch of Political hogwash.

    The fish head is just not big enough to share with those on the outside so he decides to go find his own fish head. Could all the friendship he seeks on facebook be an indication that he wants a fish head all for himself.

    Only time will tell but I am predicting that he will now become a PIP. That means Party in Power and I would not be surprised to see him hitching a ride on Mac’s coat tail despite the long time bitterness between himself and Mack over sharing of the last fish head.

  3. The Crown says:

    Let’s go Chuckie.”For if he agree’s with them surely he is one them”. Make Dart pay for all referendums to constitute his “Pro Caymanianness”,since the “sometimes conveniently broke/not so broke ” government has to equate first.Can you imagine they didn’t even want to march for what is right,with someone in their own party? Behind you 110% Mr Clifford sir.The biasness that this man overcame,to highlight him while turning a blind eye to serious inaccuracies of public funds is “cherry pickin at it best”.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Okay, so am I the only one who noticed this announcement was made on the same day that the Tom Jones vs. (PPM) Government court case decision was made public?

    • Anonymous says:

      You might not have noticed but there is a UDP Govt. in power and it is that govt. that is being sued for that govt’s breach of contract with Tom Jones.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ah boy……..looks like the PPM GT Executive members are now home from work and busy attacking Chuckie. Sad that some still believe that loyalty is more important than country.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sorry but I don’t buy it. After how many years you are just finding out that the PPM has leadership problems. Is it because you are having problems becoming its leadership.

    The fact that both parties are formed only out of convenience is only important now that you are not in power.

    I believe you are a very intelligent man who can see that the UDP is failing this country and that the people are not supporting them, but still are not turning to the PPM as they have failed previously. So no loyalty, self preservation only, jump ship like a rat at the first sign of taking on water.

    I agree with your statement on our political situation, however I must question your motivation. Also, your previous performance has proven your policies and leadership is abysmal to say the least. You were a big part of the failed PPM government. Now that the UDP is failing it seems a little too politically motivated that you now want to distance your self from failed parties.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The Commissioner of Enquiry, a very experienced judge from the UK who had no interest in UDP/PPM petty politics, found Clifford guilty of opportunism when as a recently resigned former civil servant he leaked documents to Desmond Seales to (successfully as it turned out) advance his political agenda in the then upcoming election. Clearly, Mr Clifford has not learned his lesson. He is trying yet again – but quite legitimately it must be stessed, unlike last time – to capitalise on what he thinks the public wants. Will he succeed? I say "no". He lacks charisma, that quality that is so difficult to define  (and is not always good -think A Hitler!) and the ability to make people think he is a national leader of real substance.

    • Anonymous says:

      "The Commissioner of Enquiry…found Clifford guilty of opportunism".

      You cannot be serious! A politician "guilty" of opportunism?! LOL

      I cannot imagine that if any politician’s political career were examined by a Commission of Enquiry that it would not equally find them "guilty of opportunism". That is the nature of politics. 

      I am no fan of Clifford, but in the scheme of things this was much ado about little. I was far more interested in knowing whether Clifford’s allegations were true than inwhether he had pure motives for leaking the documents to substantiate his allegations. Isn’t it odd that the defence to an allegation of corruption is that the documents which purportedly substantiate those allegations were confidential and should not have been leaked. If I were in the complainant’s position and felt that the record exonerated rather than implicated me I would welcome – no call for – them to be made public. Even odder still when the complainant has publicly read excerpts from those same documents on national TV. 

      There have been far more serious infractions by politicians over the years that did not result in a Commission of Enquiry.

      Except for the political mileage which you and others enjoy it was a complete waste of public funds.        

  8. Anonymous says:

    It’s called "POLITRICKS" ladies and gentlemen !!!! Every politician I know serves their own interests first and foremost, rather than those who elected them and the country they suppose to be representing. 

  9. ???? says:

    Is it only me that notices that the minute an ‘Independent Party’ is formed by a group of independents they are technically no longer ‘Independent’?

    • SoBe it says:

      Hey folks, Charles has not been an active member of the PPM since his defeat in the elections. I have attended quite a few of the public meetings held by the PPM since the elections & only once did I see Charles present, & that was to discuss the proposed march. Since then I have never seen him in attendance, not even in the crowd to offer support. That is why I am suspicious that the rumours are true that he has been offered a position in the government. Ironically, several times today on the radio he mentioned that he was interested in helping the government. Was that a way to cushion the blow when it is made public? By offering his services first, he can then say that he got "the position" because of his offers & not because of an approach made by government. I find it strange that despite being an inactive member of the PPM for over 1 year he suddenly goes public with a major announcement that he is resigning from the PPM. Doesn’t that seem odd? Let us just wait & see the "real truth" behind this wonderful announcement. Yes, I voted for Charles, & yes, I am sorry for my party PPM to see it end this way, but from what I was told before, during, & after the elections this is not a bad thing for the PPM at all (in time it will be a major plus). But let us just wait & hear of his appointment to a good position in the government (simply amazing that dogs can lick up their own vomit, but it does happen, truly. You do not believe me? Wait & see).

  10. Anonymous says:

    We all have to sit back and listen what Chuckie said , and pick sense out of nonsense, I must agree on some of his comments but on the other hand ,he had four years in office not as a backbencher but as a minister in control of his own portoflio, All he did during those four years was fighting with big mack,  and now he calling for unity (double sword).

    My fellow people stop and think before we start giving him praise, let listen to his former party, and again if you notice he stop short of attacking the other party, my question is he joining the udp????

  11. Anonymous says:

    You can call me a jaded mistrustful individual and you might be correct but were Chuckie’s motives that pure.

    Did these problems with the PPM bloom out of nowhere? Where was Chuckie’s party leadership when he was a minister?

    The political parties seem to be little more than a like minded social club and Chuckie was left out and really had little future with the PPM anyway.

    If Chuckie goes independent he will end up under Ezzard who really isn’t all that different in style than the other leaders, it is his way or the highway.

    The parties are personality not issue driven and until that changes it will remain a mess.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Judging by all the hopeful comments on the parties working together, I suspect that many Caymanian voters leave milk and cookies out for Santa and keep a lookout for the bunny on Easter Sunday.

    If the parties were going to work together they would have done so well before the situation became critical. If anyone thinks for one minute that somehow things will change in that respect that person is a bloody fool of the utmost order.

    Chuckie has taken up a banner which all Caymanians should likewise grasp. In regard to both the PPM and UDP, it is time for intelligent Caymanian voters and politicians who care about this country to demand a change NOW relative to party policy and governance.  If no substantial change is immediately forthcoming then it is high time to abandon these dysfunctional parties en mass.

    Both parties have had their chance and both have failed the country. It is time to let both these parties die. Out of the ashes I am confident that we can bring about a political rebirth in these islands where the will of the people is heard and acted upon for the good of all.

    My only misgiving is that we have become a country of whining, sniveling, ill-informed, lazy cowards with no true resolve to do what is necessary to bring about change. We blow hot air at the problem but shrink back in fear and apathy when it comes to taking meaningful action. That the populace has allowed things to slide this deep into the mire amply supports this opinion. I may get flamed for saying this but I do not care as someone has to call a spade a spade! It was we the voters who put these people into positions of power and then sat idly by and watched as dysfunction took the place of sound governance.

    Chuckie has acted with courage and resolve. Now, people, we shall see if you really want change or if you are just blowing hot air with your bitching and complaining.

    Things will not change until the people change things!

    • Anonymous says:

      So, are you trying to tell me that there is no Santa or Easter bunny?
      Then who is it that eats my cookies & drinks the milk when I leave them out? And who hides those Easter eggs? Come on, get real.

  13. Anonymous says:

    seriosuly, what does it take to be a politician in this country?  do you just need an opinion and a loud mouth? 

    if so, i would like to declare that I would like to run for politics… id like to be in charge of sports and education.  cayman is only as strong as its people and its people need a firm and direct upbringing. 

    give me an opportunity and i will SHOW (actual statistics, not retarded claims) you the positive effects of my governing of the sports/education area of cayman’s government. 

    btw, i have much more than an opinion and a loud mouth. 


    • Anonymous says:

      Statr telephoning into Rooster on a daily basis like the other wanna be future politicians.

      Keep pushing those hot button topics…who knows?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Rumour has it that both the PPM and UDP are scrambling about how to respond. Heard Alden on the radio earlier….you could hear he wanted to attack Chuckie but couldn’t quite figure out what the response would be…….so he tried his best to walk on the fence but he almost fell off once though.

    Way to go Chuckster… are very couragous to go up against the "establishment"……….you can look out for the attacks now from the UDP and PPM.


  15. Anonymous says:

    Dear colleagues in the PPM – Chuckie is right about what he said this morning on Rooster concerning the parking lot discussions. We all know that there are leadership problems in both parties………its time for us to be honest about it and bring the parking lot discussions into the meeting room……..and it really is time for us to have an honest discussion as Chuckie has suggested about whether this model of party politics is right for Cayman…..I seriously doubt it.

    Hope we all see how much support Chuckie has now…….we need to pull our heads out of the sand !

  16. anonymous says:

    Now it will be interesting to see how many of those educated guys under McKeeva and the UDP will be man enough to do the same.  Rolston, Mark & CG do something for Country and people for a change.  Make that Change!!

    • ??????????????? says:

      Yes 14:25, but you said educated guys!

    • Anonymous says:

      Didn’t you say educated? Mark, CG? CG? Give me a break!

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes they are educated.

        Rolston- Accounting Degree and CPA

        Mark- Civil Engineer

        CG- LLB

        Now you can question their judgement, decisions and political alliances but don’t be childish and pretend that you don’tknow they have bona fide academic credentials.  Check your facts before you make stupid statements.

        And no I ain’t UDP….I didn’t vote for none of ’em but I can’t stand uneducated ignorance from some posters.

  17. anonymous says:

    We need Sarah Palin and the Tea Party Moment here!!!  Help us Sarah, save us from McKeeva and his cronies.

    • Rorschach says:

      What?? So she can "refudiate" some of the things he says?? 

       She’s dumber than a bag of hammers…We want CHANGE…not MORE OF THE SAME!!

      • Anonymous says:

        You wanted change? Please do not give me change like the change in America! Give me Sarah anyday, anytime! We need Sarah to save America from Socialism & bankrupcy, & we need the Chuckster to save Cayman from the dictator! How is that "change-thingy" working for America now! HAHA! Please, we do not want that change here. If we want communism & socialism we might just as well keep the bunch we have now! NO PLEASE, NO!

        • Anonymous says:

          Yeah, how is that "better way forward" ‘thingy’ working out for you all? I dare say, no better than the "change" ‘thingy’ is working out for the United States! They are ruled by a socialist, who also wants to destroy Cayman, while we are ruled by a dictator who is hell bent on destroying Cayman.
          Yeah, the "better way forward" & the "change" has only made things far worse for the United States & for Cayman.
          In other words, the U.S. people & the Cayman people have to live with broken promises that have made our lives hell. So much for the "better way forward" & the "change," what a grave disappointment & disaster!

  18. Free World says:

    I’m thrilled with this development.  I’ve been so worried for this island.  It took some stones to make a move forward.  The world is watching, Chuckie.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Chuckie made at least two important points this morning:

    1.  He believes that Kurt should step down as leader of the PPM;

    2. The PPM is breaking its own constitution by not electing a Deputy Leader of the Party.

    Fellow PPM members its time to support Chuckie!

    • Anonymous says:

      The idea of Deputy Leader is worth considerig, but with all due respect to Charles Clifford and you, the current PPM constituiton has no position called "Deputy Leader".

  20. "Miss Chief Maker" says:

    Well congrats to Mr. Clifford for standing up in such a time as this and making such a brave decision.  The question I’d like to ask is :now that he’s resigned PPM, where to next.  Has he been given a better job offer elsewhere or will he be forming his own political party?



  21. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Chuckie for saying what many of us in the PPM was reluctant to say.

  22. Anonymous says:

    The Chuckster is the man !!!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Amen Chuckie……you are a man of great courage and integrity. Now watch out for the PPM and UDP darts and arrows…….you know they are coming.

    Perhaps there is hope after all.

  24. Dilemma says:

    I wonder how much of this has to do with the PPM pulling the plug on his ill fated march? well in any case i think he recognises the fact that caymanians on both side of the isle are increasingly growing tired of the two parties unwillingness to work together, even as the country is facing a very serious economic crisis.

  25. Man says:

    This is a call out to persons interested in politics to join him in forming another party! I like it!

    I wonder what names the PPM membership is going to call him!

    Hey PPM, you have two uncontrollable elected members that are fighting so hard for leadership they have forgotten why they were elected.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Just wondering if he grab a bottle of beer when he slid down the emergency exit form Air PPM?

  27. WesBaya says:

    Never been too interested in the poliTRICKS but i think this was a smart move made by Chuckie!! They say if you stand for nothing you’ll fall for anyything and Mr.  Clifford has smelt the rat and removed himself from bad company…I am not in favour of PPM nor UDP because like Mr Clifford I feel this island needs a shake-up and a fresh political perspective. Hope more of the politicians see the truth and grow a pair and step away from this madness that we call government! The opposition is suppose to be CHALLENGING what the current govt is doing…not sitting in the LA falling asleep and playing with there BBerry phones and when the vote come arounds they just randomly choose "ay" or "nay" because they havent heard a word thats being said….what are they being paid for anyway? Wish they would give some of us young caymanians a week in that LA and we’d show them what its about! Stand up for your country and protect it from coniving, evil ways!! That’s my 2-cents

  28. Anonymous says:

    its a shame this very average politician couldnt have resigned before he destroyed the tourism market…this is the same man that wouldnt meet with cruise lines as he and his ‘buddy’ from atlantic star forged ahead with plans to make an island and a bridge in george town…..utter nonsense….becuase he wouldnt talk with FCCA (cruise association) nor the cruise lines, or at least treat the cruise lines with any sense of respect, cayman’s cruise tourism market has collapsed and businesses are closing down in all time record numbers…not once has this egomaniac apologized for his very, very poor handling of the tourism ministry…he wouldnt even attend cruise conferences

    this guy is a sham…and someone on the radio said today he reminds them of Jerry McGuire….oh yeah, sure….maybe "show me the money"…he’s no different than the rest of them

    what ever happened to your protest march Chuckie?

    give us a break…its all about chuckie

    • Anon says:

      This is not a very average politician.  He’s neither corrupt nor an enabling backbencher and that makes him a truly extraordinary man on this island.

    • Anonymous says:

      Reality check – The MOU which Chuckie was using to negotiate for berthing facilities was a tri-party agreement involving Government, Atlantic Star and Carnival/Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Carnival and Royal Caribbean is the FCCA as they collectively own and control all the other brands barring a very few.

      You have clearly drank McKeeva’s cool aid……throw up quickly before you become poisoned forever !!!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Finally, one of the many educated leaders we have has said enough is enough!!!!

    It is so sad that those we elect to help the country are so selfish that they will go with what’s wrong rather than stand up for the right!!

    Rolston I look up to you so much, please break free from the UDP!!

  30. Spartacus says:

    Has Chuckie got a job yet?

  31. Tracy from Swamp says:

    Bodden Town has a plan. Its Charles Clifford again.

    Ozzie do the right thing because we want you too.

    Caroline we need to spice up this team and Dacosta from Savannah, thats 4,……….. we got a team.

    • anonymous says:


      Tracy from Swamp,

      I know you love Cayman. But you named DaCosta from Savannah to run for Bodden Town.

      Why are you calling out on people to run for Bodden Town who are not presently standing up for Cayman?

      Its people like you that contributes to the wrong people getting electd to office and when you get nothing done, then you blame the government?

      I have not heard one thing over the past year or so from this Dacosta from BoddenTown you seem to be endorsing. Is Mr. DaCosta fighting for Caymanians including yourself, is he actively involved in making his voice be heard  off the Campaign trail. Is he addressing the issues facing this country? If he is, then I apologize, if not, they YOU Apologise!



      You will get nothing. Because you are putting someone into the ring that has not been practicing therefore he gets beat up    (like Mike Adam an Elio)! Capt. Eugene was born Whipped! A political dead beat. But a good Boat Captain. those who voted for him should be strangled.

      People that make the best candidates are those that are standing up letting their voice be heard at anytime anywhere, year year after year..Whether they are paid legislators or not, those are the real statesmen and stateswomen. You will get results from them and they will work for you, and fight for you. Has Mr. DaCosta fought for the rights of Caymanians?

      Show us what he’s done or is doing.Give us a list.

      That’s what we need to see. Stop calling out your friends or soebody you like, we have a country messed up right now because we keep electing people that ‘ WE LIKE"  and not people that ‘LIKE YOUR COUNTRY OR ITS PEOPLE"!  They’re in love with someone else. I have nothing personal against Mr DaCosta or anyone else. but it gets to me when people are named to run that are not even a group leader!

      Leadership is not a quality that everyone has. You must be able to identify a leader before you can identify a candidate to run for this country..

      If we keep naming and endorsing "followers"  Big Mac will always be in the drivers seat calling the shots!.  We have two or three years to identify leaders that have proven to be able to lead something, or someone or some group. So stop looking at people You like and start identifying leadership. Because someone has a law degree or owns a business, does not mean they are a leader.  Julie is a lawyer, how often do you hear from her? Has she drafted many laws and put them on the table? Or as long as she says "Yes to Big mac Cayman Brac and Little Cayman can gt anything they want. That’s not leadership. Leadership means taking the podium to the center of the road and letting the people know what you stand for whether you are in the LA House or Outside of it. That’s real leadership, crying aloud and sparing No one! when they do wrong!  especially the premier.

      I hope this helped to enlighten you some so hat you may choose a better candidate for your own district of George Town.

      • Tracy from Swamp says:

        No Savannah Bodden Towner Caymanian needs to be a loud mouth,  in order for his people to know what he stands for. 

        Jesus was a quiet /gentle spoken man who did not have to shout off a mountain top for us to know he loved us all.  When the time came he showed that. And he was a man.

        Another Example of a Typical badminded, Caymanian to spew vemon on another for no possibe reason. 

        "Because I like him?"    ""Then What  is your reason for such an out cry?""

        • anonymous says:

          I’m sure the outcry is probably  some one with great insight that is disgusted with the voting patterns of Caymanians and it’s caused all of us to be devastated a the way this government is running the country. Obviously people have been voting wrongly why they keep getting these kinds of results.We now have a "dicktator" as a result of the voting patterns of these modern day Caymanian voters and you expect people to be silent? You have missed the boat my dear, get out of oblivion and come visit the real world.

          As you seem to be unaware, one can not chose a leader until he has proven to be one already. This does not happen at election time!

          Someone has to be with all the leadership characteristics working through him or her, people will recognize it and give such candidates a chance.

          But for one of us to go out searching for a leader who is not already one is disasterous !, didn’t your mama tell you that?

          Eg. Saul was made king over Israel.

          David was "Annointed King over Israel"  he had already proven his worth from working as a shepherd boy attending sheep" Saul was tall in stature standing over 7 feet tall. David was smaller in stature but he was "Little David With the Lion Heart!"

          He killed a lion and a bear taking care of sheep.

          He proved himself that’s why God sent Samuel the prophet to go anoint him.

          We keep electing people like Elio and mike and Capt. Eugene who have killed no lions and no bears. They’re cowards, when Big Mac say Jump they say "How High?!


          • Tracy from Swamp says:

            08:28  It seems like you are mad with the premier, so if I was you  I would stay on  top of him.  beause,beating up on innocent prospective candidates wont get you elected in Bodden Town. Think about it.

  32. Anonymous says:

    To poster 00:21, how you can you act as interim deputy chairman of the new party when you dont have the balls to sign your name. You bandish other persons name around with reckless abandon but hide your own.

    Cayman needs persons who are not ashamed of themselves.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Truth is the PPM leadership is incompetent. What’s needed is a third party to break the stranglehold the UDP/PPM have on the country. Arden, you must be next, surely?

  34. Dred says:

    Chuckie in my time I have not been behind you on many things but this is one that I am.

    UDP is a mess. Thier ideas about how to lead a country out of a recession are STUPID at best. If this country does make it out of the recession it won’t be BECAUSE of UDP it will be DESPITE of UDP.

    PPM is soft, passive and it’s why they were taken from Office. Kurt is not a leader and I dare say might not even be a good follower either. You know what’s worse than a leader who can’t leader or a follower that can’t follow? A follower who thinks he’s a leader.

    I do not believe that opposition should oppose to just oppose meaning not just because UDP brings a bill you fight it but by God fight things aggressively when you do not believe they are right for the country.

    The one thing I keep turning to is the BT elections when Kurt LET UDP GET THE SEATS. HE LET THEM BREAK THE CONSTITUTION AND GET AWAY WITH IT.

    Kurt that one is utterly and completely on you. You are from BT and many members of your team and party heads are from there also why did you need Sandra Cantron and company to do this? Grow b@lls and do it yourself. Stand up for what you believe in. Care little for what people think and more about the laws of our country.

    This my friends is half of our problem today. Our leaders care more about their paycheck and their future paychecks than they do about doing what is right for this country. It’s why PPM will not get another vote from me and it’s why UDP (Mark & Dwayne) will never get a vote from me. These people care only about a payday. Some of them broke our laws and the others stood idly by and watched.

    Both Parties are a mess. And they can groom their youngins all they want, their precious Young UDP or Young PPMs but they will all follow their leaders ways.

    • anonymous says:

      In my opinion  UDP AND PPM  trooming their young ones should be ‘ILLEGAL" to indoctrinate young people that havn’t even started to live their lives and choose for themselves is Exploitation of our children and a down right disgrace, its socialism and borderline communism. We should fight to stamp out indoctrination of our kids to  party politics it is dangerous and non-productive. How can unqualified leaders sending the country down the tubes train our kids to do the same. You parents that encourage your kids to participate in this sewer should be ashamed of yourselves and you should be prosecuted for child abuse.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Ithink this is the right move.  they have no leadership skill about them.   when they backed out on you with the march, that shows what guts they have.  thier leadership wants to please everybody and this impossible. you was the only one to have the premier backing down from his foolish policies, but aldin convince kurt not to support you,in fear that you would have got the support of the people, and head the party.Chuckie you ank are married to two sisters but do,nt under estimate the power of the lions club. they look out for each other. get some young blood that have balls and form another party,that the people can believe in.  ARDEN its time for you to resign also


    • anonymous says:


      Well said, Chuckie did the right thing and he is definitely on the right track.

      Everyone should stand behind him now.

      Stand behind Chuckie like never before he has the guts to stand a lone? I call that leadership.

      This man deserves another chance. He stood up ad blew the whistle on crooks as a permanent secretary, this man has guts! this is what we need

  36. Rockafellas says:

     Mr Clifford you just figured this out old boy It has always been about the Money$$$$$$$ Opposition are their to GP get paid and by the sounds of it with the Double Di(ppp)ers it should read Kurt Tibbetts MBE DD and Anthony Eden OBE DD. Its sure funny anytime it comes to their salaries and benefits in the LA we get ALL members besides Ezzard are in unanimous support All I’s no opposition to that one. Please Pay Me PPM add now D PPMD Please Pay Me Double. When a politician wrestles with his conscience he usual wins.

    • anonymous says:

      I don’t understand, his should be unconstitutional an something needs to change. No wonder we are broke!

      Mr. Craydock Ebanks, Mr Melville Goring, Mr. Claude Hill, Mr. Willie Farrington, Mr. Berkley Bush, Mr. Ormond Panton, and many more that have gone on…. all these are  old MLA’s that served in the Cayman Islands House of Assembly as our law makers.. I’m not sure if they even got paid. But I know for certain they did not even get a pension. That’s a fact. There was No pension fund for them and that is a crying shame. All of them served 25 to 35 or more years in the L..a.The country was not broke like it is now!    

      We did not have the problems that we have on today with the public purse always empty.

      So tell me now, where do dead beats like Capt. Eugene especially, a mere extension cord (not a representative) not to mention the rest of them including the premier get the nerve from to collect pension and a salary? The governor should look into this. if he does not I will be very disappointed in him being a responsible governor. We need to balance our budget that is on the financial scale, one side is too weighed down with people getting two salaries. The LA’s espcially should never get two salaries. While they are elected and working in the LA serving their district and constitutients, their pension should stop. Ifthey lose their election as an encumbent then their pension should begin again, its only fair. The country cannot afford to allow anyone to ‘DOUBLE DIP" its not fair to people who are in need and can’t even find work. This is ridiculous. Other countries condemn this kind of behavior



  37. anonymous says:


  38. whodatis says:

    Great news.

    Finally, we can all now sleep easier at night.

    (Gimme a break!)

    Not many of the dinosaurs (by way of perspective and understanding – not necessarily age) that have been elected into power within the past 15 years instill me with any great feeling of hope and inspiration.

    Cayman politics are a joke – they are nothing but puppets being handled by "big business" behind the curtain.

    Whoops – then again … isn’t every modern democracy today?

    Too much of a "copy and paste" from the greater western nations approach is what is ruining this country;

    (E.g. Hang onto an elitist mindset / Ignore the middle class / ATTACK the middle class / Transform the middle class into the lower class – (previous "lower class" is rendered worthless and invisible – effectively left to make it on their own somehow) / Protect big business / Become their whores / Introduce, protect and enforce modern "slave labor" (by way of outsourcing – [USA/EU/UK] or by way of emigrated cheap laborers – [Cayman]) / Collect a paycheck / Secure your personal (politician) future / Fail to grasp the concept of MONEY / CURRENCY (Fiat / "Inflation" etc.) / Adopt every ill-conceived notion of the bigger (and epically failed) Western nation … etc.)

    How many of us can point in the direction of any political party / group that have actively resisted against the aforementioned?

    A REVOLUTIONARY perspective with FULL SCOPE of the ENTIRE SOCIETY is what is REQUIRED to keep Cayman from falling into the gutter.



    • whodatis says:

      My initial post was submitted before the full disclosure of Chuckie’s press release.

      Therefore, I do believe the first three lines of the post may be out of place.

      Sorry for jumping the gun on you there Chuckie … if you are sincere then it does appear than you and I are somewhat on the same page … though you are now a professional politician and therefore know what and when to say the things you do.


      All the best nonetheless.

      I trust all the other "politicians" are paying close attention to the general mood of the people.

      Cayman … stan’ up!


    • Joe Average says:

      Hear hear whodatis.  Politics has gradually transformed itself into a device to pacify and give the semblance of democracy. We may be able to vote…. but for whom and why?  What choices are there?  In fact it has been co-opted by a select few and evolved as an elite club for members only.  In that respect politics/democracy as we know it in any region is a hoax yet we have the power in numbers and voices to change this.  It is time we do. Because it is our lives/futures that are being manipulated.

      Why Vote? It just encourages them.

                                                    – Mark Twain

  39. Anonymous says:

    i can see why he did this just today this was a topic of ours exactly what DOES THE OPPOSITION GETTING PAID FOR HERE !!!!! i thought they where still represent the caymanian people unlike mckeeva he is all for the EXPATS immigration need to deny alot of their permits ALL POSITION executives especially and hire our BORN caymanians not these paper holders we have bright intellegent men and women here that can proform the same job these expats are receieving hugh salaries and other benefits that can be offered to our own people we have HUNDREDS of children coming out of school and what will happen when they cant a job that they feel will help them achieve their goals they will end up hanging out smoking weed and going down the wrong as with many of our youth today so sad while mckeeva was busy fatten his pockets and having brunch with the elite stunch selling our home from under our feet we are having to hold 2 -3 jobs to make ends meet leaving our kids home to fend for themselves for us to keep a roof over them food on the table clothes on their back bear in mind i ONLY 1 child an find it hard how others have multi births and are surviving i dont know MCKEEVA GET OUT GO JAM MAKE THEM GIVE YOU STATUS !!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you want an executive position?

    • Paper Caymanian says:

      OMG – this is typical – not one full stop in the whole sentence with loads of spelling errors and you want to be an MD or senior exec. If you are in fact a born Caymanian, then I suggest that you realise that Cayman is a multi-national country where we all depend on the sucess (and are affected by the failures) of each other. Education is key for sucess, UCCI and the schools are trying hard to change the perceptions that being a "swot" and studying is not cool. Not everyone is going to get well paid jobs – no country is able to offer that ideal – but there are jobs here for school leavers who may need to start at the bottom or work in KFC or BK until something better is presented. Please Cayman – focus on Education – not the failings of the UDP or PPM because I can guarantee one thing for sure. That is without an Education then ALL politicians will fail you – because you have failed yourself and have missed out on opportunities that are presented to you.

    • 5 cents says:

      Aaaaahhh….the ramblings of a complete idiot! Just lovely…..

    • Anonymous says:


  40. Anonymous says:

    Chuckie, this is nothing new. You just couldn’t see it when you were sitting there with them. Unfortunately, your arrogance and narrow mindedness keeps you in the same vein.

    It will be interesting now to see how many PPM’ers will jump ship. Look out Kurt, they might tip her over!

  41. Kent says:

    I personally do not know what Chuckie’s views are, but I have to commend him on his ethics as I understand them in this article.  I absolutely agree that the party system in its present state is not the medication Cayman needs to bring us out of this sickness we find ourselves with, infact I honestly believe that one of the contributing factors for your ills is this party system, or more namely the 2 parties that are not playing well together.  They both seem to be more intrested in stating what he said and she said, rather than truly focus on what Cayman needs to survive, and thrive in this economy.  I continue to hear "Global economy" but we don’t have to follow that piper, we can make our own road and not only survive but flurish. 

  42. Anonymous says:

    if former minster Clifford wants to form a new political party i would suggest that he asks people like 1-Arden,2-Ezzard,3-Derrington(bobo)3-Mr. Ridley,3-Hon. Linford Pierson,4-Mr,Truman,5-Teresa Pitcarin,6-Wally,7-Paul(the lion)Rivers8-Moses Kirkconell,9-Sophia Harris,10-Dr.Frank, to form the steering committee.And then try to see if he cant get people like Hon Mike Adams, Sherrie Bodden-Cowen, Pastor Felix,Mr, Norman Bodden,Mr Leonard Ebanks, to resign their membership in the UDP and together maybe they can make a differance. Mr David Ritch as chairman. I  can act as interim deputy chairman if needed. God bless the wonderful Cayman Islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      One of the general problems with politics (and specifically Caymanian politics) is that many times if you try to throw out the bath water you also end up throwing out the baby.

      For instance: I agree with half the names on your list but vehemently disagree with the other half.  So compromise and consensus building is what is needed in politics.  Instead of trying to devise a "Dream Team" of politicians, which can never be achieved because reasonable people can have large disagreements, we should instead be working together and finding common ground.

      A third party may or may not be helpful, but if none of the parties are willing to listen to each other, and if politicians simply quit and join a different party when they disagree with their current party, we will not see any progress.

    • Lewis X says:

       00:21 are you out of your %$#?"* mind?

  43. Anonymous says:

    AMEN! chuckie is the man for MAC.

    • Florence Goring-Nozza says:


      This is what being a real man is all about. "Doing what you have to do!" If you didn’t make this move I would have been left to believe that something was seriously wrong with you. I understand fully your views now, where you think the country should be going, and you are definitely on the right path.Steer a steady course.

      Chuckie I am behind you l00%, get with Ezzard, and put the ‘INDEPENDENT" team together, hold your rallies, stay on guard, keep the people informed, keep standing up for what is right and do not hesitate to stand up against that which is  wrong.

      Do not make the dangerous mistake of waiting till last minute to form an "Independent Team" you need to get moving from now, and you have three years to campaign and get your Independent views out there. Don’t expect people to get to know the Independents six months before elections, it won’t work!

      Stay away from the name "Party"  name your Independents "the Independent Team"  our society don’t seem to be able to handle or adjust to the party system it is more socialistic, gang related, and destructive than it is serving.

      God bless you Chuckie.