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| 09/04/2012

caymanology.JPG(CNS): Kevin Goring the man behind the Cayman Islands Dictionary and the creator of the Caymanology Collection says social media is spreading the News about his book around the world. Having promised two of his friends who are studying in the UK and the USA complementary copies of his unique dictionary if they could boost the ‘likes’ and ‘members’ on the website, Goring says the Cayman word is spreading. "I find it so ironic that I'm currently promoting Caymanology online via college students,” he said explaining the idea for Caymanology started back when he was in college in 1999.

At that time he had started the 'You Know You Muss be From Cayman' email series, and the 'Gapseed' email newsletter to reach out to his friends overseas. “That's when I began compiling Caymanian words and phrases that are now included in the Cayman Islands Dictionary. I'm really happy that everything has come full circle and I hope that Caymanology will continue to make a positive impact on the community," Goring added.

Emily Bodden, a student at City College of New York (New York, USA) and Brianna Wilson, a Caymanian student at Sheffield Hallam University (Sheffield, United Kingdom) have both helped to drive others to the Facebook page and boost interest in the book which is the first publication in a broader project aimed to promote and preserve Caymanian culture.

Based on a philosophy that all things Caymanian should be studied, preserved and promoted, Caymanology is a movement towards heightened cultural awareness and native pride in the Cayman Islands. Through specialty products and programs, Caymanology  seeks to educate, entertain, inspire and empower Caymanians in an effort to promote authentic Caymanian culture to residents and visitors. For more information on upcoming projects, interested parties can become a fan of the official Caymanology

Facebook fan page, follow ‘@Caymanology’ on Twitter, text to 345.929.8949 or email: info@caymanology.com.

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