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Premier faces 3 investigations

Premier faces 3 investigations

| 21/04/2012 | 251 Comments

mac cbo.jpg(CNS): In a further shocking revelation, the RCIPS has confirmed that the Cayman Islands premier is now the subject of three police investigations. Following the statement by the governor on Friday evening that a second investigation was ongoing, apart from the one concerning the Stan Thomas letter allegedly from the premier, a police spokesperson said on Saturday that McKeeva Bush was the subject of three police probes. The police said that two involve financial irregularities and the third is related to the explosives that were imported recently into the Cayman Islands without the necessary permit. No further details were released as the police said all three enquiries were ongoing. (Photo Dennie WarrenJr)

“The RCIPS can confirm that there are a number of investigations currently ongoing involving the premier of the Cayman Islands, the Hon. McKeeva Bush,” the RCIPS spokesperson stated in an official statement. “One involves allegations of financial irregularities in relation to a land deal. In addition, a further allegation of financial irregularities has been made which is entirely separate from the first investigation.

“Finally, allegations have been made in relation to the involvement of the premier in the periphery of a recent incident where a quantity of explosives were imported to the Cayman Islands without the necessary permit. All three of these investigations are actively ongoing. The governor and the FCO are being kept fully updated.

“It would be inappropriate for the RCIPS to make any further comment in relation to any of the allegations made, or the status of the investigations, at this time," the RCIPS said.

Speculation mounted in the wake of Friday’s shock announcement by the governor that the second investigation he was referring to related to the dynamite shipment but the second ‘financial irregularities’ probe currently remains a mystery.

The premier stated on Saturday via his press secretary that hehad no comment about the second probe as he was attempting to determine what the governor was referring to. On Thursday evening, referring to the investigations that the opposition were talking about, Bush had said he knew of “none”.

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