UK justice expert to manage Cayman courts

| 03/05/2012

New Crt Admin Kevin McCormac (269x300).jpg(CNS): Following an open recruitment process Kevin McCormac has been appointed as the new court administrator. McCormac will be responsible for the overall management and administration of the non-judicial operations of the Courts. Directed by the chief justice, he will lead, manage and guide the strategic development and implementation of efficient and cohesive processes, court officials said Wednesday. He will also serve as chief officer for the Judicial Administration under the Public Finance and Management Law and the appointing officer under the Public Service Management Law.

McCormac has over 30 years’ experience in the management and development of courts and judicial systems in England and Wales.

According to an official release revealing his appointment, as Chief Executive to the West Sussex Magistrates’ Court Committee, McCormac was responsible for leading the Judiciary and staff through a major period of change at a time of increasing budgetary constraints.  McCormac took early retirement from the United Kingdom Civil Service in October 2010, having served as Deputy Director in the Ministry of Justice. 

Since his retirement he has undertaken a variety of roles from an employment appeals tribunal judge to the establishment of a legal aid clinic at Zagreb University in Croatia. He has edited various legal books and spent time in Egypt and Jordon on judicial projects as well as work assisting on projects relating to the reform of justice systems and supporting work for the Governors of British Overseas Territories

McCormac is a qualified barrister and holds an MA in Jurisprudence from Oxford University in the U.K.  He is also a member of the Bar Council, an honorary member of the Justices’ Clerks’ Society and an Associate member of the Magistrates’ Association. In 2001 he received an OBE for services to the criminal justice system and is the author of legal textbooks and has during his career edited law reports.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Welcome sir.  Do a fabulous job and leave these negative people wishing a Caymanian could do a job like you.

    P.S. Lock up my ex please.

  2. Anonymous says:

    In a time when our courts are pressed for both time and space, I welcome someone with experience in the management of court systems.  I hope he can he;p and also in the process share his knowledge in this area with others. 

    We do not always have to reinvent the wheel. Some times it is more prudent to bring someone in who has "been there done that" to save us for repeating mistakes that have been made before.

    Kevin, Welcome to Cayman. I hope you enjoy your time with us and both learn and teach while you are here.

  3. I Care says:

    We need this like we need another MOU. Government don't have money ??? then they have to pay high salaries creat new post bring in more people . could they not find someone form the caribbean ????? if they really needed this person?  Just a bunch of HOGWash

    • Anonymous says:

      This is not a new post — this is the post that was held by Mr. Valdis Foldats who was recently appointed a magistrate. 

      This role, which was so ably fulfilled by the eminently qualified Mr. Foldats, requires a highly trained and experienced legal professional, the recruitment of whom was handled through the usual competitive process.


      • Anonymous says:

        Anon 18:01, you are correct that this is not a new post but I think you will find it was Mrs Delene Cacho who held it before this gentleman, not Mr Foldats. I believe Mrs Cacho has retired.

    • Its true says:

      Just another know it all who knows nothing about what he speaks.  Too many like this and  you get an idiot as a leader.

  4. Anonymous says:

    No disrespect to Mr. McCormac but couldn't we have promoted one of of our own to this position. I don't know it just seems like that whole court system has become a powerhouse for few that will be there for life and will do everything to ensure no one else gets ahead until they are retired and living off the benefits..