Cops issue warning over ATM fraudsters

| 20/04/2012

ATM skimming - April 2012.JPG(CNS): Financial cops are issuing a warning to people using  bank ATMs to be on the lookout for the evidence of fraudsters in the wake of at least two recent attempts to tamper with machines in George Town and copy customer's details. In recent weeks two separate machines were tampered with in the capital police stated. No customer accounts have been compromised, but officers from the RCIPS Financial Crime Unit are urging members of the public to be vigilant when using cash machines and immediately report anything suspicious. Police have not revealed which ATMs were tampered with but warn it could happen on any back cash machine.

“The tampering consisted of a skimming device being placed over the card slot of the machines and the pin number or card details are copied,” said Detective Chief Inspector Claudia Brady. “Fortunately, on both occasions, bank staff from both of the financial institutions that were affected, quickly identified that the machines had been tampered with and, due to their quick actions and vigilance , none of their customers have lost out financially.”

When using a cash machine you should make sure that the green band of lights around the card slot is illuminated, check the machine to make sure nothing looks out of place or suspicious and look for small holes near the keypad as there could be a concealed camera.

The FCU said ATM customers should always cover the keypad when entering a PIN number and if they believe that the machine could have been tampered with customers should not use the machine  but immediately report to the bank and to the police.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The ATM machines have their own camera that takes a shot of the person using it. It should therefore be no problem to identify those doing the attempted tampering? Plus security cameras are installed in the ATM booth locations at the various banks. 

    • Anonymous says:

      yeh cos the crooks would never have thought to cover the camera

    • Anonymous says:

      You not heard of hats, hoods, dark glasses and false moustaches ?  Don't you have TV in your house ?  Can't identify anyone if they are not forced to remove their head coverings.

  2. Anonymous says:

    My cash was very slow in coming out of the CNB ATM Machine earlier today by Kirks Supermarket in GT.  I was starting to panic for a minute. I will certainly be checking my account this weekend to make sure all is in order.  Thanks