Teenage son suffers dad’s year long pranks

| 09/06/2011

(San Francisco Chronicle): Dale Price has officially been labeled the "world's most embarrassing dad." The stay-at-home father of three from American Fork, Utah, dressed up in weird and wacky get-ups to wave goodbye to his 16-year-old son's school bus every morning. For the entire school year, he wore some 170 different costumes, dressing up as everyone from King Triton to Princess Leia. Why? It was Dale's way of showing his love for his son. Rain Price was initially horrified when he looked outside the school bus window passing his house and saw his dad, Dale, donning a scarecrow costume and waving goodbye. It was the first day of his sophomore year–and terribly embarrassing.

On the second day, his dad showed up sporting a San Diego Chargers helmet and jersey. Day three came along and his dad was dressed as Anakin Skywalker.

At first the costumes were simple and modest, but they progressively became crazy…Batgirl, Chiquita Banana, Little Mermaid. Over the course of the year, he dressed up as every Wizard of Oz Character.
Luckily, Rain has a sense of humor and realized that his dad was just having fun, and friends found Rain's father hilarious.

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