Miller calls meeting in wake of EE port announcement

| 24/05/2011

(CNS): Following Monday’s Throne Speech in which the governor said government would be going ahead with the development of a cargo facility in East End, the independent member for North Side has called a public meeting for tomorrow evening (Tuesday 24 May). In the presentation to the Legislative Assembly this morning Duncan Taylor said the East End Sea Port would be one of the projects included in government’s development plans for this financial year. Despite the dangers pointed out in the Environmental Impact Assessment, which has been posted online, and the significant risks that the report points out, the project appears to have been given the green light.

Miller told CNS last week in the wake of the publication of the EIA by the developer, Joseph Imparato, that it was quiet clear that the development posed considerable risk to the natural, marine and social environment of both East End and North Side. Given the significant dangers revealed in the EIA without any real necessity or genuine justification, Miller had said that it was clear the project should be rejected.

However, with the statement by the governor this morning that the proposed cargo facility was now on government’s project agenda, Miller is calling on all North Siders and interested parties to attend a meeting at 8pm Tuesday evening to discuss the announcement and, importantly, the content of the EIA.

The meeting will take place at 8pm at the North Side Civic Centre.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It is my understanding the Mr. Imparato will only be dredging and selling the fill. After which he will hand over the "hole" and surrounding land to the Government to develop the facilities. If the Government is broke how will the facilities be built ? And what protections will be put in place until the facilities are built (retention wall/buffer, breakwater, etc.) and by whom ?

  2. Anonymous says:

    You people are crazy for not wanting the port! It would help our fellow caymanians with more job opportunities and attract more tourist. You people must not have any children that are struggling for work! The economy is getting worse by the day, we need this! Plus God is higher than all, if a hurricane wipes E.E out it's not because of the seaport, it's god hand!

  3. Whodatis says:

    1. This is NOT an "East End" or "Eastern districts" issue … this affects every individual who calls Cayman "home".

    2. No EIA could ever assess or report on the degree of obscenity such a proposal poses in the hearts and minds of many a Caymanian today.

    3. Most Caymanians are distresed by the current state of SMB / West Bay Road when contrasted to yesteryear and such a proposal (EESP) would only signal the begining of the erosion of yet another sacred part of Grand Cayman.

    4. The technical mumbo-jumbo of the EIA means absolutely nada to me and possesses not the persuaion or power to change my heartfelt opinion against this proposed development.

    5. At the end of the day, the "warm and friendly" nature of our people is the lifeblood of our economic success in all of our industries and we ought to feel no shame or reluctance in hoisting "heartfelt" objections to unwanted proposals on such a basis as well as others.

  4. The Ugly Truth says:

    You people are foolish. This facility will enhance our dying cruise ship industry and employ caymanians as well as creating new industries in Cayman like mega yachting. Isn’t the lack of fresh water for the small, unimportant agriculture industry a reasonable price to pay?

    However, a criticism I have of this cruise ship port is that the east part of the island doesn’t have sufficient infrastructure to facilitate the exponential increase in traffic.

    If you dislike you must be a delusional east ender/ north sider.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Grand Cayman.  Where people against the government is the norm.  What does that tell you?

  6. Jonathan says:

    These people are forcing the hand of a peaceful people. There is no way in either hell or God's green earth that this will happen without civil disobedience on a level which this country has yet to see and should not be having to even consider. If the supposed leaders of this country choose to continue to spit in the eye of good governance, even a semblance of democracy and/or anything that could ever be termed a worthy and workable system, then no one should be surprised at a very ugly outcome of this all because hell and highwater are on a par when compared to the vehemence which this greed induced lunacy, on all too many fronts, is perpetually provoking. The governor is seemingly a shameful sham puppet and the supposed administration of this country is in the peculiarly despicable and disgusting position of being the worst enemy, the greatest liability and the creators of a form of strife which no one with any sense or love of country wants to see when they are supposed to be the leaders and protectors of it. If these people think that it will end well for any of us they are as deluded as anyone who could possibly think that an environmental impact assesment could under the circumstances of this wretched political climate and arena be anything called truly objective and/or even genuinely considered by the unworthy and predatory powers that be. The mitigation aspects are as ludicrous as waiting for the corals to grow back or transplanting x amount of acres of rare indigenous flora and fauna and is by definition disingenuous beyond description and belief, again. The level of pollution and degredation for the entire coastline West of this proposed horsepucky in itself would make any person with even an iota of sense (common or otherwise) throw this detrimental project  away immediately. Guess who owns, one way or another, many acres of land adjacent of this proposed stupidity. Once again the spectre of the red herring has to be considered because that is the insipid way of these perpetraitors. If the civilized way is ignored, subverted and otherwise made useless (ie petitions, talk shows, letters, verbal discussions etc.) then that is the opening of the doors to hell itself and those who think endangering if not the then one of the most valuable natural resource this country has (along with everything else under threat) which is the resevoir of fresh water, is acceptable in any way shape or form have another thing coming and it gives me personally no pleasure to say that I intend to be a part of stopping this destruction from happening. These are dangerous days for this country and her people and those behind this are intentionally pushing this country towards flashpoint with the most evil and wicked ulterior motives humanly possible. These people are a real and present threat and danger to the Cayman Islands and I hope and pray that they are completely exposed as the scum which they are before it is too late. 

    • NJ2Cay says:

      Wow, this certainly sounds like you are saying that there will be violence or some kind of uprising. Are you implying that people will be willing to go so far as to take up arms and attempt to overthrow the government if they decide to go ahead with this ?

  7. Anonymous says:

    I haven't read one sensible comment:

  8. Anonymous says:

    You folks are sadly disillusioned if you believe you can do anything to stop the Government from doing what they want with petitions. It doesn't matter how many people sign a petition, the Goverment will still do what they think is best as they are the ones that are in charge and the ones that make the decisions, not the people. So weather you like it or not if they decide to build the Port, there's nothing you or any windbag MLA will be able to do to stop it. And try laying down in front of the tractors as some folks have promised to do, all you'll do is find yourselves on Vacation in the Northside Hilton. The same thing went on prior to the building of Caymana Bay and look what happened, it was built and is still expanding. Petitions were signed against the Ritz Carlton and guess what it's there. People protested against the Shetty Hospital and guess what it's on the way. So be rest assured that if the CIG decides to go ahead with the EE Port you will ships docking in the EE 10 years from now. And one more thing be prepared for a new route around the new Seven Mile Beach Marriot Courtyard when driving down West Bay Road. Cause there's nothing you can do to stop it once Government agrees to it. So the best thing you can do is try your best an find a way to benefit from it.

    This is a changing world and ones that cannot adapt will be stepped over and left behind.

    Now that's what's really real…

    • Anonymous says:

      Hosni Mubarak was also in the comfort zone that you seem to be in. Would you like his number? People are fed up with tweaky oppression that equates to them as well as humanity being unable to live.

    • nauticalone says:

      What's "really real" is the attitude that you espouse is one of a coward, or greedy sell-out, for short term gain (for a few….mostly rich persons) resulting in long term pain for the many.


  9. nauticalone says:

    Seems the EIA was all for nought then eh?

    The developers and the Govt. clearly take the people of Cayman for fools.

    I'll certainly be at the meeting and take every means legally/constitutionally possible to stop this Hole/Quarry.

  10. The Crown says:

    That's why Big Mac Attack was allllllll smiles today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! & talkin soooooo soft & sweet about that pesky budget & the plight of the civil service. I'am repeatedly asking god what have Caymanian peolple done to have such blind & destructive leadership?

    • Anonymous says:

      'I'am repeatedly asking god what have Caymanian peolple done to have such blind & destructive leadership?'

      Blaming God now?  Why don't you repeatedly ask yourselves why you voted them in?

      • The Crown says:

        I voted neither for the UDP or PPM & i dont live in North Side. So go figure.

    • Anonymous says:

      We voted for the 'blind & destructive leadership'; that is what Caymanian people did!

  11. The Crown says:

    Not a WORD! Concerning this on Cayman 27 today. It is so good to know the governor is for "his/our people". Now clearly the vast majority of Caymanian's are against this idea. Isn't this action a deliberate attempt to incite a major problem in this country? Caymanian's always expect the best from the Uk concerning our interest. Dont we? P.s Gov you or now one else can proceed with anything there's a petition against nor anything whatsoever that is against the ideal's of the Caymanian people. So dont be afraid to tell oneman no.

    • anonymous says:

      Cayman needs a governor, this one is not a goverrnor he's a pupet for Big Mac, he scared him into submission during his inaugeration.

      The man is a Yes man to the dictator!

      Caymanians better get an independent leader to lead them to the UK to address issued facing this country because they CAN NOT LOOK TO THIS GOVERNOR DUNCAN TAYLOR for anything, I mean 'NOTHING"

    • Anonymous says:

      It was not the Governor's speech, it is the CI Government's speech, H.E. is just the appointed messenger delivering it – dont get it twisted

  12. anonymous says:

    This announcement is a surprise. Go Miller! EE and NS will be with you.

    • I SAW IT COMING says:

      Its no surprise. Mr Miller had his meeting planned for weeks now trying to keep up with the budget debate and he keep having to cancel because its postponed again & again. This time he's going ahead with it to explain to the North Side people what he thinks are going on so that they will be aware of our impending demise.

       However the East End project needs the attention of all of the people of the Cayman Islands. This nonsense of another QUARRY in Cayman have to be stopped. Progress we need but destruction no. Those that are pushing for this quarry are  few and far apart, the smart people say no to East End Quarry.

      Cayman soon be gone if these greedy people have their way

  13. mmokay says:

    Silly greedy people. When will they open their eyes at what they are doing?

    • Anonymous says:

      Don't you think their eyes are open and that is why they are doing it?  They can get away with it.

  14. Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

    Is anyone surprised as Big Mac always seem to have all the Govenors under his thumb.

    I truly pray for Caymans future.

  15. Sorry State says:

    Clueless wonders and the hidden agenda crowd hate our heroes Miller, Clifford and Captain Bryan because they know how to stand up for what is just and right for this country. They fight for the rights of the people. They are the check & balance to perpetrators of our way of life. They stand up for us. FIGHT BACK! SIGN THE PETITION now.

    • Anonymous says:

      where is the petition?

      • Anonymous says:

        There is a copy of the petition at the PPM office. They will most likely have copies to sign at the meeting tonight. Save Cayman is also doing a push to get this and the North Sound dredging petition signed this coming Saturday at Republix, Kirks, Fosters Countryside and possibly Hurleys between 10 am and 4 pm.

      • The Crown says:

        Online: @ No to East End Sea Port.

    • Anonymous says:

      could someone please post the website where we can find the petition? I really want to sign but don't know where to find it.

      CNS: Here is the link to the online petition

  16. 3rd CLASS CITIZEN says:

    Now we know why the Governor stayed quiet.He is as competent as  our Fearless Leader. We must ask our selfs is this decision prudent? Of course it's not. He will be back in the UK when our people will get killed by hurricanes. We need people that will stand up for us and we need them now. FIGHT BACK! SIGN THE PETITION now.