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Fatal floods as Hurricane Tomas sweeps over Haiti

| 06/11/2010 | 0 Comments

(BBC): Heavy rain from Hurricane Tomas has battered western Haiti, causing floods which have killed at least four people. The eye of the storm clipped the island with winds of 85mph. Up to 25cm of rain was forecast. There is a danger of mudslides and further flooding, which could worsen the current cholera epidemic affecting parts of the country. But the storm appeared to have spared the hundreds of thousands of people who rode it out in flimsy tent camps. The government had urged those living in tented homes to find better shelter, but many said they had nowhere to go. The storm has underlined the fact that nearly a year after Haiti’s devastating earthquake, more than 1.3m people are still living in makeshift canvas homes.

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UNICEF’s Haiti relief fund

Red Cross in Haiti

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Teenager arrested after cops find ammunition

| 06/11/2010 | 1 Comment

(CNS): Police said yesterday that they had arrested a sixteen year old boy on Thursday for on suspicion of possession of an unlicensed firearm. The RCIPS said the teenagers arrest came after a police operation that took place at about 9.20am on Thursday 4 November in the George Town area. The operation was to have been in the vicinity of the Family Life Centre which is in the heart of the capital’s schools district. Police said that a quantity of ammunition was recovered but gave no other details. The juvenile who was arrested as a result of the operation remains in police custody while enquiries are ongoing, a police spokesperson stated. (Photo Dennie WarrenJr)

If you have any information about gun crime, or the whereabouts of illegal firearm contact your local police station or the confidential Crime Stoppers number 800-8477 (TIPS)

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Property tax & VAT on table for TCI

| 06/11/2010 | 36 Comments

(TC Weekly news): VAT, land and property tax may be introduced in the Turks and Caicos Islands, which is still under direct British rule, with the start of a project following up on the controversial recommendations of a revenue study published early this year. According to Acting Governor Mark Capes, no decisions will be taken without consultation with the public, business community and consultative forum. Plans to introduce sales and property taxes to the TCI appeared a step closer this week after details of the project were leaked to the public. The furtive release of a presentation made by two economists to the Government sent dismay across the business community.

The 28-page document, dated October 18, is being widely viewed as paving the way for a string of largely unpopular new levies. It outlines methods for gathering relevant information and acknowledges the potential for pervasive opposition. In April, public sector chief Mark Capes said there were no plans for increased taxation for fear of further dampening the economy. His comments followed recommendations by economics expert Alan Roe, who assessed the TCI’s financial structure in February this year. However, this Thursday he released a statement that revealed improvements to TCIG’s tax administration system were being assessed.

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