Lions begin annual breast cancer awareness campaign

| 27/09/2010

(CNS): The Lions Club of Tropical Gardens (LCTG) said its annual Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign will open in Heroes Square in George Town on Ceremony Monday 4 October, before the club begins its district awareness meetings and special clinics. The club said this year’s theme is "Together we make a Difference" but the goal remains the same to increase the chances of survival through early detection. This year marks the 13th year that the Lions join the rest of the world in the fight against Breast Cancer. Organizers say that vouchers for free mammograms will be handed out at the district meetings which begin this year in Bodden Town at the primary school on Thursday, 7 October.

October is recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness Month worldwide and Lions Club of Tropical Gardens began organizing events in the Cayman Islands when one of its members, Merilda Miller had a dear friend and colleague who was diagnosed with the disease. The Club set out to make support and early detection information more available to women living in the Cayman Islands, hence the first Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October 1997. Since that time the Club has supported the month long event through community outreach, the issuing of free mammogram vouchers, fundraisers and educational materials.

In partnership with the Cayman Islands Health Services Association, Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital, Medlab, the Cayman Islands Cancer Society, Evelyn Rockett, the medical community, government departments, and businesses Lions spend the month promoting the concept of early detection.

The Lions Club of Tropical Gardens realizes that this programme helps both men and women cope with breast cancer, beginning with the possibility of its diagnosis and continuing through treatment and recovery, if necessary. The recommendation is that mammograms are done once every two years for those over 40; and once every year for those who are 50 and over.
For full details of the various events, clinics, meetings and the Brenda Tibbetts Lund 5K Memorial Run/Walk visit
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I heard recently that some people were given certificates by the Lions Club to get mammograms.  The people that received these were people of means who have plenty money to pay for those mammograms.  I think people support these causes because we think it is to help those who don’t have much.  Please people, if you have money and/or insurance to get this done, please let those who are not so fortunate make use of this assistance.  Jeez, some rich people are really greedy and cheap!  Guess that’s how they got rich right?  As for the Lions Club, please don’t use this type of thing to gain favour from your rich supporters!

  2. Anonymous says:

    To: Tue, 09/28/2010 – 08:54.  Please identify yourself, areyou a doctor or nurse?

  3. noname says:

    I applaud the Lions Club’s efforts to raise awareness of this dreadful disease, but I have concerns about giving out vouchers for free mammograms as the procedure involves receiving a considerable dose of radiation. The latest medical reports now suggest that CAT scans, mammograms and MRIs are actually likely to cause thousands of cases of future cancers due to radiation exposure, because people are getting these tests done routinely and far too frequently, instead of when actually medically indicated.  

    I absolutely believe that this test is incredibly useful and anyone who NEEDSa mammogram should have one, because the risks from cancer outweigh the risks from radiation exposure, but a doctor will be able to tell you whether a mammogram is required and it should not be overused.  Much can be learned from a professional examination and an ultrasound in the first instance, without unnecessary radiation risk.

    Why not give those vouchers to our local doctors, who can then pass them along to patients who actually have a medical need for a mammogram?



  4. Sir Henry Morgan says:

    Hooray for boobies!