Teenage murder suspect faces trial delay

| 14/10/2010

(CNS):  A sixteen year old boy who has been charged with the murder of Marcus Mauricio Duran has had his trial postponed as a result of a prosecution request to try the teenager alongside a second man who has also been charged with the same murder. The boy was scheduled to go to trial alone on 22 November, however that date has now been vacated as the crown makes its application to try the teen alongside Raziel Jeffers (left) who was charged in connection with the crime in West Bay in March only last month. The teenager’s attorney has objected to the application however on the grounds that it could be prejudicial to the boy’s case. (Photo Cayman27)

The defence pointed out that twenty six year old Jeffers is also charged with the murder of Damion Ming also in March and Marcus Ebanks, last July, as well as the attempted murder of teenager Adryan Powell , who is now confined to a wheel chair, in the same shooting.
As a result of Jeffers’ other cases the teen’s lawyer, Lucy Organ of Samson McGrath said this could prove prejudicial to her client.
Duran a twenty nine year old Ecuadorian national from George Town was shot and killed in the stairwell of an apartment block in Maliwinas Way, West Bay at around 7:30pm on 11 March and died as a result of a gun shot wound to the head. The teen who is accused of the murder was also shot in the leg on the same evening.
Police said at the time that they did not think the shooting was gang related as Duran was believed to be connected to illegal numbers leading police to speculate that the murder was a robbery gone wrong.
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