Local researcher to reveal problems of acidic oceans

| 09/04/2012

science-academies-save-oceans-carbon-dioxide-acidification_1.jpg(CNS): The problems of increasing ocean acidity and its impact on regional marine life will be the subject of the first of a free lecture series hosted by the CCMI and Little Cayman Research Centre later this month. Emma Camp who is currently working on her PhD with the University of Essex and who works for CCMI as a researcher and lab manager will share her specialist knowledge on the subject and the day to day discoveries in the field. The oceans have absorbed excessive CO2, which has resulted in changes to the chemistry of surface seawater. As a result of increased ocean acidification, the future of a variety of critical species and ecosystems is in doubt an important factor for Cayman’s reef life.

The change to surface seawater's chemical makeup not only increases acidity but also reduces the availability of carbonate ions to a variety of organisms. The means that animals, such as plankton, corals and mollusks (e.g. mussels and oysters), which use calcium carbonate to build their skeletons and shells may form thin and/or deformed shells, and are hard-pressed to build or maintain their protective or supportive structures.

The lecture will be held at CBlu, which is located by the waterfront at Rackams in George Town at 7pm.


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  1. CCMI says:

    The talk will take place on the 17th Apri, at 7pm, for those interested.