‘No’ campaign steps up

| 13/06/2011

(CNS): Billboards opposing the proposal by Joseph Imparato to develop a sea port, or as those against the project believe it to be ‘the mega quarry’, have been posted on the crown land which will be ripped out if the development is allowed to go ahead. The MLAs from the districts most impacted by the potential quarry have joined forces with Save Cayman, local environmentalist, dive operators, property owners, the wider public and most recently local quarry owners to spearhead an all out opposition to the proposal which has a wide range of potential negative social-economic impacts, but above all poses one of the biggest ever environmental threats to the district of East End. (Photos Steve Broadbelt)

A consortium of local quarry owners has now also officially thrown its weight behind the ‘no campaign’ and have released an official statement noting a number of problems with the potential development, not least the threat to their livelihoods and the developer’s circumvention of the normal rules and regulations surrounding quarry operations.

Not normally known for their environmental credentials, the quarry operators are joining an opposition to the project that includes divers, people concerned about the terrestrial impact, the loss of the view, the threat to the water lens, flooding during bad weather and the destruction of the quality of life in East End.

The quarry operators find themselves on the same side as the environmentalists on this occasion and have committed to supporting Arden McLean, the PPM member for East End, and Ezzard Miller, the independent member for North Side, who have commissioned and erected the new billboards on crown land.

The rules surrounding the quarrying business are stringent and the operators say they are there to prevent over-quarrying on the island and potential environmental threats such as those posed to the water lens, which they say Imparato’s project would be allowed to bypass.

In a statement released at the weekend, the quarry owners said they were presenting a united front against the project and would oppose it it whatever ways they could. “We are wholeheartedly against this project, which is not good for our country,” they stated.

Following in meeting in East End on Thursday evening where Imparato and the authors of the environmental impact assessment came face to face with significant opposition to the project from across the community, the developer said he still intended to submit his proposals to government and wanted to begin as soon as possible.

Whether or not the developer actually intends to complete a fully fledged commercial sea port, which will include a facility for the Cayman Islands Port Authority, a transshipment dock, oil and gas storage and home porting for cruise ships, as well as a mega yacht marine, remains to be seen but the excavation to dig out the basin and the channel will take as at least five years.

The current concern is that the real intention of the developer is only to access the marl, which is believed to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Proposing  to build a port, however, would enable him to operate this mega quarry for the first five years of the project outside of normal controls.

“The developer has been patently misleading with his statements and declarations,” the quarry owners said in the statement. "It is the view of the quarry owners that this project is nothing more than a thinly disguised, massive quarry, which possess the potential to wipe out most, if not all of their business by employing predatory pricing in the aggregate market in the short term.”

At present local quarry owners operate under a government-approved aggregate policy which was implemented by the CPA in 2004. However, the quarry owner say this developer is being allowed to “circumvent the usual stringent planning permission process entirely by passing off his project as a port, when in fact he intends to operate a quarry to extract some 15 million cubic yards of aggregate.”

Aside from gaining an unfair competitive advantage, the quarry owners said that this exemption has far greater consequences than spoiling their business. “It is a matter of grave concern that the government of a country would not only grant the right to destroy local businesses but would at the same time license a private developer to entirely avoid  the legal process that governs all other citizens in the country,” they stated.

The current aggregate policy is designed to restrict quarries until the island’s supply of quarry material is less than five years reserve, which the operators say is decades away. “Given the economic downturn in recent years and the consequent recession in the construction industry, estimates suggest that there is currently approximately 50 years of aggregate reserves in existing quarries.” The estimate includes proposed government infrastructure works such as the cruise dock, airport and roads.

“We have no shortage of quarry material,” emphasised Burnadette Bodden, who operates KP’s Heavy Equipment, one of the eight companies comprising the consortium. She and the others said quarry operators have seen a reduction in the price of their product because of the slowdown in construction and the fall in demand for aggregate.

Bodden is also an East End landowner who has concerns regarding the very real treat to the water lens. Current operating regulations stipulate that no excavation should take place within a two-mile radius of the aquifer but the seaport proposal is within 2,400 feet. “That is actually less than half a mile and it is clear that the East End Seaport proposal, by its own admission is dangerous to the fresh water lens in the area,” Bodden added.

(Photo: Even with the natural bluff protection the road was destroyed in the wake of Hurrciane Ivan as this picture, taken around one week after the storm, shows.)

The quarry owners are warning the public that the authors of the EIA did not speak with local Water Authority or environmental experts during their assessment, although the DoE had input on the terms of reference. The quarry owners warn that the claims by the authors and the suggested mitigation are inaccurate.

With no justification for the seaport and the mega quarry, the consortium said the project represents unfair competition and threatens to drive local quarry owners out of business. Between them the quarry operators employ 321 people directly and another 118 independent truckers and their families are also beneficiaries of the sector, while this project, which is circumventing the usual laws and processes, will during the dredging and excavation period only employ 45 people.

The extent to which the developer would be obligated to complete the project has not been established and it is understood that he will not be required to put up any financial bonds to underscore the verbal commitment. He has admitted the development of the cargo facility, which will be given to the Port Authority, will be in the hands of government and therefore the public purse.  All of the other elements of the facility will be joint venture partnerships but so far no investors have signed up to be part of the project. Although the developer has said he will be responsible for the supporting ring road around the facility, he will not be responsible for the east-west arterial link which would be required to support the development if it were to go beyond the mega-quarry state.

See the quarry operator’s full statement below.

For more details on the project and the EIA click here

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Caymanians the time is now to MARCH!

    If you do not then you will be marched over by oppressive governance and greedy destructive developers knowingly destroying the East End Water Lens, the scenic Sea View Drive, leaving Caymanians taxpayers to pay for all of the infrastructure external to the Mega Quarry.

    How much sense is there in several ships bringing rocks each week and Mega Quarry shipping out our rocks each week?

    Only DUMBOS could support this crazy damaging nonsense.

    Caymanians the time is now to MARCH!

    • Foxtrot Oscar says:

      By march you don't mean walk outside when it is hot do you?  Nah nothing is doing unless I can stay in my oversized SUV.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The lies and exaggerations about this project just keep getting better and better. First it was he’s only going to dig a big hole and leave it. Now it’s the hole is 80 feet deep when it’s actually 55 and it going to take 20 years to complete.

    You guys must be getting desperate, next thing you’ll say Is that this is an Old Caymanian burial Ground that haunted and cursed..

    And here few more good one’s I heard.

    It’s going to make the West End sink into the sea…

    The water Lens is going to pour out into the sea…

    It’s going to cause the island to split in half..

    I  guess it’ll cause the moon to slam into Cayman a well….LOL

  3. nauticalone says:

    The matter of support or not can be settled very easily….Referendum! Democracy demands it!

  4. Anonymous says:

    What a pile of CRAP.. It's not about the quarry operators, it's about a man wanting to put a 140 acre hole 80 feet deep in East End, thereby affecting the entire island and not just East End. Firstly, this is not going to create jobs for Caymanians, as the digging is going to take 20+years with very specialised equipment that only a handful of Caymanians even know how to operate. Secondly, his is going to be dead in 20 years, as well as most of us, therefore who will even carry on his plan?

    People of Cayman wake up……… when he messes up the only natural resourse we have—- THE FRESH WATER LENS— What are we going to do then????????

    SAY NO NO NO NO. By the way, if I was Joe Imparato I would have fired everyone he had on that platform with him Thursday night. Not in East End Mr. Imparato, your project is not welcomed. Stick to building condos.

    PS. don't give Dr Frank a job.



  5. Anonymous says:

    Ta Da, now we can see who the real players are opposing the development. Frankly the 'quarry owners' must think we are stupid if they believe they can convince us they are concerned about the environment – they are only concerned with thier own bottom line. 

  6. Unemployed Caymanian says:

    I am sick of hearing all this crap about Imparato’s plans to only build a port. I have one thing to say to all you people who oppose this project and say he’s only planning to dig a big hole sell it to Texas. PROVE IT, what proof do you have or any indication outside of propaganda being spread by big mouthed politicians and rich quarry owners who only hire cheap foreign labor to dig their own holes anyway so they line their pocket with cash. I am sick of all your mouthing off. What I need is a job and if this port or quarry or whatever it is will get me one, then I all for it, I am starving out here and I have a family to feed and I’m not looking to go out rob some like a lot of your own kids are learning to do.  So f’ing what if he doesn’t build a port, the land around the new basin will now be water front land worth millions if only used to put residential developments so I’m sure something will be built there fools. When all those canals where dug in the North Sound and Red Bay land I didn’t see any of you complaining. And you have the nerve to talk about a prestine East End, show me what’s so prestine about it most of it is swamp and ironshore where you can walk 100 feet inland and the land is worth crap because noone wants to build their homes along the coastal road then You keep hyping on the view, if you want a view buy your own waterfront property then no one can take it from you and you can leave it unchanged put a chair on it and enjoy it anytime you want. What I want is a view of my kids in a Cap and Gown. I am tired of these rich politicians with their big houses and private schooled kids trying to keep things away that will make jobs for us, instead of fighting stuff you need to find ways to help us get these jobs.   I need to put food on the table and send my kids to university and a damn view of the ocean isn’t going to help me do that. Our own freaking government is broke so we need to welcomepeople that are willing to come here and invest their millions. If you want to live in untouched undeveloped land and sit around doing nothing, go move to Little Cayman noone’s looking to build anything there..

  7. noname says:

    It is still to be said that who are we to tell a man what to do with his land!!!, the same people that more than likely sold the land to him are the ones that want to oppose it while the money he paid them is been spent. All I seen and heard from the opposing people is pure speculation. People are saying "the port will never be built all he wants to do is quarry" Where is your Proof? Mr. Miller states that "he will be providing Dart and the Government with fill", Where is his proof? All they are doing is going on the talk show in the morning and state whatever they feel will win people over, but i guess thats why he's in polotics. I personaly dont care where they put the Sea Port but it needs to be done. The Cayman Islands has always relied on Tourism and the tendering is rediculous, if you were to ask a cruise ship tourist what they disliked aboutthere trip to Grand Cayman they would more than likely say "the tendering". All we have is our tourism game so we need to step up or get out!


    • Anonymous says:

      But its not just his land, it is some 1% of the land mass of Grand Cayman. What he is proposing may do major damage to the rest of the Grand Cayman. In every civilised country the people would have some say about that.  

      There is no need for a new cargo port so please put that to rest. The present port is operating at 30% capacity. There was never any discussion about a new cargo port until Mr. Imparato came along with his plan for quarry and wanted to find a way to sell the idea to the Caymanian people. All HE is doing is "stating whatever he feels will win people over". Moreover, even on the best case scenario there would be no port for the next 25 years, i.e. after he has finished quarrying the land and the time it took to be constructed. Obviously it will not serve any present need and we have no idea if there will be any need 25 years from now as our population is currently declining.

      So your approach is that a cargo port is going to be built by Imparato unless someone can prove to you otherwise? That is like saying I believe I will meet a pink elephant someday unless someone can prove to me otherwise. I hope you are not in govt. or God help us.

      The proper question is whether there is any commitment by Imparato to build the cargo port once he was completed the quarry. He has made it clear publicly that he himself will not go it alone and build a cargo port; there would need to be additional investors for that. He is not proposing to give any financial bond to the Govt. if the port is not built. That should tell you everything that you need to know about the viability of the project. Instead, he gives pretty graphics of a a dream to con naive people like you.

      What if no such investors are forthcoming? What if Mr. Imparato decides (and perhaps he has already decided) that he has better uses for his money, or is no longer among us, in 25 years time?  What happens in the meantime when we are far more vulnerable to hurricanes? Use you brain, for God's sake.        

  8. Forelock says:

    I hadn't been out to East End for quite some time so I drove out there this last weekend.

    It has changed so much since Hurricane Ivan. I hardly recognised the section where the old anchor points out of the sea as one used to enter the village.

    In the proposed East End Seaport area, the old derelict house with the graffiti and the cow tied to it was still there (I think its been like that since Hurricane Gilbert, possibly Hurricane Allen). So is the newer but equally derelict house on the point immediately east of the proposed development.

    The new wall looks nice but obstructs the view of the so called "pristine" coastline. It will probably be undermined and ruined by the next big storm and so it will eventually merge in perfectly with the other man made structures in the immediate vicinity.

    An area of "outstanding natural beauty"? I don't think so.

    There are still a lot of buildings dotted around Grand Cayman's coast that were terminally damaged by Hurricane Ivan.

    We have a large number of people out of work.

    How about putting some more money up to have the eyesore buildings demolished using some of the unemployed labour thats available. There are underemployed contractors that could direct the work.

    Once that's done, then lets be able to talk about our pristine coastline again.

    • Anonymous says:

      did you just say that area was NOT a place of outstanding natural beauty???  Good God man, what reason would you have for saying that??  WHAT DO YOU WANT?

  9. Shepherd says:

    Here is the issue:  the East End port project is not about a port.  Imparato wants to dig a big hole in the east for the lime product, to sell to livestock feed manufacturers in the US.  The aggregate is not going to stay in Cayman. 

    He does not intend to build a port, just dig out Cayman's resources for his (and who ever he has to pay off) pockets.

    He has produced architectural drawings for what could be, to sell to the people.  Pure propaganda.  Government is in no position to fund a project so immense. 

    Government has increased the cost of fuel by taxing it.  Shipping and receiving goods in Cayman is outrageously costly, by the time shipping fees, port fees, customs fees (and it is crazy that customs can charge duty on the continental shipping in the US!) are all paid, it is no wonder that small businesses are packing up.

    What will happen to Cayman's economy after a port is built and the fees for shipping and transport are going to be multiplied tenfold!  Who is going to pay that? (the people…) and who will be left to pay it.

    The population has decreased, Cayman is becoming an undesireable place to conduct business.  Between rollover, rising fees, duty (taxes), high cost of living and crime.  Government needs to focus on making Cayman desirable again.  Cayman people need to focus on making Government desirable again.

    Cayman….don't let a few people rob the Islands and leave destruction in its aftermath.

  10. anonymous says:

    Someone should ask those "poor" quarry operators if they got a huge contract recently that will keep them busy for years. XXXX

  11. Anonymous says:

    Yea, and only 2 people who support it were there.

  12. Cayman Star says:

    Ha!  I attended the meeting and I only saw 200 to 300 people that were serious about opposing this project.

    Apparently, the opposition is expressed on CNS, and interestingly most of them that showed up were CNS bloggers, which a high percentage of them are party affiliated. 

    lol….. I can see it now – Stupid Opposition Gone Stale!

    If they really wanted to save Cayman Islands from this man, they would have got off their butts and canvassed around the island to rally the people. But all Miller and Mclean do is rant and talk about it.  Jokers… we will see how far their opposition goes.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yea, and besides the panel, there were just 2 people there who are in support of it. So, your comment…

      • Cayman Star says:

        Still jokers!  What are 200 to 300 people?  Joe should press forward without delay, because he too well know that this small amount does not represent the entire populous!

        • Anonymous says:

          are you nuts?

        • Anonymous says:

          LOL.  200-300 people in the EE Civic Centre is a very large group of people.  How many did you think would hold in there.  If you have 200-300 at each meeting in each district the numbers grow.

        • O'Really says:

          Maybe I can give you some perspective, although some how I doubt it. In the UK any meeting attracting a similar percentage of the population would be in the range 260,000 to 390,000. That's quite a meeting. You don't think UK politicians would pay attention to what a meeting of this size had to say?

      • Unemployed Caymanian says:

        You people must be imbeciles if you think that since there were only 2 people at that meeting who supported the project indicates a lack of support on the island. The meeting was clearly setup for the haters and people who oppose the project as well as these stupid Politicians and wanna bees. People who support the project had no reason to be at non supporters meeting….

    • Anonymous says:

      Only two people were for it from what I understand. Those that managed to make it out there, I commend you! So happy that we have representatives that made it. I only just moved back home so seemed to have missed out on these open discussions. I did spread the word as much as possible through social media to try and inform people of what's going on and how they can help. I would be in favour for another rally in a more central location so that those who don't reside in East End but want to save the district, can also add their voice to be heard.

      Keep talking about it, keep fighting it, keep blogging, keep writing, keep sharing!

    • The lone Haranguer says:

      I guess Arden's CUC bill is up to date so he can attack with impunity the hand that used to feed him !

  13. Anonymous says:

    Can Arden take down his signs so I can enjoy the natural view there?

    Hope he got Planning Permission.

  14. nauticalone says:

    While it may well be true (or not) that Local Quarry owners are charging inflated prices or engaged in unfair employment practices….i'm not sure….but i am sure that;…."two wrongs don't make a right"!

    If some people are truly concerned then they can create their own petitions to object and try to bring about change. Where has this outcry been up to now?….sounds like a distraction to me.

    Furthermore to say it's ok for the EE SeaPort to cut a large hole (along a prestine coastline and near the water lens and Blue Iguana and other nature areas) in this small island because other local Quarry owners may or may not be operating responsibly is equal to taking the view that it is ok (justifiable) to break the law or behave unethically because someone else is (or may be) doing so.

    Such a rationale will not cut it!….as said before; "two wrongs do not make (equal) a right"!


  15. Anonymous says:

    I wish you people would stop making this about the quarry operators. Any way you flip it, Imparato's project is BAD for Cayman. Be happy that although these quarry operators would normally not get involved in this type of thing that they are involved because there is strength in numbers.

    The EE Seaport/Mega Quarry is will only be beneficial to Imparato and a few others leaving behind much destruction and sorrow for all.

    So whether we be environmentalists, quarry operators, East Enders, visitors, or divers let's stand together and STOP Imparato from destroying this place!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Who are these quarry people to tell us that Imparato's proposal  is not good for the country, has anyone checked how deep their quarry holes are?

    are they paying any Royalty to the Caymanian  people? who's checking to see that they are following the rules and regulations

    Yes, his immediate plan might only employ 45 people, but lets look at the long term employment this project could bring to the locals,hundreds of jobs , we just have to get them trained and ready.

    What long term gain will we accomplish from the big holes that these quarry blasted in the earth.

    You guys have to take your licks like all of us businesses…sorry.

    • Anonymous says:

      When businesses compete on a level playing field.  But Imparato will be givien Duty and other consessions.  If this is such a good deal for him then let him pay the full price of doing it and put money in the system that way.

    • Anonymous says:

      And what about the price of aggregate on island. They just scared we can buy it for the real price instead of their artifical price … and how many Caymanians work in their quarries??? Huh, huh?

  17. The Truth says:

    The truth of the matter is this.  These operators are no better than Imperato.  For starters look at the price of fill today.  I just had my land filled and was quoted over $40,000.00 (Guess that qaurry operator knows who is writing this now)  However after getting it filled I went to another quarry operator and his price was $9,000 lower than what I paid.  I went back to the person that filled my land and was told at that time they were almost out of the particular material I needed and that the other person was quoting me on a weaker material.  Yet they are going to now say they have stock for 50 years? 

    In my opinion if they are complaining about loss of jobs well here we go….  Imperato do what you have to do and just hire the people that these operators are losing when you take their mafia prices out of business.  But then be wise about it.  Give the Caymanians positions that they can work. Train the young Caymanians.  Make it a business that can benefit the country and let people realise just how stupid they were.  They cursed when the Airport was being built asking why build a huge facility.  Now look at the airport. It is too small to hold what we want.  I am sad to say but the MLA of East End has no vision except tunnel vision.  The tunnel that he is inside now has no lights and he is living in the past.  I for one hope he lays down in front a bulldozer.  Might be the smartest thing he ever did in his political life.

  18. Anonymous says:

    15:09-14:22- 13:24

    you guys finally waken up, the majority of the objections were spured by the local quarry owners.

     10% to 15% of the cost of most construction is the quarry product.

    which could cost up to $35,000.00 for fill of property and foundation….and the Brac prices, wouldsure blow you away

    Where is this shortage of fill? take a drive Bodden town on to breakers and then turn down high rock road…mountains of quarry products.

    Of course Arden has no back up plans for East end, the largest land mass of undeveloped property, on Grand Cayman.

    No future in sight for the alcoholics druggies, and unemployed, keep them in the dark, when campaign time comes around, hand out $50.00 to them..that is totally brain washing, wake up East enders….you deserve the best.

    I almost laughed myself to death when  I read in the article that Imparato's quarry, as they claim it is, would create unfair competition and threaten to drive local quarry owners, out of business…what a joke!

    You want to see unfair compition, which has driven the local construction owners out of business, check out the 767 trade and business license to carry on construction in the Cayman.

    So now, we the poor businesses must support these quarries and keep their pockets lined with gold…I don't think so! let the competition come, the sooner the better. 

  19. unity says:

    Whatever our personal reasons are for opposing the EE Seaport/mega quarry, I am very proud to see the people of Cayman uniting for thegood of the country. Even the quarry owners (who I would usually and have always in the past opposed for their anti-environmental stance). 

  20. Anonymous says:

    While I don't agree with the Port developement, I am tired of being forced to pay high prices for quarry materials because we dont have a choice. The only reason these quarry operators are making noise is because they won't make their millions any more. They are no different than Mr. Imparato! it's all about money and greed. What are they doing to help any poor person in the community?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Quarry owner, please. Youknow the only reason they are in this is because it put a wrench in their ability to rape the public with the sky rocketing cost of fill which for years they have been using to line their own pockets. And go to any quarry and you’ll also see how many Caymanians their hire when they are actually Caymanian themselves. They are only worriedabout the future of their own Bank Accounts.

    And as they say if there is no shortage of quarry material why is when you go to a quarry the first thing they say is that the price is so high because of the high demand for fill and that there is a shortage of fill on island. XXXX

    When trying to build my house I got quotes from quarries that were so different that they had to be just making the prices up of the top of their heads. One said 32.00 a CY and another said 21. In building your home you can easily end up spending 20-30,000 just filling the land because of the  cost of fill these guys charge..

  22. Anonymous says:

    Quarry operators step up protest. Do the quarry operators think WE are only stupid when Imparato is talking? Imparato's Profits? The local quarry operators are as bad as they accuse Mr. Imparato of being. They are as bad as Mr. Imparato's (and now the PPM's) Caribben Utilities Company when it comes to keeping costs in Cayman high. Of course they don't want any fill sold here, so they can continue their cartel pricing keeping the cost of construction high and Government capital projects higher. Caymanian quarry operators hire filipinos and jamaicans and stash their huge profits. XXXXX

    Please! You know what I want? I want to hear about creating jobs for Caymanians, business for Caymanian companies, tenants for empty Caymanian owned apartments. Last time I checked, neither UDP or PPM did that.

    And a petition – if we as Caymanians (same ones who sold the land in the first place) want to tell local and foreing landowners what to do with their land, then get a petition started to ask this Government to change the laws to make clear what we do NOT want in Cayman. Then we wont have this problem.

    The Arden/Ezzard petition – I hope the loud mouth East Enders, the West Bayers, the George Towners and all the elected, aspiring and the failed politicians spouting off against the seaport add to their petition that "they want to stay stuck with no work for the unemployed, no jobs, alcoholism, high school drop outs, no chance of economic improvement." Politicians want Caymanians to be broke, unemployed, unemployable and afraid – then they come in as their rescuer, handing out $50 on Friday, paying a CUC bil, getting them a little piece-piece job or beat up a company to get their constituent hired  and buy the supporters vote for another term 

    Arden – what is your back up plan for your district? XXXXX Economic prosperity would lead to an empowered people and independent thinkers. UDP nor PPM can have that now can they? Nope! 

    All we do is argue. No solutions. Getting fatter and fatter but not willing to sacrifice, not willing to work.

    • An Onymous says:

      If only everyone commenting would first carefully read the Environmental Impact Report themselves rather than relying on others, perhaps then the confusion will clear up enough to allow sound thinking and understanding about the irreversible damage (environmental and otherwise) that would be caused if Cayman's government/the Premier approved this quarrying project.  Also please don't fall for that self-serving rumour that there would be so many jobs created and available for Caymanians – read all about those few jobs in this Report!

      Let us not be so gullible that we could be compared to the people in that old story "The Emperor's New Clothes" .

      A quote by Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr which we should all remember to help us in times like these is "Nothing is so dangerous as sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity".

  23. This is a Fact!! says:

    FACT:- When Hurricane Ivan covered my property with SEA WATER for a period of ONE DAY, my Well Water remained salty for at least THREE months.

    This saltiness would have lasted much longer had it not been for the constant rain that prevailed after the hurricane.

    I DONT need anyone to tell me, that if a hole of 60 feet deep and certainly of a massive width and length as porposed by Joe Imparato, that this CONSTANT presence of salt water will not affect the fresh water lenses in its surrounding land mass.

    It would appear that Imparato and his team does not have the slightest clue of how water FLOWS THROUGH the  earth's bed.rock and its natural filtering process.

    Mr. Imparato,  do you not comprehend that even when earthquakes occur, that its because the earth's bed rock are MOVING ??

    Just because you cant see the earths natural filtering system with your naked eyes does not mean its not happening.

    We know that its IMPOSSIBLE to eduacate you on this matter because you only have one desire, ie. MONEY.

    We also know that Cayman is only another "stop-over' place for you so we really dont expect you to care for what's best for Cayman and its people.

    However Let me jog your mind that Alberta and the western states of Canada have vast vast vast amounts of land that you can dig to have all the marl you heart desire..  Why not go do this in the country of your heritage and ancestors. ?????

    • You know for FICTION!! says:

      Funny, last time I checked Imparato has been living here 30 years as has his children and his children's children. I doubt this is a "stop-over' place for him….He's Caymanian people….whether it be paper or not.

      As well, he's not Canadian either! He's originally from Texas!!!!! So before you make statements that begin with Fact …make sure you KNOW YOUR facts…

      Note to everyone: When a statement begins with the word FACT or I KNOW FOR A FACT……the person usually has no clue what they are talking about!

    • Anonymous says:

      Canada does not have states.  We call them the western provinces.

  24. nauticalone says:

    I agree, that this proposed Port (aka "The Big Hole") is NOT the type of development which we need in Cayman!

    This is a very small island. What do we need a mega port for?….answer is; we don't! It's all about the developer quarrying the rock, pocketing the profits and then giving us the people of Cayman, the hole (pun intended)!

    Development is needed yes!….but NOT this selfish and permanently destructful project.

    No to EE SeaPort!

  25. KMG says:

    Imagine that…

    Caymanians actually standing up for something we believe in. It seems more and more like we're finally reaching the end of our tethers. We're a meek people. We'll take and we'll take and we'll take. But I guess even we have limits.

    I've never been prouder of my fellow Caymanians. The road is long but our feet are strong. We'll make it. We'll stop this and the rest of the madness being foisted upon us. This time we won't sit down and let them take our country and our future from us.

  26. nauticalone says:

    Excellent job to all whom have signed against this proposal in particular and "Save Cayman" petitions!

    This is NOT the type of develoment we need in Cayman.

    No to East End Seaport….aka "The Big Hole"….

  27. Anonymous says:

    What a load of Crock, when Gov needs fill for new roads (That Arden Built, drafted, or proposed such as the East-West Arterial that will lead to the port) these same quarry owners give no cuts, discounts, or concessions, yet we have the opertunity to fill our lands, build new roads, fill our foundations, etc.. and we are complaining about it!


    Of courese they are jumping on the band wagon, they want to continue robing us for the double market value of the same aggrigate they intend to keep for them selves. 

    I will be first in line to fill my property for about $2000.00 instead of paying the mob that is protesting $25,000.00 and only get it half done.

    Wake up Cayman, think of the same quarry operators that employ foriengh workers but complain this port will do the same. Have your teenagers that are running around robbing tourists on the beach in East End (Oh Yeah, they were Caymanian) put into training to be the next operators, Safety officers, quality analyzers, etc.. that can work on this project.

    Put together a team of Caymanians to go into the property and collect (if any are there) the blue iguanas, not have forigners come here and die to save them! Far as I remember, it was our own Cayman idol children that went into the park and slaughtered the 6 only a year ago. Nothing said about that!


    Be real people, this will help us all!

    And oy yeah, I Caymanian TOO!

    • Anonymous says:

      ummm…. a load and a crock are the same thing.  They are both a measurement of BS, same as a pile and a bunch. It wouldn't be right to say a crock of pile, and a load of crock is incorrect as well.  I believe what you want to say is 'what a crock of BS', or 'what a load of BS'…….

  28. Anonymous says:

    wow what a fail……it seems the big argument aginst the development is now to the protection of a local quarrying cartel who are afraid of competition…..zzzzzz…..typical small town mentality….

    • Anonymous says:

      This whole thing is about the protection of the local quarries, did you know they even took their lawyer to the meeting last thursday.