Woman hospitalized after supermarket assault

| 14/06/2011

(CNS): Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding an assault which took place at around 3.30 pm yesterday, Monday 13 June in a local supermarket. A police spokesperson confirmed that a report was made to law enforcement officials that an altercation had take place between a man and a woman inside Fosters Food Fair- Airport location. The woman was taken to hospital following the incident and released following treatment. The incident reportedly took place near to cash out area in front of a number of shoppers and staff.

Despite witnesses indicating that the woman appeared to have been badly hurt no arrests have been made and police said enquiries into the matter are ongoing.

Anyone wishing to report any criminal activities can call the George Town Police Station at 949 422 or the anonymous Crime Stoppers number 800-8477 (TIPS).



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  1. Anonymous says:

    The clowns that make jokes at this behavior ignore the breakdown in the society in general.

    If in a supermarket in the middle of the afternoon people cannot maintain proper behavior what chance is there at night when alcohol is involved.

    Oh I forgot that is already out of control.

    Perhaps that is funny also bobo.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Allegedly it was a Caymanian Mother with her kids and the son threw milk cans (or like) at this allegedly American woman. The boy fled but the Mother was detained. Our Nanny witnessed the whole thing and was disgusted at this woman's family and their behavior…let's see if they actually do arrest this young man as that clearly isn't the answer in solving a dispute but maybe that behavior is condoned in his family ??

    • Anonymous says:

      This sounds like a good story…not condoning the violence, though.

      Can you enlighten us more please.

      What was the dispute over and how did it start ?

      This information is useful in knowing what can occur and how best to handle these types of conflict.


  3. Make it stick says:

    Domestic violence cannot be tolerated, period.  I hope to hear follow up reports of charges filed and make them stick! 

    • CaymanFisting says:

      I’m thinking of inventing a new game….it’s called the “jump to conclusion mat”. I seriously hope you know this was a clear case of domestic violence otherwise you my friend are an idiot

  4. Anonymous says:

    get in front of me in line?? Not today bobo!