Cayman hedge fund servicefirm expands into Asia

| 21/02/2011

(CNS): Local hedge fund firm dms Management Ltd has opened an office in the Asia-Pacific region. The firm said the dms Management (Hong Kong) Limited ensures real-time service for DMS’ Asia-Pacific clientele and solidifies the global strength of the firm’s infrastructure. The firm stated that, with support from Cayman, the Hong Kong office will provide localised client services, further strengthening the relationships between Hong Kong and Cayman Islands service providers. This global reach, it said, would provide unparalleled accessibility for the firm’s clients. David Lyons will be leading the Hong Kong team, overseeing all aspects of client service delivery for the regions.

Lyons will also spearhead business development opportunities and the growth of DMS’ infrastructure in Hong Kong. Formerly a senior associate in the Cayman office, where he was heavily involved in business development across Asia, Lyons said it was an incredible opportunity to provide real-time service to Asia-Pacific clients and grow DMS. “With our state-of-the-art fund governance support platform, we ensure that our global client base continues to receive a service that is first in its class. The Hong Kong office affirms DMS’ long-term commitment to the region and its clients,” he added.

DMS Managing Director David Bree said the Hong Kong office was purpose-built to serve the needs of the modern-day hedge fund with real-time service. “Our heightened presence in the Asia-Pacific market further builds our strength and depth across multiple jurisdictions, and complements our expanding strategic locations, in addition to our headquarters in the Cayman Islands, including Brazil and Ireland,” he said. “By extending our commitment and coverage in the Asia-Pacific region, we will be able to provide continued seamless integration with the Cayman Islands and are confident that this move will only further reinforce DMS’ internationally-renowned reputation as the industry leader in fund governance.”

DMS focuses on serving the hedge fund industry with principals serving as independent directors, as well as advising on hedge funds in distressed conditions, structure and service offshore hedge fund business solutions. With 12 directors and more than 50 industry professionals leveraging proprietary leading-edge technology, DMS said it is internationally recognized as the industry leader.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    A home grown son of the soil spreading roots.

    Way to go Don, demonstrate what Caymanians can achieve overseas with an international presence. Help led the way and set an example for others amongst ourselves to follow.

    • Foxtrot Oscar says:

      When I tell people in the real world about the terms "son of the soil", "true blood" or "nth generation", they think I am joking.  It is like something out of a bad fantasy novel.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Are they hiring?

  3. AnotherAliasToday says:

    Cayman is the global leader of domiciled Hedge Funds.

    Look around at what is happening in the world today.

    Public revolts, bloody revolutions, starving people and desperation everywhere from Europe, the Middle East and over to Africa … Hedge Funds play a vital role in what we see unfolding today.

    Caymanians love to promote the rhetoric of us being a "God-blessed" nation – I beg to differ.

    We are major hosts and payers in the cesspool that accommodates the scum of the scum at the scavenger levels of Mother Earth.

    I just thought I would shine some light on what exactly we are involved.

    Obviously most of us are unaware of the callous nature of the industry and I doubt many of would actually condone such wretched depravity – however, just have a look see.

    Enjoy the following vid. (Skip forward to the 4:23 mark for the most relevant footage.)

    But hey – that’s life right?

    • Anonymous says:

      AnotherAliea Today- Get a grip on yourself, XXXXX. Just as an FYI, your little video, these types problems all over the world have been going on for centuries and will continue. Get over it……………