YCLA announces 2011 finalists

| 10/04/2011

(CNS): Nominations for this year’s Young Caymanian Leadership Award include a banker, a gallery director, a teacher, a lawyer and a marketing manager. Richard Christian will be the only man battling it out for the title against Ventisha Conolly, Natalie Urquhart, Chantal Whittaker and Shari Whittaker. The 2011 winner will be announced on 6 May at the black tie gala which will be televised live on Cayman27. The finalist have been selected from a large group of nominations that were delivered by the community late in 2010, organizers said. This year’s focus is on the importance of family values and the need afor everyone to lend a hand to young people.

“The YCLA selection committee was presented with an almost insurmountable task; a task to identify five finalists out of so many suitable candidates who embody the mantra of the Young Caymanian Leadership Award. The five finalists are certainly upstanding young leaders in our communities and they hail from all throughout the islands, “said Jonathan Tibbetts, Chairman of the Nomination Sub
“ The decision process was approached with great care and attention to detail. The members spent much time reviewing, confirming and questioning the submissions. The five finalists were selected for their dedication to growing our island and young people; their discipline in their careers and volunteerism; and their desire to change the islands for generations to come”.

Each year the YCLA planning committee develops a message that will resonate in the community. For 2011 the event theme, Family: Building the Foundation will focus on promoting family values and devotion to leadership building in the home. The theme seeks to encourage all people to extend a nurturing hand and understand that ‘family’ can be extended to include those who are willing to guide Cayman’s youth into becoming productive and positive citizens, who contribute to the community.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    In declining my proposal that I nominate her for her efforts (don’t worry, i won’t name you, but you know who you are!) a young lady whom I would’ve loved to have seen take this award pointed out to me that the criteria to win the YCLA were clear: male, extremely conservative, and loudly self proclaimed Christian.  Lightning, she said, struck once when the award went to the well deserving Sara Collins- it won’t happen twice.  Given the past few years, where fearless females like Estella Scott Roberts and Marilyn Connolly were also overlooked I must say that I cannot disagree with her observation.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is it me or does the YCLA committee always seem to select the same type of man to win this award year after year? Nothing against Mr. Christian, but I would love to see a fearless female leader win this award.