28 Cubans sail into difficulty in Brac waters

| 19/04/2012

Cubans on Brac April 18 12 (2) (255x300).jpg(CNS): A packed boat of Cuban migrants got into trouble in waters just off Cayman Brac yesterday and officials say the 27 adult men and one woman on board are now with officers from the immigration department. A government release said that the boat which developed problems with its rudder and began running low on fuel late Wednesday afternoon. “Immigration officers from Grand Cayman are presently in Cayman Brac assisting with processing and other reception formalities,” the release stated. “All persons will remain in government housing on Cayman Brac until they can be escorted to Grand Cayman. Government has also notified all relevant and authorized persons who will be assisting with the care and security of the migrants.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to see so many  laughing, is sad those peoples are only risking their lives to reach the USA not Cayman. With all the economy problems that we have why does Cayman keep stoping and having them become a burden to our economy instead of just allowing the PEOPLES  help them fix their boats in their free time give them some food and water and just allow them to GO ONNNN.

    They are risking their lives for freedom and that is the first thing they are loosing in Cayman in exchange of only direction, food water and our helping hearts and hands.


    Let's pray that our country will wake up and think how we could be better off: If putting them in jail when they stop or just give them water and food and a helping hand to move onnn.

    MATH: cost to keep them feed them, deprive them of their freedom  V what would cost just to let them move on?????

    Cuba helps peoples that comes to their shores looking for help, why we can not or would not do that???

    Please peoples let's wake up. You may need to go Cuba tomorrow and never know if one of those peoples that we help here would help you there if you ever would be in need of HELPPPP. We never know when we may need a helping hand.

    God Bless the Cubans ,bless Cuba and bless us all in Cayman to make the right desitions and let them live their lives where they want and  not in jail or lost at sea.

    My heart goes out to the Cubans and all their families who maybe still don't know where they are. LETSSS HELP THEMMMM PLEASEEE.  IT COST US NOTHING TO DO THAT.





  2. Anonymous says:

    Efficiency to the Max:

    Why is it always only one woman on these boats from Cuba with so many men?



    • Anonymous says:

      If there wasn't a woman then nothing would get cooked or cleaned. Also, they wouldn't stop and ask directions to Honduras if there wasn't a woman on board.

    • WREX says:

      LMAO!  In Cuba we say "there can only be one Captain of a boat"…but most likely they try to discourage women from coming along on these trips.