Travers’ nemesis turns on McTaggart in wake of letter

| 21/02/2011

(CNS): Following the recent letter from the chair of Cayman Finance to Ronnie Campbell, a UK member of parliament, Richard Murphy, from Tax Research UK has accused Roy McTaggart of sellinga myth. In his blog the former chair’s nemesis said that he had hoped that after the excesses of the (Anthony) Travers years that the new chair might have toned down the rhetoric, and realised the folly of “tilting against windmills.” Murphy said that the absurd letters from Cayman Finance show how far removed from reality the jurisdiction is when it says that tax havens do something other than let people and companies avoid their obligations to society.

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  1. Legitimate or Not says:

    I continue to be amazed at such ignorance of our financial industry!
    I would suggest that someone remind Mr.Ronnie Campbell MP or invite hime to research the matter in the UK itself. By the way did not the UK legitimately agree for the Cayman Islands to create a Financial Service Centre in the 1960’s? As a then UK dependent territory, surely we could not havedone so without the UK’s explicit authorisation. And could we have implemented it without our reliance on the basis of their wonderful legal system, to which we they have extended to us from time immemorial?

  2. Kadafi says:

    Yea, tell him to pop down by Libya. Sook my camel on him.

  3. Screw Taxes says:

    Who says I owe an obligation to “society”? I’m not interested in working for free for the UK government, thanks just the same. If I need to go off-shore to make that happen, there’s lots of little islands from which I can flip the bird to the UK…

  4. anonymous says:

    This would be all fine if Cayman was a Tax Haven!!…with 20 TEA’s signed Mr. Campbell/ Mr.Murphy must surely be talking about the Channel Islands and The USA (Colorado and Delaware in particular). Lets hope this is just another “National Fetish Day” type mistake by him.

    Mr. Campbell is continuing a myth himself…but I am sure it plays well at home to his 62,000 constituents. Politics!

    • Anonanus says:

      Hey, don’t mock. This guy has almost 6200 more constituents than Ezzard Miller.

  5. Kent McTaggart says:

    Is this a case of an Englishman calling a Scottsman a liar?  Oh, I can hear the bagpipes moaning in the highlands already!

    • Anonymous says:

      00:51 Yea Yea, Kent McTaggart give it to them good. Lordy Lordy I am rolling over in stitches, They are learning that the McTaggarts are no flip flops. Tell them about Kent.

  6. Anonymous says:

    "tax havens do something other than let people and companies avoid their obligations to society" – Sounds like pure rhetoric to me