Mac must explain, says Alden

| 29/06/2011

(CNS): Following the revelations that local law enforcement authorities have been engaged in a year-long investigation that the opposition leader says involves the country’s premier, Alden McLaughlin says that McKeeva Bush needs to make a statement and give a proper explanation. Although the premier has not denied that there have been “reviews and investigations” about him, he maintains thathe has done nothing wrong and implied the probe may be connected to a letter he wrote regarding a real estate invoice. Bush has not given a formal statement, however, about why he made be involved in this inquiry or if he has been interviewed by the police.

“He owes the country a proper explanation,” Alden McLaughlin told CNS on Tuesday evening as he called on the country’s leader to step aside until the investigation is complete. The PPM leader and the independent member have both said that if the accusations that are being made are correct it is a very serious matter.

Bush has insisted that this is nothing more than an opposition smear campaign against him, and that McLaughlin would do anything to get the premier’s job. But it appears that the investigation was set in motion by the judiciary. A document was uncovered in a civil law suit in the Grand Court that raised such concerns that it was given to the governor, who then launched the police probe which he has said is currently underway, though he won’t admit that it is Bush who may be at the centre of the enquiry.

Speculation that the police have already decided to cease the investigation for lack of corroborating evidence was dismissed by an RCIPS spokesperson yesterday, who said the investigation which it is undertaking into financial regularities continues.

“The premier must, and he must do so quickly, explain the nature of the investigation which is going on into him,” McLaughlin added.

On Tuesday the premier had told CNS that a statement about this would be made shortly but he had nothing to hide and knew of no reason why he should be investigated. On Saturday at the rally for jobs he said that the “truth will prevail”.

Ezzard Miller says if the premier won’t step aside voluntarily on a temporary basis until the matter is cleared up, his Cabinet colleagues should ask him to step aside.

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  1. Ubelievedat says:

    Exposed from back then……….

    "In October, 1997, an investigation by the Company directly led to the shares of hi-tech firm NimsTec Limited being de-listed from the Bermuda Stock Exchange for publishing misleading and inaccurate statements in its share prospectus. In the same month, McKeeva Bush was forced to resign as a Cayman Islands government minister, largely as a result of the Company exposing his role in the fraudulently-run First Cayman Bank"


  2. Anonymous says:

    This is a very critical juncture of, not only the Cayman Islands' history, but of our future as well. 

    Here in the United States, President Bill Clinton was involved in Whitewater, another land deal that garnered the attention of a complaint, then an investigation by Kenneth Starr, then impeachment charges and a very public trial, to which there was much damage done before President Clinton was eventually aquitted of all charges.

    In the abundance of caution while this all plays out in the interim in the international arena, care by speculators should be taken to allow the judicial process to be completed, because there could be much unintended fallout and collateral damage for the future economy of the Cayman Islands. 

  3. anonymous says:

    Boy do we need to get rid of this party system.

    The party system must go too with Big Mac. We can not accommodate party politics.This place isway too small for the intense impact of hatred and division that encompasses such a small region. We don't need it.


  4. anonymous says:


    this is the 2011 leak!

    Alden an attorney of course  knows something more. As a legal professional he would be acting irresponsible to divulge classified information to the people while there is an investigation ongoing. I guess some people were right last week in commenting that there was a top secret we need to know aout. Yes it was and is indeed, and here it is……!

    I do feel  that the nature of the allegations known to Alden as well as Ezzard are so much of a serious nature that the Premier could lose his job over it and also forfeit the constitution of the Cayman Islands to perhaps direct rule……….Lawyers somehow from their legal experiences are able to determinne what is serious and what is not.

    I personally in my opinion feel the allegations are serious, not just a political ploy. It's so serious that the Comissioner of Police and the Governor is taking their time and allowing it to play out for a while before dropping it on us! but the fact that the governor has allowed the investigation to take place tells me that the allegations are indeed serious else he wouldn't waste the RCIP's time. Governors don't waste their time on petty little things.

    Soon the RCIP Comissioner of Police will be forced by the governor to make a public statement and press release on the whole matter and the entire investigation. Watch this…..

    • Anonymous says:

      How about we all get together and march for jobs.

      Forget about PPM or UDP.

      We need the jobs!  We're losing our homes to banks!

      Instead, we've to sit by and watch foreigners walk into the jobs Caymanians have the degrees and experience to do.  THIS IS DISGUSTING!  It wouldn't happen in Jamaica, Bermuda nor the Bahamas!  Why are we soooo PASSIVE?!!!!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        You obviously never studied economics in your years of schooling. If you did then you may have been absent the day they taught that job creation is a side effect of a a healthy and growing economy. Unemployment is a result of bad economic policy that causes high costs of living and shrinkage in growth. If you want to march, then march for changes in economic policy. If they listen and do the right thing, jobs will result in all areas automatically. Jobs are only created by government in socialist societies where the free market takes a back seat to government controlling everything including the will of the people. GOOD LUCK! THE UDP SHOULD BE RENAMED TO USP "UNITED SOCIALIST PARTY" There is nothing democratic about the way this bunch thinks or acts.

  5. Anonymous says:

    WE NEED A SMOKING GUN.    Now that we hear about the investigation into mac money transaction, we also need the nation buildiong fund to be looked into.i wonder if mac know that the AG is investigating this , which means there is two suspicious circumstances here. this may be why he is now calling for aldin to be investigated. if mac is successful this would throw some of the heat off him. aldin let him call all he want you make sure that this nation building funds are investigated,.  that is our money and there is norecord of where it went, who it went to, or what it went for.he now claim that some of it went for scolarships.con some body tellme why do we have anglin ministry there. Now on saturdayhe call for people to come down to get registered for jobs, what has anglin labour department been doing. He surely know how to make ANGLIN incapable

  6. Anonymous says:

    The government both UDP and PPM should explain to the people of these islands why people that were caught with 2 lbs of ganja and drugs utensils are still on this islands as a matter of fact status was given to this low life. Explain that and if it cannot be done then the Premier has nothing to explain.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nice try at deflection. One has absolutely nothing to do with the other.  

  7. Anonymous says:

    Libertarian you are so right the International Media has already gotten the new and plans are in place for visits.  I just hope that this is not true because the Cayman Islands cannot afford such bad publicity.

  8. Libertarian says:

    I think it would be wise and prudent for Mckeeva Bush to remain in dead silence for the best interest of our financial industry. The reason being, it may do us more harm than good if he should make statements or an explanation that is negatively interpreted by the international community.

    Also, I would strongly advise Alden McLaughlin, the Peoples Progressive Movement, and Independent Ezzard Miller, to remain in discreet silence as well… at least until the Royal Cayman Islands Police has completed the investigations.

    Cayman, the last thing we want to do, is underestimate the power of the international media. We should heed Mark Twain's words that "a lie can travel halfway around the world, while the truth is still putting on its shoes."

    • Alan Nivia says:

      We are all as sick as our secrets.  Silence is sickness.

    • Observer says:

      You are the sort of person who has kept him in power all these years, and the sort of person who caused the global financial collapse.  I think it would look much better for us to throw this open to the world, depose this pathetic dinosaur of a wannabe dictator and elect intelligent, educated people with principles, who have skills equal to our challenges, and hang up a sign saying 'CAYMAN ISLANDS.  NOW OPERATING TO YOUR STANDARDS AND OPEN FOR BUSINESS'.

      • Observer says:

        I see we have a cynic.  Perhaps you'd like to join the first commentor on the rubbish heap?

  9. Optimist says:

    Hello Alden……this is reality check calling you. I dont have much credit on my phone so I need to make this quick. While Mac may or may not have to explain- you DEFINATELY need to explain why your self-centred and self-serving march yesterday was a flop. Can you or will you give this explanation first. BBM me if you want to chat further!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Ask McKeeva to please give you a job, or at least put some credit on your phone so we can talk, although it is fairly obvious you don't have much with sense to say.

      • Anonymous says:

        4:45 poster ya showing ya ignorance again bro cause you na say nothing so who you telling they don have much to say. Boy some people fall down on dry head when they was small

        • Anonymous says:

          Don't worry my friend, soon the PPM will be running our country again, and our schools will get finished and you can go back to school and learn to spell and write a proper sentence. Deal?

    • Dred says:

      It was because many people who wanted to be there could not.

      I know I for one wanted to go but simply could not get away. I am in month end processing and simply could not pull away. on Saturday or a Public holiday would not be with as much punch but it would have a larger crowd.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The labo ur Board have a list of people seeking and looking for work for some time now and Big Mac took a list on Saturday.  Clearly we can add to the citty and get raid of the Labour Board since Mac have a list.

  11. Anonymous says:

    It is sickening to hear this political mudslinging.

    If the matter is with thePolice, please let them do their investigation. Until it is complete, the Premier should be left alone to concentrate on his job.

    The mudslingers from the opposition should not throw stones from glass houses– Mr Miller had allegations regarding a apartment in Sunsrise condos in the late 80-early 90"s.which were being built by the same company who got the "Swamp" Hospital contract during his tenure in government

    Similarly Mr Arden should also be careful. If one starts digging into all of ones business- innocent judgement errors or skeltons could be exposed.

    This is the time when we all have to work together to steady our ship. Mudlinging and getting political points are not going to help.

    Kindly grow up folks and become mature.Democracy works and elections are held every 4 years

    • Live Free.... says:

      To Anonymous 19:39, Even though I'm not a part of any party, I agree with Mr. Alden and is opposition members, and Mr. Ezzard Miller, of asking the Premier to step down, or even resign for that matter, while he's under investigation. Mr. Alden as clearly indicated that these allegations that was brought against the Premier was grave (serious). I personally and strongly feel  that Mr. Bush should step down, step aside, or even resign for the matter, because of the position that he is in, and not only that, I feel that it would not look good on these Islands also. And I don't see any indication of mudslinging going on here, all I see is the opposition, and independent member advising Mr. Bush to step down, how is that  considered mudslinging? Mudslinging  means, one who makes malicious charges and otherwise attempts to discredit an opponent, as in a political campaign. I don't see them campaigning, unless you considering the people of these Islands that was protesting on Tuesday. This was people making their voice be heard, this was not a campaign for PPM for election 2013, that was democracy at work, people exercising their rights, the people are simply fed up with how these Islands has been Govern by UDP over the past 2yrs. And to say that Mr. Alden and his opposition team alongside Mr. Miller, is trying to discredit ( Mudslinging) Mr. Bush as he also claim, is wrong. In the future before posting any comments, get your facts right, and also understand the difference between mudslinging, and advising, campaigning, and protesting, they are all completey different, I rest my case.

      • Anonymous says:

        And if he steps down, tell me, who is going to run the country?  Alden????  The one who left us in serious debt and incomplete schools that got Tom Jones suing government????  Please spare me…

        • Anonymous says:

          You, and all the rest of us, need to be spared from McKeeva, not Alden. God help us.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Well usually I am not so vocal with the blogs but I cannot believe the nerve of the UDP Party they believe that we the ppl are so unimportant that they do not owe us an explanation.  We are their bosses ppl we hired them and can certainly fire them next election or before if we chose.  What is so disappointing is the intelligent ppl he has on his party is not saying or doing anything to slow this an down.  All those ppl that went to get jobs sorry to say that was the UDP scam to bring a crowd at their rally.  There wont be any jobs so continue what you were doing  eg looking in papers etc hopefully something will open up for you.  Caymanians stop drinking the UDP kool aid, try a new drink called, pride, integrity and good governance!!!  This man has brainwashed us for too long including myself, thank God I have seen the light!!  be blessed Cayman

  13. Mighty Blighty says:

    The British are coming, hurrah, hurrah, the British are coming hurrah!

  14. Anonymous says:

    enough is enough!……week after week it is one disaster after another for this shambles of a government……

    i propose the next march should be to the governor's house…..maybe then he will wake up and respond!

    • Anonymous says:

      I tell ya….these politicians bicker more than my 2 year old does with his friends at preschool. Their behavior is down right laughable. I feel for those who were "smart" enough to elect these ppl. What a joke this island is becoming.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hello PPL that is why he wanted to be in-charge of the key areas of Cayman……. Finance, Devlopment and Tourism  In good business practice there is segregation of key processes of functions, how can we have it here when one man writes the check, authorizes it and cashes it talk about about oversight and accountability.  what a joke!!!!  He does owe the ppl in Cayman  an answer, that is what is wrong with us today we treat these politicians like they are better than us when it is them that work for us!!!!!  People wake up XXXX.  I for one was very glad to see my ppl stand up yesterday.  Cayman ppl lets show this dictator that we are active stakeholders in these islands called Grand Cayman!!!!!  west bayer for life

  16. Anonymous says:

    He need to go period.

  17. Anonymous says:

    The premier is innocent until proven guilty. It's still just an investigation, and he has not been charged with anything. People are investigated all the time, and if nothing warrants a charge, then that's the end of it. If or when he is charged, he should explain to the people what is going on. I am not PPM or UDP, but the law is the law: Innocent until proven guilty.

    • Anonymous says:

      I thought i read someplace when the debate was raging about the legal aid fiasco that Mac's view was that because they are accused or charged they were considered guilty?

    • Anonymous says:

      But, which premier was it that said that legal aid should be eliminated as all those people suspected by the police were guilty? Shouldn't the same apply to him?

    • Anonymous says:

      Agreed, you are innocent until proven guilty. However, if the policemen were suspended for the duration of investigations against them, so should the premier.

    • Anonymous says:

      Agree … funny how the Government of the Day thought it was OK for Chuckie to stay on in his role as Minister when he was being investigated. Granted – Premier is a little higher that Minister  …. but still what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

      • Anonymous says:

        Let's get this straight – there is no comparison between the Commission of Enquiry involving Mr. Clifford for allegedly disclosing government documents (which would now be available under FOI) and a criminal investigation of the Premier for official corruption. You do not appear to understand the monumental significance this has for these Islands. It has the potential of bringing this country down which is why he should be jettisoned by his party as soon as possible if he does not have the decency to stand down. In any first world country he would have stood down already.       

    • B.B.L. Brown says:

      I'm not UDP or PPM either, but if someone robs, rapes, kills, commits treason, etc, is he innocent until he's caught and proven guilty?

      • Anonymous says:

        No. But politicians make the Laws, and they build in protection for themselves and the public. Thats why we have a Court system which is intended to get to the bottom of things before one is officially branded.

        • Anonymous says:

          Look, dude. When there was an investigation into the Commissioner and the Deputy Commissioner of police they were suspended from duties. This was not a prejudgement of their guilt but a recognition that remaining in active duty might hinder the proper conduct of the investigation.

          When the first Cayman Bank scandal blew up Mr. Bush, as a director of the Bank, was relieved of his duties and forced to resign from ExCo.     

          • Anonymous says:

            exactly cayman goes by   "Guilty" until proven innocent  not Innocent until proven guilty.  you can be charge with suspicion until proven otherwise

    • Anonymous says:

      Can you please explain why in the world it is that people get locked up or released on bail every day of our lives if they are 'innocent until proven guilty'. Surely this is gross mistreatment of thousands of individuals in Cayman if we abide by that rule? Why do we continue to incarcerate some 'innocent' people and allow other 'innocent' people to continue to run our country?

  18. The lone Haranguer says:

    Yeah that's a good idea, let Mac step down, in fact he should cancel all the proposed projects and instruct his party members to elect Alden as the new leader and then Alden will organise the five brand new projects that he has been keeping from us as surprise and everything will be marvelous in about 6 months. Beauty, good plan man.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Mac need not explain anything. But he should step down for the duration of the investigation. If innocent he will emerge even stronger. If guilty, the damage will be contained. Thus, stepping down, clearly is in the best interest of Cayman. Now all we have to figure out is which politician really cares about Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      I wouldn't step down and just stop doing my job; especially, if it's the country's business of development.

    • Geo says:

      And who says I.e which law says he must step down, you are entitled to ya opinion, but let’s get facts on the taeble about people stepping down.

  20. Anonymous says:

    First Cayman Bank   all over again . . . . .

  21. Anonymous says:

    To Star Fish No Mr. Bush DOES NOT  have to answer to Alden Mclaughlin but he will answer to the people of this country whom he is employed by . Because people are FED UP.

  22. Anonymous says:

    If after a year's investigation they can't come up with anything yet, there can't be much of a smoking gun for Mr Bush to worry about.

    • cicero says:

      My guess is that there is more than one gun. Watch this space.

    • Anonymous says:

      Who people need to be demanding answers from is Commissioner of Police Baines.

      I am no political supporter of either Bush, McLaughlin, UDP or PPM but the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service are servants of the people of the Cayman Islands just as Bush is…

      They are acting as much as dictators as Bush is…the Cayman Islands is not a police state and neither is Britain.


      A year of investigation is quite long enough to unearth and prosecute any crime committed or to clear a man's name if indeed, any real investigation is being carried out by his subordinates.

      Baines well knows that were he operating in Britain, no investigation of the prime minister of the UK would be allowed to drag on for a year without him having to bring answers tothe British Parliament.

      Demand of David Baines that he provides the results of this investigation NOW as this is a potential problem that can totally destabilise the stability of the Cayman islands.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Is it posiible that Alden knows more about the content of the investigation which he can't disclose at this point, therefore he is asking the premier to clarify?

  24. Joe B says:

    Mckeeva Bush owes nothing to Alden McLaughlin.

    But EVERYTHING the the people of Cayman who have elected and payed him to work on their behalf.

    It does APPEAR that McKeeva Bush owes the public some answers and explanations to several of his dealings.

    Why will he not answers questions?  Why will he not show the facts only he knows but being a PUBLIC SERVANT  The PUBLIC has a right to know.  They are just beginning to exercise that right.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Tom Jones must be kicking over in laughter. Somebody got their toes stepped on and is very upset at the Premier. Just how did the PPM handle the finances during that time when the two schools were being built, may open a pandora's box. May raise questions on the PPM leaders integrity.

    God help us when 2012 elections come, because I wouldn't know who to vote for this time. I guess it would have to be an INDEPENDENT.


    • Anonymous says:

      That, my silly boy, (and of course you KNOW this), is nothing more than McKeeva desperately trying to get some of the heat off his own backside. Surely you must know McKeeva by now. If you dont, I would very strongly suggest you stop trying to defend him, in light of everything else he is doing wrong.  

      • Anonymous says:

        Tom Jones will be laughing once they finally get through the court system.  All the rumours say it will be a big pay day.

        • Anonymous says:

          You idiots do recall who fired Tom Jones, don't you? And you do understand who will be to blame if (when) they win because their contracts with Government were not honored, don't you? Please Mac if you can find a little spare change, go buy some heads for these poor guys. They're really trying SO hard for you.

  26. star fish says:

    Mac "must" explain, says Alden.

    Mac need not explain anything to Alden!  And he will not entertain him!  Would you, if you knew that everything you say, would be falsely interpreted by the media and people that just want to see your demised???

    • Anonymous says:

      He owes the people of the Cayman Islands an explaination.


      He is like a little boy who doesn't get his way, blaming someone else for his faults.


      It's time he acted like a MAN, not a spoiled child

    • Anonymous says:

      What a moronic comment.  It's not like Bush must address Alden McLaughlin personally with an explanation…. He must address you and I and everyone else who has an interest in democracy because we deserve an explanation, at the very least.  

      If McKeeva's "hands are clean and heart is pure", then he wouldn't pussy-foot around with delivering explanation like he's done.  Why haven't we had an official statement by now? Clearly this investigation is focused on particulars, of which McKeeva should be able to shed some clean and pure light on, XXXXX.  

      Throw in the towel, Bush, and lets see if we can move on with transparent governance of the people.  

  27. Anonymous says:

    I for one am shocked at the comments made by the leader of the opposition and Ezzard who is now part of the opposition.

    Please could these opposition members offer some solutions for developing the economy.

    Were McKeeva to leave would they have some solutions for the country at that point?

    Can they do anything other than attack UDP plans?

    Prove it by coming up with solutions, more than just voting thumbs down.

    • Anonymous says:

      Of course any solutions not coming from the premier (At the moment because of the incumbent of this office I will use a small p) or his cronies will be ignored by the current premier and his cronies!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Requesting these people to do what is appropriate – might as well speak to them in Chinese which I don't think they understand either.

  29. Anonymous2 says:

    I would hate to know that official corruption is found here, and the UK's FCO uses such findings as a context to dissolve the people's elected representation, suspend their Constitution, censor their media, take hold of our financial records, take away our democracy, implement direct taxation, and declaring full British Rule on everyone because of one man's corruption – just like they did in Turks and Caicos Islands. The UN condemned their notorious and colonial acts against the inhabitants, and many of the foreign investors that brought wealth to TCI pulled out. This year, the island had to be rescued by an emergency bail-out!  That is how bad the British Dictatorship managed TCI's affairs. You know, I feel, that is what they want to do. They want us to find just 1 ray of corruption in government to bring the jackals.


    • Whodatis says:

      I actually find the UK and its FCO's lingering threat of "direct rule" quite laughable.

      The sad reality for Britain today is that its relevancy and power in the world has been diminished to bullying tiny little island nations like ours.

      There is no wonder they act in the manner that is does today – otherwise what else would they do with themselves to exercise their "power"?

      The other powerful nations must be laughing at them right now.

      "Say what … you reclaimed the Turks & Caicos Islands? Wow … good job!"


    • Anonymous says:

      This situation has been made by the premier himself.  He knows within himself what he is guilty of and spouting that his heart is pure is just anothe ploy to try to camouflage his actions.  Why are we going to be stuck with not only the Indians now, but also the Chinese?  Their money is not going to save the Cayman Islands, they are notoriously known for ensuring they wring every red cent out of any countries they move into and take it back to their own country.  Our people who jump with joy for the coming of the "Shetty Hospital", which in the long run is not going to benefit our people.  The same thing goes for China Harbour.  People, I originally supported the UDP, but now my support has gone back to my roots.  I now support The Cayman Islands and Caymanians.  Anyone who is too blind to see what the premier is doing to the entire country and place your support with Cayman instead of this man who may not be educated, but certainly knows how to holler and bluster. 

  30. Anonymous says:

    Alden, Mr Lawyer… When there is an investigation going on, no one should be exaplaining anything.  For several reasons.  One the explanation may release facts about the investigation which could be in conflict with the investigation, secondly, your suggestion of having to "Explain" implies that there _must be_ wrong doing.  And you are doing so without any facts.

    Mr Ezzard is still besides himself salivating a removing Mac, NO MATTER WHAT THE INVESTIGATION REVEALS.   Ezzard is getting more pathetic as the election comeabout.  Ezzard, let me say this to you.  There is no way on God's green earth, you OR someone like you, can ever make Premier!  Ever!  you a re a divisive, self absorbed,  obstructionist prepared to kill any initiative for self gain irrespective of whether its good for the country.  That's not a leader, that a political hack.   So calm down, Ezzard, you're not up yet.

    How bout this, why don't someone asks for Ezzard to be investigates on something.  Just make a charge, then ask him to resign.

    • Anonymous says:

      Who told you that Mr. McLaughlin has no facts? There is an appearance of wrongdoing from the facts that are known. The Premier is answerable to the people of these Islands and to their elected representatives. It seems to me that when the Premier opened his mouth to acknowledge the investigation merely to lay blame on the PPM on it (when in fact it was initiated by a Grand Court judge) then he laid himself open to having to provide an explanation. When in hole quit digging.       

    • B.B.L. Brown says:

      Dear Mr. Anonymous 8:28,

      Does this mean you don't like Mr. Ezzard?

  31. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if the recent "ruling" that "communications" involving politicians cannot be admitted at the LA without all parties consent was entirely a coincidence, given that media reports suggest that it was such a "communication" that is at the centre of the current police investigation. Curious isn't it.

  32. K23 says:

    Alden is pressuring the Premier:  "The premier must, and he must do so quickly and explain the nature of the investigation which is going on into him."  Notice the words, "must do so quickly."  I know one way to get someone to incriminate themselves is to pressure them to blurp out something to propel the investigation. I think the Premier gave his explanation on News27 the other day. I don't think he needs to say anything more if he knows that he is innocent, and I don't blame him if he remains in silence. Like he said, Alden is just fighting to be in the spotlight.

    • Anonymous says:

      There is a logical problem with your post. If he is indeed innocent he need not fear incriminating himself by providing an explanation.  To date there has been no satisfactory explanation. The only reason to be happy with that is partisan loyalty.