Premier to protest the protest

| 22/06/2011

(CNS): The Cayman Islands premier says that he intends to protest the protest this weekend at the public beach, where he will be inviting the unemployed heavy equipment operators and everyone who needs work to come out Saturday afternoon and show their support for the need for development. During the crime prevention strategy press briefing the premier hinted that he would be holding a rally in response to the march being organised by the opposition and independent MLA on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Denise Miller, leader of the Young Progressives, said that organisers had found a way for those who were too intimidated to publicly join Tuesday’s demonstration to have a voice. (Photo Dennie Warren Jr)

The young political activist said that “the absent will have a voice” during the protest. She said an ongoing concern has always been that people were afraid to participate in these kinds of public protests because of fear of retaliation from government officials or from employers who may attempt to dissuade their employees from participating or even be present merely as spectators.

“The demonstration is simply another avenue for people’s voices to be expressed. While we have no control over whether or not the leadership deems that important or worthy of their time and attention, that does not mean that things should remain unsaid,” Miller said.

Organisers for Tuesday’s event are encouraging people to participate with the ‘Absent Voiceless’ display. Thoughts, opinions and words of encouragement or support can be emailed to the organisers and they will be on view during the march. Between now and Sunday, 26 June, people can send their comment to: for inclusion in the demonstration.

“In a democratic society, the ability to cast a vote once every four years is simply one way which citizens can participate in the process,” Miller said. “The use of the internet via comment features on news websites, blogs, Twitter and Facebook have also provided another medium for self expression, but sadly these are not yet properly acknowledged to be of any value and meaningful contribution by our decision makers.”

The YP leader said nothing speaks louder than numbers when it comes to people coming together for what they believe in but there is still a tremendous amount of fear in the local community. “Until such time as those people can find the strength to take a stance, it is our responsibility to offer them at least this means of participation,” Miller added.

The demonstration is set to take place at noon in George Town and is designed to allow the community an opportunity to show government that there are a number of concerns about the choices the premier is making and the direction he is choosing in his efforts to stimulate economic growth. The dependence on mega developments such as the proposed East End Seaport, the recent decision to sign an MOU for an oil refinery, the closure of part of the West Bay Road, the fear that proposals to dredge the North Sound may reappear are just some of the concerns raised by the opposition and other groups.

However, when the premier heard of the decision of the opposition to organise the protest he said that he would “not buckle” and he was resolved to press ahead with the things that he believed would create jobs for local people.

Speaking to the press on Wednesday morning, he indicated that the East End port was by no means a foregone conclusion. He said the Environmental Advisory Board’s report of the EIA on the proposed was very comprehensive and needed to be examined.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Garrison Politics at its best, never thought that I would live to see the day but it is here!!!!!!!   Rally round the Red and Green.  Now it is time to change the flag maybe it will be multi coloured like the buildings in town them high colours that "true Caymanians" don't like.

    If you don't vote for, support the party and wear the colour you can't have a job to provide food for your family.  The guns and reall trouble soon come. Oh but I pray for devine intervention in a mighty way.

  2. Anonymous says:

    All the heavy equipment and quarry guys got a call yesterday to say they can start trucking fill today to the proposed site of the extension to the Esterley Tibbetts highway, which will be part of Dart's project. The timing of this is sinister because they are not likely to participate in the march on Tuesday, having previously said that they would. The implication appears to be that if they support the march, they will be left out of future work on Dart's developments.

    Have the approvals for the road gone through? What about the mangroves which will be cleared?

    Is the Premier now worried how many of us will be there on Tuesday?

  3. Anonymous says:

    A little too late, Mr. Premier don't rain on the march, something good might come out of it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Will I get a free refrigerator if I go to Mac's protest/protest?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hope Mac has applied for his event permit and booked cabanas at public beach for this protest of his.


    *Fact: all cabanas are already booked for this Saturday.

    *Fact: if someone occupies the cabana you reserved through the recreation, parks and cemeteries unit and refuses to vacate the cabana you have the right to call the police to have them removed.


    I'm re-posting this because it is amazing!! I don't have a cabana booked but if I did believe I would call and even if they didn't arrest him, I'd enjoy the humiliation and then snap a picture of it and send to all the newspapers. 

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hope Mac has applied for his event permit and booked cabanas at public beach for this protest of his.


    *Fact: all cabanas are already booked for this Saturday.

    *Fact: if someone occupies the cabana you reserved through the recreation, parks and cemeteries unit and refuses to vacate the cabana you have the right to call the police to have them removed.


  7. Anonymous says:

    POLITICIANS HATE PROTEST. It shows their house is not in order and the people are not happy. Mac's plea for no protest is like a failing marriage that one tries to hide from friends and neighbors by pulling the curtains back. It shows something is wrong. Airing dirty laundry. The hate it and that is good. Demonstrating IS THE ONLY thing that gets results with these guys. You have to embarrass people back in to doing their jobs and representing the people. We need to crank up the heat and keep it on. YOU GUYS WORK FOR US. STOP MAKING DEALS WITH CORRUPT CHINESE COMPANIES and the general bad judgment you have subjected us too for these past years both UDP and PPM. No more free rides. Do the job correctly. We deserve much better. This has nothing to do with the economy. All they can say is they are sorry they can't "change the world economy"…and they think that is the only reason we are not happy. We are not happy becuase of what you have done and what you have not done. Mass Status Grants majority to low wage earners, "National Building" fund where you can dish out money to who you want with NO accountabilty. This is Grand Cayman, OUR COUNTRY not your girlfriend that you can profess to love and prostitute at they same time!

  8. The Lone Haranguer says:

    UDP, Go to the facebook, get the young people to come out, it is thier future. 

  9. Anonymous says:

    protest on public beach?  next to Calico's?  they must be pissed!  I propose Billy Corduroy to the rescue…kill em wit tunes….!

    • Anonymous says:

      I heard a radio advertisement this morning with a political candidate from West Bay as the spokesman.   It called for people to demonstarte against the closing of West Bay road.  He stated that the value to the developer would outweigh the cost of the additional roads and that it was simple arithmetic.  What the gentleman failed to calculate however, was the value of having a viable hotel on the site, providing jobs and customs duty to government etc. 

      Its only simple math ifyou are using all the numbers!


  10. Anonymous says:

    Don't worry people, IT'S GOOD! there will be twice as many people in the streets.

  11. Anonymous says:

    hilarious…wants to prove his support by bribing people with jobs.

    • The Lone Haranguer says:

      Don't be an idiot the bribe is the food, who the hell wants a job !

  12. Anonymous says:

    I hereby announce I am organizing a protest to protest the protesters who are protesting the protest.    Who's with me?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hope all this heavy equipment doesn't block West Bay Road when I am doing my shopping or will have to call the Police for obstruction in public place!

    • Anonymous says:

      I can't figure how any self-respecting heavy equipment operator could show his face at McKeeva's Public Beach rally since McKeeva is trying to ruin their businesses by setting up Imparato in the East End Quarry!

  14. nauticalone says:

    What an absolutely Bully attitude and move by Macdinijad!                      Rather than listen to and answer concerns respectfully, he decides to "Protest the Protest".

    A clear indication that he is NOT interested in "Good Governance"!      But only with getting his own way….at whatever cost.

    Time for you to go Mac….we're tired of your dictator style behavior!

    • "Shaken, not stired" says:


      This has been McChavez BushLaden's bully attitude for a long time. Just think back to the last election campaign (2009) & remember two examples of this. I remember the PPM planning & organizing a Gospel concert with Carlene Davis. I did not hear of any concert by the UDP, but amazingly just a few days before the Carlene Davis concert the UDP suddenly announces to the public that they will be holding a "Gospel concert" in the middle of town & giving away some kind of gift to all mothers. That was sooooo obvious it was embarrassing!

      I also remember hearing of plans by the PPM to hold a motorcade on the holiday Monday just before election day on Wednesday 29th May 2009. Again, I heard nothing from the UDP about a motorcade, but lo-&-behold just a few days before the publicly planned motorcade by the PPM we started to hear the UDP say they were planning a motorcade on the same day! Now if that is not childishness at it's worst I don't know what is.

      Now, fast forward 2 years & we see the childish UDP & BushLaden doing the same old dirty copy-cat silliness again.
      Save Cayman, Concerned citizens, the PPM, Ezzard Miller & others have publicly made plans to hold a protest march on Tuesday 28th June, while the CITA are also planning a prayer/protest on Saturday 25th at Lovers wall. How embarrassing it is to now hear that McChavez BushLaden has planned a protest on the same Saturday. What a big baby. The worst & most insulting aspect about BushLaden's planned protest is that he is using the unemployed to get support. If BushLaden had honestly been concerned about the unemployed all along why did he not do something BEFORE the PPM & others planned their protest? Why wait until he is faced with a protest to react to the unemployment issue? How disgracful & insulting to all Caymanians, especially the unemployed! He is a total disgrace! My deepest sympathies to the unemployed who he is now using for his benefit! Utter stupidness.

  15. Anonymous says:

    the only way for Cayman is eco amd medical tourism. Preservation of natural resources,infrastructure upgrades and neverending cleanup of human waste should create plenty of jobs for a tiny country.

  16. Anonymous says:

    You know what is even scarier than Bush is the thought that there are still people out there who believe in him and keep voting him in, despite the fact that he makes these sweet-heart deals and we are still waiting for the $ 6 mil to be paid to the Cayman Islands from one of those deals.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey – people need new appliances from time to time. Sooner or later the appliances recipients will figure out how much money is passed around and then they will start to demand Cadillac Escalades with spinner wheels – soon come.

  17. Anon says:

    McKeeva clearly has no regard for the people of this island. The only motives that drive him are ones pertaining to the almighty dollar. Instead of him handling this situation as any level-headed adult would do, he is holding a protest against a protest. Is that a proper allocation of his time and resources? Was this man really put in office to rally against the people of the Cayman Islands? I am aware that many of whom have signed this petition are outside of Cayman, but there are enough people here who have concerns about this proposal that deserve to be addressed properly. He stopped focusing on the good of this country a long time ago, and now only takes direction from private investors.

  18. Kirky says:

    Macky offerin food, drinks and job!! I nah lookin eidda… unless he gah a lil budweisa for me. But looky ya, Macky smart still ya nah… imagine if he put his powers to good use?!!

  19. cow itch says:

    mac says – they can protest till the fowl grow teeth, and then he says anyone who wants a job must attend his meeting

    you gotta love mac!

  20. Anonymous says:

    I really wish people would stop this foolishness about they don't understand why Julianna, Rolston, Mark and Mike is supporting Mac and why they won't speak out against him. Wake up people…..they are all just like him and are indebted to him so we must stop acting as if they are lilly white and treat them the same way we treat Mac……..perhaps they will understand then. They must be held accountable for allowing him to destroy our country.

    You know what they say about birds of a feather……..they flock together !!!

  21. Anonymous says:

    I love Mac's ad in the compass today.  Advertising his protest to the protest.  It sounds like he thinks the answer is not to ask people to come because they believe in him or his idea but because he is giving away food and jobs.

    I think he wants west bay road road full of heavy equipment so we can get used to it being closed since he is giving it away to Dart.

    Maybe he needs to back to the old days and give a way refrigerators also.

    • Anonymous says:

      I wonder who paid for that ad?

      • Anonymous says:

        The ads. had the "Premiers Office" at the top so you can bet we all paid for it. And to rub salt in the wound, all the banners, shirts etc…. were UDP green.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Am so disgusted I hardly even know what to say.

    I don't know what is more nauseating – his performance on television announcing his "protest of the protest" where he looked like a smug school yard bully or the full page newspaper ad using the thinly veiled bribery of jobs and free food to get people to come out and support his farce of a rally.


    And I hope public funds are not being spent on the free food or the newspaper ads!!!! He should have to dig into his own deep pockets to pay for his political campaigning – or may Dart or Imparato can loan him some $ for that…..

    • Anonymous says:

      Hope all you want but do you really think a man who thinks its OK for the public he works for to pay his utility bills,  pay him his retirement while he is still working (bad choice of words I meant in office), pay for a huge security force that was never needed before now to keep him safe from…..well..the people he works for,  all the payed for buy the public first class air and hotel and food trips, etc. would pay for anything?????

      Your dreaming!

  23. Big Whopper says:

    Mr. Premier…why did it take a demonstration agaist the E.E. Quarry for you to organise a march of people that are unemplyed and looking work….The people are not stupid as you may think….we will not be fooled by free food a register that will most likey just be given to employment relations…and we know where that will go…GROW UP!!

  24. not for UDP/PPM but for Cayman says:

    My family and I will attend both events(Mac's gathering on Saturday and Tuesdays march) ,we are totally against the seaport in East End and will in no way support it, on the other hand we need to pay our bills, our construction and heavy equipment companies are hurting big time at this moment,my family and I understands that Cayman is in a difficult position at this time,I am begging Caymanians to avoid political tribalism and hatred towards each other, some of the UDP's ideas are bad for our islands while some are good,Mac should  listen to the people while Alden and Ezzard need to let Mac know which of his plans they support, they also need to come up with ideas to help Cayman's economy.Cayman lets come together and support what's best for Cayman's economy and environment,a house divided against itself cannot stand,fighting down each other will only sink us more.

    • Anonymous says:

      Amen and Amen; atleast I can say I have found an another independent thinker – not one that allows others to dictate to them and they join in opposing with no idea of what and why they are opposing.  I have yet to make up my mind on the East End Seaport as I would like to see an independent assessment – as I am not impressed by the developer paying for one, and I will not attend any meeting organised by any politician who themselves lack the facts.

      Young Caymanians, I beg of you take heed from this business operator and view the coin on both sides; there are some good projects proposed and there are some not so good.  If you allow the usual noise makers to manipulate you, you may regret it a few years from now and mark my words they will not be able to offer any support or assistance.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Me thinks he doth protest too much

  26. Anonymous says:

    Who keeps voting for this dictator?

  27. Anonymous says:

    Dont worry the bottom of the bucket will soon fallout!  Just wait!

  28. noname says:

    Mckeeva, Mckeeva, ol claffeh. Citizens are concerned! you just wanna make noise bout you going protest the protest  all because PPM organizing it. Talkin bout all who need jobs come out deh..XXXXX. That wont catch me this time Sir Premier.

    The battle between whether theses protects are worthwhile is not my main issue here. Its that you dont even want to listen to the people of the Cayman Islands. Let us voice our concerns, and in return maybe you can answer a few questions for you. Running round here bout 'economic growth this' and 'economic growth that'.

    You are XXXX not fit to run this place. The people is who put you there, and trust me, the people can remove you.

    Remember that.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Public Beach?  Geeeez can't even go down beach and relax now – trying to ruin the peoples weekend with your politricking!  Hope there are lots of tourists there to see the spectacle of the Premier of the Cayman Islands and they don't have to pay!  Carnival day at public beach, yeah!!!

  30. A Glimmer of Hope says:

    I do believe the Premier has lost his mind.  Are we living in Syria, Egypt, Libya? Ae'nt we still living in a democratic country?  Is he really trying to intimidate us or is it fear welling up in him.? Personally I think it is the latter.  Maybe he is finalising realising that the people of this country has had it with him and his hare-brained ideas. Maybe we are finally making a dent in his hard head and he feels he is really losing his grip on this country. Why  would he be coming out with his "protest rally"  Please do not let him intimidate us.  He seems to have been calling the shots all along,  expecting us the citizens of this country to fall in line behind him. He will go down there on Saturday evening with the usual crap.  I beg all you please do not let him hood-wink you in believing that he has anything worthwhile to tell us this time.  I really don't understand why Mark, Rolston, Cline, Juliana, and mike  don't try to talk some sense to him .  I know that is too much to ask of Ellio He really can't grasp it!!    

  31. Anonymous says:

    just a few days ago he siad he was going to ignore the protest march..zzzzz…..mckeeva, the ultimate flip-flopper

  32. Anonymous says:

    Mac you are so childish!!  Why don't you listen to the voting public? Why are you harbouring so much hatred in your heart for anybody that opposes you?  Why don't you act responsible and stop this foolishness?  Please go out and face the marchers and hear what they have to say and stop spurning this web of deceitand causing discord amongst your people.  Please promote stability and stop encouraging voilence.  Be the leader that the people expects you to be.  What you are planning is just a waste of taxpayers money (yes, we are paying tax here).

  33. richard wadd says:

    Simply, this is a case of 'Cost versus Benefit'.

    Yes, we NEED new Industry and Development to spur growth in our economy and to create more employment opportunities.

    However, we cannot afford to have growth fueled by the wanton destruction of our island and the few natural resources that we have.

    Not only do the negative points of the East End Seaport far outweigh any POSSIBLE benefits it would bring, but the "Developer" has yet to divulge if he has consulted with either the Cruise or Cargo Industries on his proposal, and IF either are willing to commit to using it should it be built.

    Right now, there is no logical reason why either shipping industries would even considder using Grand Cayman given:

    a) the additional costs of suppling and operating a Home Port here compared to the US for both the Cruise Line & passengers.

    b) Grand Cayman is not situated near major cargo shipping lanes, and as such, it would add additional costs to cargo ships to divert to our location. Added to this, the FACT that we would be trying to compete with Jamaica, Panama, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas, ALL of which have considderable existing Cargo-interchange facillities, and who are more stategically located.

    The East End Seaport is nothing short of a "Pipe-dream" of an Excuse to justify greed, and our children will be left to pay the price if we allow this to happen. No short-term benefit that we could derive from this, is worth the price future generations will pay.

    I urge ALL Caymanians, Residents, Businesses (especially the Dive & Tour operators) Expats and even our guests to come out and show solidarity against this type of destructive development.  

    • anonymous says:

      I agree with you Richard, completely. 

      No one is protesting Shetty's Medical Centre or Hon's high tech centre. These are the types of developments that we need – that strengthen and diversify the economy and at little or no cost to the natural environment (which is integral to our tourism industry and quality of life!).  

      If Mac got these two projects off the ground and running there would be plenty of work and new jobs for everyone, short and long term (along with some training and re-training).

      Some of the heavy industry/construction folks also need to start thinking about transitioning in to a new field. Cayman's physical development is years beyond capacity and construction is going to slow down in the future (or certainly never recover to what it was pre-recession). This is inevitable. When a country is developing there is high growth, and lots of development/construction. As it becomes more developed growth and construction naturally slow down.  

  34. Anonymous says:

    The Premier having his own rally?! Is he getting ideas from dictatorships in Libya & Syria? Thankfully he does not have his own militia to crack down on & drag off the free, right-thinking people of Cayman. This is a democracy, supposedly.

  35. Anonymouse says:

    Amusingly, the 'pro-development' counter-rally will be held in an undeveloped location (the public beach). If irony had teeth …

    • Anonymous says:

      Can't hold it anywhere else as its all been paved over.  built on and/or cordened off with "Keep Out" and "Private" signs. Talk about there being little left of our resources.

      Shame we just do not have a good track record of managing our resources. Just look what happened to the turtles 50 years ago.

  36. HURT says:

    Protest the protest? Is not this the Jack of Ass?

    Big Mac's brain is in a deep freeze.

  37. Anonymous says:

    now is the time he want to help the unemployed? He needs to stay home and stop being a little kid and act like a grown Man.

    I know where i going to be on Saturday!! Mr. Bush you want to know come and find me at East End with the rest of the people protesting against what you and Mr. Imparato say would bring in money for Cayman, and help us Caymanian get Job.

    So come on down and hear what we have to say. Tired of all this he say she say garbage that goes on in the LA. We theCayman People need to see progress, we are tired of hearing you talk and no action being taken.

  38. cow itch says:

    premier will also protest? not good… i mean me leg in pain… i fall down and i can't get up. have to buy plane ticket to take me next flight out

  39. Anonymous says:

    So let me get this right…. He is protesting the PEOPLE'S right and choice to protest? The same people he is suppose to be working for? Thanks premier for providing another example for why the people have resorted to this march.

  40. anonymous says:

    Our next project must be amend the constitution and DO AWAY WITH THE PARTY SYSTEM. I'm sure 12,000 people will agree. It has destroyed us. No more party system. Go back to the old team. Our country is divided because of party politics. The party system must go, too much Jamaican and socialistic influence in the UDP & PPM government. These politicians are loyal to the party and developers but they Pi*s on the people's head and tell us its raining! enough!

    caymanians get rid of tghe Party System NOW!

    Put it forward to the Constitutional Commissioners, they will listen.

    • Married to a Caymanian says:

      You are soooo right.  This politricking has only become worse since the party system was introduced.  Once again I cal lon our intelligent successful business leaders to band together and oust the party system.  You OWE us!!!  You started the shipping businesses, the grocery stores wealth, the major tourism attractions, theIT service companies, the groups and holdings…Yes, you KNOW who you are.  You go to Rotary and Lions meetings and profess to be LEADERS so come out of your air conitioned offices, band together and be the sane voice of our community.  (I think quite a few civil servants will even vote for you, they know the UDP and PPM are killing this country)

      Get rid of the party system and impose 4 year term limits.  Add some accounting software and this small island of only 55,000 people may stand a chance!!!

      Sheesh, this would be a tiny "county" in any other country.


  41. anonymous says:

    Well Big Mac is taking out his BRASS KNUCKLES on the week end.

    Big Mac show us just how bad you are 'cause we got something to show you, BRING IT ON!!!

    WE'RE COMING OUT IN NUMBERS!!!!! against you,

    TIME  FOR YOU TO RESIGN AND GO HOME AND do some GARDENING! we can't wait till 2013, we can't afford one more minute of you. Go home!

    Enough of you!,

  42. Anonymous says:

    Mac for development – You go!

  43. Anonymous says:

    OMG seriously Mr. Bush this  tit for tat need to stop. Kids in primary school act better than this crap if you cant take the heat get the Hell out of the house enough is enough ok.

  44. Anonymous says:

    But will he answer a few questions?

    • Anonymous says:

      Of course he will not answer questions.  He never does he calls names instead.

  45. Kirky says:

    Cayman is gettin so bad even I gah comment. Now McKeewa…. alright, thats all I gah say!

  46. Jack N Meoph says:

    On another note, the group to prostest the protest against the protest, aka The Petty Party will also be hosting a protest where you can speak out against our leader's right to object to your right to protest…

  47. Jack N Meoph says:

    Come one, Come all!!!  Join our illustrious leader as he protests against YOU, the people of the Cayman Islands!!

    That's right, Mac wants YOU to know just how little he cares about your opinion…

    Don't miss this unique chance to see our dictator in person and in full action against you and your rights!!

  48. Anonymous says:

    Maybe we should protest his protest of our protest! Warm up the tar and start plucking feathers, it's GO TIME!

  49. Anonymous says:

    Who is paying for the food and promotional ads.  I hope it is not coming out of the government funds.  I hopoe it is not coming out of the public puirse.



    • Anonymous says:

      Never mind the food & drink, will i have to bring my own transport for the give aways (I need a new fridge and stove) or will he do the decent thing and have them delivered and installed??

  50. Anonymous says:

    It's been a long time coming…. Oh but I know that change is gonna come.

  51. concernedvisitor says:

    This is disgusting!  I am in shock over the way the Premier is acting.  If those people who are unemployed are not Caymanian, send them elsewhere to look for work.  So you need to raise employment and ruin the Island at the same time. What happens when everything is developed and you create a CITY??  Where are those people going to work then?  Priorities Mr. Premier.  I am repelled by the way you act.  We need jobs so let's destroy this beautiful Island!!!!!! Mr. Premier do you swim? Do you snorkel? Do you take rides and see the beauty of the EE and NS?  You should get your arse out there and see the beauty you will be destroying.  You are going to lose a lot of tourists if you do this.  Maybe Cayman Airways should offer discounted tickets to attend rallies for those of us in the USA who do care about the Island.  After all, Cayman Airways is going to be hurting when tourists stop visiting.  I for one, will find another Island, that is 2 visits per year, with 4 people…by my calculating, only my family brings in about  $7000US to the Island.  That is just one family.  I am sure we are not the only ones that feel this way.  Does HE really think this is going to better the Island?  I specifically come to the Island because it is expensive, it does NOT have gambling and the people are beautiful kind souls!  The Island has a reputation for not bringing in riff raff.  If we want riff raff we will go to Mexico where it is cheap, dirty and over developed.  ((((SIGH))))

    • C-Man to the Bone & Proud of it says:

      Thank you, this is exactly how those of us who are natives feel about our beautiful islands.  to answer your question about does he take the time to appreciate his homeland? He is never here in the country he is always jet setting and spending the country's money putting bottomless pit in the treasury purse.

      But thank you very much for your post, i pray more visitors will find this website and post their concerns about the destruction of this country XXXX.


    • Anonymous says:

      Swim and snorkel??  Please….hahah

  52. well well says:

    I guess the Premier is holding his little protest to demonstrate his support for those who want to come here and get fat off the peopleand our environement with no thought for the damage they are doing.

    I dont know about the rest of you but I am not scared of Mr Bush and his cronies and I WILL be there (Tuesday) to show my love and support for Cayman and I dare them to do anything about it. I used to be a die hard UDP supporter and I am not a PPM suporter but I will do what is right for my country and my children.

    I know Bush and his "friends" will try to punish me for showing up, and will try to starve me into submission but making sure I do not get work etc but its better I starve now so that my family can eat later on.

    To Bush and anyone else who wants to ignite the fire in me! Bring it and lets see who will be the last man standing!!!

    You are all nobodys to me and even if I am the only one out there I WILL BE THERE!

    Oh wont you be surprised when you see my face the secrets I hold alone will make you pass gas.




  53. Anonymous says:

    This proves that the EIA, what the people want and what is right for the country mean NOTHING to our "Premier".  He is here to represent the people.   Not his own wishes.  We need to ask who will benefit if this deal goes through because according to the EIA report, it will not be us, our children, or our children's children because of the environmental damage this will cause.  Don't let him intimidate you.  There is power in  numbers.  

  54. Anonymous says:

    Hello World!

    Our Premier is going to organize a protest to show his support for our premier!

    Also those who are suffering financially as a result of the many tax increases our Premier levied upon you, are invited to support the person who brought about your economic suffering!

    If you are out of work then you can show your support for the person who caused you to be out of work!

    If you are not out of work but consider yourself to be a qualified nit-wit, then you should support the person whose hare-brained schemes will soon cause you to be out of work!

    And remember the old saying: 'one fool makes many'?  then here is your chance to show the world that this saying is true!

    And that you qualify to be included in the 'many'!

  55. Anonymous says:

    sigh…I honestly dont know if we can survive another 2 years of this tyrant.

  56. Anonymous says:

    Another way to remain anonymous and still participate is to wear a socking or mask with hat and dark shades. It would be nice if everyone marching wore a disguise of some kind to send a secondary message about the opression taking place and the willingness to stand up to it.

    In the United States, when a particular football team has a very bad season, fans often attend games wearing paper bags over their heads so as not to be identified and ridiculed for supporting a losing team. It is mostly done in fun but does have the added bonus of sending the message "my team stinks and I am embarassed to be here".

    • Anonymous says:

      What a good idea, the paper bag thing, but rather hot, perhaps? Think I'll be wearing odd socks, myself.

    • Anonymous says:

      My friend, I promis you, we won't be wearing paper bags over our heads.

      I hope you are not part of the KKK they wore white sheets over their heads….that was real opression, to the blacks.

    • Anonymous says:

      Like V for Vendetta…….

  57. nauticalone says:

    Thanks Ms. Miller (and others involved) for your efforts to organise this most important Democratic Right! And for finding this ceative means to allow those who are too afraid to participate.

    While i have written in to support…and will continue to do so, i am of the view that we are at a very important juncture in Cayman's history….and have decided to also be at the Rally in Person.               It's my Democratic Right!….and i will NOT allow Fear to cause me to not do what i believe is right!

    I'm not a party member "for" PPM or UDP….or blindly for the Independent Member….I am however for Individual Democratic Rights!

    People can also take note: If people (including Civil Servants) can attend a "Rally to support" the projects/MMOU's for the Premier (keeping in mind that MOU's are to research the viability and impact of projects), then people should also be "allowed" to "ask questions and observe" at the protest (and otherwise) being organised by the opposition and independent member.

    After all, ask yourself; Should the Premier (or anyone) offer "support for" any project "before" the MOU requirements are completed?

    Especially as the projects he is "supporting" will most suredly result in "permanent destructive environmental damage!"

  58. Anonymous says:

    Now this takes the cake.  McKeever it's time to hang it up.  The fat lady is singing.

  59. mmcLaughlin says:

    Mr Bush made a famous comment a few years back that Bodden Towners should have tarred and feathered the PPM Chairman after a political meeting, it's my hope that he be tarred and feathered along with all those ass kissers that follow him and support his outrageous style of governing.

    What nerve McKeeva has trying to pull the wool again after all the inequities against Caymanians, he's now actually trying to justify it.

    This man has more nerves than all the tooth aches put together in the world.

    And the saga continues……………

  60. What? says:

    To protest what?

    If this don't prove where his love lies well nothing will.

    He has pure contempt for the Cayman people and he claims he loves us – Give me a break!

    Time to vacate his office.

    Please people, let's show this man where the real power is by marching on Tuesday – people power.

    You know he will have his lackies behind him on Saturday – poor puppets!

  61. Anonymous says:

    Thumbs down

    Nothing More to say

  62. Real World says:

    Bush is protesting the democratic right of the people to take to the streets to protest?  Despot! 

    Does he really expect the people who have suffered because of his total ineptitude as a leader to properly manage the economic crisis to rally to his side?

    Tell me one thing Bush has done during his term in office to help the Caymanian people: just one. 

    • Pending says:

      I will not be at the protest sadly… I will however be at the protest of McKeeva’s protest and anyone who wants to join me at protesting the premier’s protest of the people’s protest is more than welcome!

      Ps. I understand that there may be plans underfoot to protest the protest of the protest of the protest so watch this space… 

  63. Dominique says:

    Mr. Premier,

    Do not be daunted by members of the public who do not know what they really need/want.  In 1976 Mr. Berkley Bush was also thought to be out of line because he spent $10m to build the current George Town dock and also Mr. Benson Ebanks' government received around 7000 signatures against dredging Safe Haven, but time has shown that if it were not for persons with insight and leadership like yourself these islands would be currently suffering the consequences today.  Some of the voices of opposition are happy to use Safe Haven even now. Mr. Berkley is dead and Mr. Benson is up in years, their committment and legacy lives on to serve the people of this country. May the God of Heaven and earth guide you!

    • noname says:

      With over 200 million dollars going in and not much coming out the other end its no surprise that there are more than a few that would want the gravy train to just keep chugging along the same as always.  There are many Caymanians in government who give nothing and do nothing for the country and get a big pay check, free medical, pension while still working, free gas, cars, etc.  including Bush.  Oh wait,  I almost forgot.  Now that 
      Bush is in he/they? don't even have to dip into their own bank accounts to get their utilities payed!  Christmas lights for all!!!  Wait!  I mean Christmas lights payed for by all!  Thats the Caymanian Christmas Spirit!

      Members of the public would just like the ability to pay their own bills without having to pay the bills of those who are called leaders and public servants.

      Members of the public would like to see their country have a future that they themselves have a hand in.

      Memebers of the public who pay the bills for leadership would like leadership they can respect!

      But not you.

  64. Anonymous says:

    Will the premier open up to questions from the public?  Maybe:

    – rational behind his trip to Venice as a non-expert to exam a unrelated project

    – justification for entourage to Bracelona for iPhone conference

    – recruitment process for Florida liaison and criteria that had it awarded to a MLA's relative in bf Tampa

    – cost of Cohen deal and why the negotiation was handled by someone without any kind of finance training except as director of a failed bank

    – reason for circumventing the CTC in extremely lucrative pier negotiation

    Bring it on McKeeva I will be waiting for you.