Mac: Allegations baseless

| 02/05/2012

P1010010 (233x300).jpg(CNS): The premier has said that all of the allegations being made against him are baseless and that he will be taking action to restore his legal rights if he does not get a clear indication from the governor or the police commissioner soon that the investigations involving him have been concluded. McKeeva Bush said the two new investigations were as meritless as the first and, referring to the illegal shipment of explosives, he said the police commissioner had said it was a matter of not filing the right papers. “Well, what is that?” he asked rhetorically before acknowledging his involvement.  “I am the minister of finance and it comes to me and I try to help someone,” he stated during Cayman 27’s "The Panel" on Tuesday.

Bush said the investigations were not just about destroying him as he had first suspected but they were also about destroying the Cayman Islands, and he reiterated his position that he has never been notified properly about any investigation into him.

“I have never received any formal notices relating to the investigations and I regard it as a political matter and it is clear to me that the opposition have a lot more information on the matter than I do. They are constantly on the radio making outrageous statements instead of trying to encourage investment … I have done nothing illegal,” Bush said on the local TV talk show, adding that he continued to serve the people and was doing his best to grow the economy and get people back to work.

“I look forward to a clear indication from the governor and the commissioner of police that whatever they are looking at, investigating, taking about or whatever they are doing … a fishing expedition or whatever, has been completed. If that is not forthcoming shortly, action will be taken to restore my legal rights, which have been trampled upon with scant regard to the rule of law,” the premier said.

As a result of advice from his attorneys, Bush said, he had chosen not to say anything about the police investigation on the “real estate transaction involving someone else”, which had started over two years ago. This, the premier said, was to give the police time to investigate fairly properly and without bias. “I knew on conclusion of that investigation I would be exonerated as there is no illegalities on my part whatsoever,” he added.

Bush did not seek to explain the letter that has been circulating in the public domain since last June, which raises a number of questions. He still did not say what the real estate transaction was or what service Windsor Development, a company of which he was a director at the time, had undertaken for a fee of more than $350,000.

Claiming there was nothing illegal involved, the premier dismissed the other two probes as well, also describing them as “fishing expeditions”.

“In light of the two new investigations, announced publicly by the governor last week without any notification to me, and the fact that over two years has passed and there is still no closure to the initial matter, is evident that these so-called investigations are nothing more than fishing expeditions,” Bush stated.

The premier said he believed he was the subject of what he described as meritless allegations because he had stood in the way of the Foreign Office on a lot of matters — “far more than the opposition would ever dare,” he added.

Bush said again that he would not step down from his position as premier because the allegations were baseless and what was there to stop it happening to anyone else who became premier if the FCO didn’t like them. 

“Where does it stop? I am not guilty of anything. I haven’t done anything illegal other than to stand up to the powers that be over the years. They cannot drive me where they want to drive me and are prepared to do whatever they can to embarrass me,” Bush said. “I am not talked to, I am not charged with anything, I am not cautioned by anyone, so I am not stepping down or resigning because the PPM want the position.”

In the face of the opposition’s lack of confidence motion, Bush said that when he was ready he would deal with it but that they should not be filing no confidence motions against him when there were no charges or substance to the allegations. He said the opposition, the governor and the FCO were all after the same thing, which was “to get McKeeva out because they can’t control him”, and went on to list a number of occasions when he had clashed with the British government.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The unabashed admission of crony capitalism by the Premier is astonishing.  I was only trying to use my politcal postion and influence to help my friend break the law!  What on earth. . .?  The combination of arrogance and ignorance is absolutely jaw-dropping.  It would be hysterical if it wasn't so serious.

    • anonymous says:

      This is becoming a very nasty mudslinging political fight. Now we know why those who prefer to live in dignity will most likely avoid the political party affiliation, it is just way to base, and some players will stoop as low as necessary to make their own selfish point.
      Wile I take an independent position, my observation of these two political parties at war is somewhat quite amusing to say the least.
      The PPM nor the UDP are perfect examples of how politicians should behave in public. I agree it is indeed pot cursing kettle.
      But keeping it real and keeping everyone honest,
      have all the premier's critics considered this very important and crucial point?
      Which opposition member or aspiring politician can do a better job in lobbying for business and investment in the Cayman Islands.

      Keeping everyone honest, We have no comprehensive business plan of a 5 or even 10 year projection  coming from the opposition, The opposition has not done a very good job of convincing voters or give them a good reason Why they should trade the premier to embrace them, a party with no known business plan for this island and its social and economic woes.

      Keeping it real. 

      • Anonymous says:

        LOL. You mean The UDP govt. has no comprehensive business plan with a 5 or 10 year projection. They just bumble on incompetently from one fiasco to the next. As for lobbying for investment we have not seen any concrete results from the Premier’s globe trotting. Just keeping it real and keeping everyone honest.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have done nothing illegal,” Bush said on the local TV talk show,adding that he continued to serve the people and was doing his best to grow the economy and get people back to work.

    It is laudible to be ' trying to get people back to work' but first he needs to ensure that he is not just opening new jobs to foreigners and that the ever-growing Caymanian 'unemployment population' ( qualified and unqualified ) are given due consideration – We have Employment agencies (Government and Otherwise) who seem to hardly do anything once a candidate has registered. I've rarely heard from any I registered with but the occasional DES call to ensure I am 'still' an unemployed Qualified Caymanian and yes, I do rely on myself to do the job-hunting…. it would be nice to have a bit of back-up though., How long do these agencies hold a candidates details on file before deleting them?? because there is certainly no ongoing follow-up (unless it is on my part) . Also, does anyone review their procedures ??

    Attendance at the district Job-Fairs and Employment initiatives seem to produce an ample 'flapping of lips' with very little physical results and …..conversations with Politicians (including Mr. Bush who was going to call me back 2 years ago…soon come….) produce similar results.

    Seems one has to be a 'big-fish' to merit     “I am the minister of finance and it comes to me and I try to help someone”

    I will keep an open mind though – I know these new initiatives are purported to include due consideration for Caymanians – Let's see if anything has changed over the last xxx years….

  3. Anonymous says:

    “I am the minister of finance and it comes to me and I try to help someone,”

    OK fine. Help me I am comng to you.  What are the facts behind your actions!

    Not the  "SMOKE AND MIRRORS", but the fact. Tell me .

    As you say "try to help"!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Everybody young and old enjoy going to functions at Caymana Bay correct? Also the restaurants and the shopping. When I go there I feel as if I am not in Cayman. I keep seeing that every project that papa Dart does iswell done. Looks like what we dont like is that poor Mack is in the drivers seat. Cant win for loosing.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Re: the annoying habit the Premier displays while participating in panel discussions. I refer to the constant and aimless sorting, re-arranging, grouping, and aligning of  papers. It is actually a subtle form of heckling. Instead of interrupting or talking over another speaker this repetitive behavior serves the purpose of distracting audience concentration on the speaker who has the floor and is just as effective.

  6. The Thinker: says:

    And to think we had  hope for Rolston as a future leader of this country.     And then!!              The appearance on News 27 "THE PANEL" with the GREAT LEADER, where he backed all of the ridiculous statements and accusations made by the Premier about The FCO and The Mother Country in general.  To me "THAT SAID IT ALL"!

    But then I started thinking!  Is it possible, that  Mac has convinced him that  if he went on TV and backed him up that  as a reward for being there and agreeing with him, is promised, that should the "The Great Leader" have  to step down, he then would make sure that The Minister for Education will be voted in as the next leader!   Could this be?  Just asking!!




  7. Anonymous says:

    I know a Nigerian Prince that is in need of help and Mac would be the right man for the job.

  8. Anonymous says:

    try leave big mac hes the boss of all bossies

  9. Anonymous says:

    Mac will always say he's innocent. The closest thing this man will get to being an angel is eating chicken wings.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Come on ppl! Were any of you really expecting Mac to admit to any wrongful doing?? In his mind he's more kind hearted than Mother Theresa.  XXXX

  11. Anonymous says:

    I hope he watches it back and sees what we saw.

  12. Dreadlock Holmes says:

    "Difficult to investigate someone while still in office."  Where did I hear those words?  But it probably is, for they have far more resources than you or I. "Irregularities" as they term them can be hidden deep within government paperwork, or in some cases shredded. And there is always the issue of latent respect held for someone in high office. Bill Clinton got away with sexual impropriety with the office help no other office manager could have. And although he denied it continuoulsy, the evidence proved otherwise. Now that he has left office (without formal charges being brought) he has been reborn as a statesman. When in reality he was no better than a sexual predator. Where am I going with this?  Simply put, though we may not like to acknowledge it in our much vaunted legal system there are two sets of rules. One for those who can afford it, and one for the rest of us. Strange also when these same individuals can drag out things like due process and innocent until proven guilty lie at the same time and do everything in their power to hinder or subvert the process. But aside from all that you are correct in one thing Mr. Bush. You should demand your day in court to help rid yourself of these baseless allegations. You obviously sought legal advice about the investigations you have never heard of and charges should be laid if there is a basis for them. And it can't happen soon enough.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The Five Greatest Advice Books of All Time:
    How to Win Friends and Influence People

    “Under my coat is a weary heart, but a kind one – one that would do nobody any harm.”
    — From a farewell letter written by “Two-Guns” Crowley during a police stand-off

    If you’re thinking that you’ve heard of “Two Guns” Crowley somewhere before, you’ve probably read Dale Carnegie’s How To Win Friends and Influence People. Carnegie opens the book with Two Guns’ story as a way of explaining how each of us is so skilled at rationalization that “criticism is futile.”

  14. Anonymous says:

    Was it mac?

  15. Anonymous says:

    How can we, do anything, anything, at a quick pace

    How can we,

    What I see happening Is!

    My lips always speak the trut, my heart is  pur as white wool , and my hands are clen, like the Pope!

    Dat's wat I C happenin!



  16. James Ebanks says:

    Can anyone tell me who said this: Under my coat is a weary heart, but a kind one – one that would do nobody any harm.



    • Anonymous says:

      Good point!

    • Anonymous says:

      that would be 'Two Guns Crowley'

    • Anonymous says:

      It was two gun Crowley, after he had shot police officers in cold blood. If a a very guilty man like him claimed his innocence, I guess the premeir can also claim his innocence

  17. The Truth is Out There says:

    It seems like he is not even waiting for someone to give him the rope to hang himself, he's gone out and gotten it himself.  He might as well dig his own grave while he is at it.


  18. Anonymous says:

    And "the Arab" also contributed greatly to re-roofing many homes in Cayman Brac after the hurricane.  The Premier MO is to bully and bluff, huff and puff, like it makes people scared of him.  He might be powerful, but more and more people are becoming disgusted with both his and the UDP's way of running people down.  Because they all lack intelligence it seems, they'd rather stoop to name calling and being disrespectful than debate the issues; that is until someone criticizes them and then they cry foul.  Lord, how I wish it was May 2013 this year!

    • Anonymous says:

      Reroofing?  They built complete homes and good ones too.  The Brac got excellent homes from Atlantic Starr.

  19. Anonymous says:

    shame on rolston too….his fate is sealed at the next election……

  20. Anonymous says:

    All evidence (the puplic has) to the contrary.  The job requires you to be a public servant. Not a self servant.  Do the job or get kicked out.  Soon come.

  21. Anonymous says:


    “Well, what is that?” he asked rhetorically before acknowledging his involvement.  “I am the minister of finance and it comes to me and I try to help someone,” he stated during Cayman 27’s "The Panel" on Tuesday.

    Mr. Bush “tried to help someone” by circumventing the process and here he is trying to dismiss it as nothing. What message are you sending Mr. Bush. It is okay to circumvent process and ignore rules as long as you are “helping someone”

    If it was someone else who hadn't "come to you" they would be fined and possibly jailed but because this person came to you and you cleared it, it is okay. Do you ever listen to your speeches afterward and reflect on what you are actually saying? 

    Well in that case Mr. Bush I have a bunch of cigars coming in, think you can help me out? 

    Then he continues to say that he knew he would be exonerated on the conclusion of the investigation of the “real estate bill issue” but several weeks ago he claimed he wasn’t aware of any investigations involving him. Make up your mind Mr. Bush. 

    You really believe the Caymanian people are stupid don't you? But then again what could you expect from one "little dry head boy from WB who slept on a plantain trash bed" 

  22. Anonymous says:

    Mac's new name is the Teflon Don, just like Gotti…. it was something very simple that brought him down in the end…. we don't have taxes but we do have LAWS! ..Mr. Bush..

  23. Anonymous says:

    Going down gunslinging and fighting and taking us all down with him…… welcome to the wild wild west.  Gunfight at OK Corral.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Did I imagine things, or did it seem like he was suggesting taking legal action to restore / protect his rights if the police investigations are not wrapped up soon?  So now dictating to the police at what pace they are to conduct the 3 investigations which no doubt involve much complexities and take time?   As far as anyone knows, he still has his rights, no one has stripped him of any, so what gives?  And last time I checked, the opposition has rights to free speech, as dothe press and the public, especially in light of the deafening silence from certain quarters on certain topics and refusal to shed light on or clarify certain documentation circulating in the public domain.  Please allow the police time to do what they are doing, and to do it properly, so that the truth, whatever that truth maybe, will eventually be arrived at.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Sounds to me like it was akin to threatening, rather than suggesting, that the police hurry up and conclude investigations or fishing expeditions as he termed it, or else…. I could be wrong, but that is the impression that I got.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Before I listened to the Panel Tuesday night and heard him trying to justify what his leader was doing  for this country,  I used to have respect for Rolston Anglin – "used to", being the operative word here.  One by one, the party members are showing what they are made of, and the people of the country get to see what representation they really have.  Hope you are all listening carefully to their supportive words, and when Cayman takes a serious hit from all the repercussions coming down the road, you all remember who enabled it.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Yep, their true colours are coming out.   Under pressure folks, 2 things can happen, either a beautiful diamond emerges,or a cracked piece of glass.  Wonder what more true colours we will see emerging from the rest of the UDP party.  Elio, Scotland and Anglin have said their public piece and removed all doubt as to where they stand in this, so let us see what the rest of them say in the debate, and I hope all you gentle folks are all watching keenly to see if your candidates represent your best interests, or their party's interests.  Don't hold your breath though waiting for a welcome surprise, they don't have any original thoughts in their brains and don't seem to be able to think for themselves.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I saw different on News 27 forum. I saw a leader who was clear, concise, and had a vision for this country. He really and truly has this country at the center of his heart. Yes, he is loud and has a distinct personality, but he makes sense. He really knows value-for-money unlike the rest of certain politicians wanting to be in his shoes.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Can we get this into the UK papers I wonder?

    • Anonymous says:

      We should all try to make everyone aware of what is going on down here. And request a Freedom of Information declaration from the FCO in regard to the amount of money the Cayman Islands receives in support from the UK tax payer. Once they are aware where their hard earned money goes, watch out Cayman.

      • Anonymous says:

        I can help you with that: zero.  We do however employ several thousand Brits.  You're welcome.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yea, to do the jobs you are either incapable of or too damn lazy to do yourself. Without the expats you'd just be a rock. You're very welcome.

          • Anonymous says:

            That's a  pompous statement to make – I don't suppose it occurred to you that there are plenty of qualified Caymanians here – You need to get over this snobbish attitude that you are the saviours of the Country – As a qualified Caymanian myself, I have seen many Ex-pats in the Finance Industry enter the Country, receive their training from a Caymanian who has been competently doing the job and then stepping into the job.

          • Anonymous says:

            Seriously?  As an expatriate, I can only apologize for this poster.  We do not all feel this way.  (I would say we do not all "think" this way, but it's pretty clear this poster doesn't do a lot of thinking.)


            Look around you, Anonymous.  Do you not see all the bright and successful Caymanians working nearby?  

  28. Jerry says:

    McKeeva has got to step down, and all of those deals with Dart as well.

    Bring in PPM to rule or a Uk dictatorship, and you will see a huge difference.

    • Anonymous says:


      "As a result of advice from his attorneys, Bush said, he had chosen not to say anything about the police investigation on the “real estate transaction involving someone else”, which had started over two years ago. This, the premier said, was to give the police time to investigate fairly properly and without bias. “I knew on conclusion of that investigation I would be exonerated as there is no illegalities on my part whatsoever,” he added."

      This CLEARLY indicates that he DID know about the investigation. End of story.

      • Anonymous says:

        Exactly !   So when he went in public platform and declared he knew of no investigations into him, then now in the other breath said he was aware but on legal advice chose not to say anything to give the police a chance to investigate fairly, it only goes to show we cannot believe anything that comes out of this man's mouth.  He thinks we are all stupid.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Bring in PPM to rule or a Uk dictatorship, and you will see a huge difference.”
      There is NO difference between the UK Rule and PPM!!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        There is no UK dictatorship, these islands have experienced wealth, prosperity and until now, stability in the political field under UK guidance and legislation. The UK tax payer spends far more than they should on this little speck in the Caribbean so stop whinging. Perhaps all the expats should go back home and leave you 'oh so smart Caymanians' to get on with your on financial and law sector, service and domestics 

        • Anonymous says:

          There is no dictatorship, but similarly the UK taxpayer pays nothing to support us!

          • allmacneedsisonebigscorethenhe'llgo says:

            There are less obvious costs. For example, Cayman is defended. Just because there hasn't been a war over it and there isn't a garrison on-island doesn't mean that the UK Navy doesn't incur costs on  Cayman's behalf.

            • Anonymous says:

              Yep. What was it again – some water purification tablets and tarpaulin after Hurricane Ivan? Hip hip hooray for the Royal Navy! And please don't tell me McKeeva stopped them from giving more. This island was under a state ofemergency and run by the Governor and a certain partner in a major law firm, not the elected government, for a couple of weeks after Ivan.

        • Anonymous says:

          Excuse me?  The UK tax payer has never made Cayman into what it is today. I will go as far as to say they the only contribution the UK has given to us is their name, a distorted constitutional style government, and the Queens face on our dollar bills. Everything else, the banking industry, the tourism industry, etc … were built by the locals here.

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe the UK but don't you remember where we are coming from.. when PPM was in..
      I love how everyone some how FORGOT what PPM has done and somehow believes that their little angels

      You all can thumbs down all you want…

      but no matter what trouble Bush has him self into, at the moment I do trully believe that UDP is better for the country on a whole.
      As if tibbets wasn't bad enough, now Aldin? this is a joke.

      • Anonymous - WB says:

        I thumbs you down because UK dictatorship or any dictatorship for that matter, is unacceptable!

  29. Conrad says:

    Mess with Non-Stick Mac…..or Teflon Mac

  30. Anonymous says:

    Poor Mack, at least he trys to help all who go to him. Not like some who slams the door in your face. I dont hear of him helping his family but some of the same who is trying to send him down hill, and there is others lined up to take his place. We need to stop destroying our Caymanians through this wicked thing called jealousy. THERE ARE SOME IN THERE WHO ARE ONLY LOOKING OUT FOR THEIR FAMILYS. Thank God the end is near.

  31. The Beaver says:

    My friend didn't fill out the correct paperwork and it cost him a huge fine – and almost jail time.  His paperwork did not include things that go KaBoom…XXXX The Beaver

  32. Anonymous says:

    If he has acknowledged his involvement in the explosives incident, then should he not be charged with something? What more do they need to investigate?

  33. ching ching says:

    I watched the Premier last night on the TV because of my concerns for the islands I have lived in for over 25 years. I thought he may enlighten me on the problems the people of Cayman are going through and his own personal problems with the investigations.

    I am not a member of any political party but I do believe in one man one vote.

    Last night I watched an ignorant, bombastic, uneducated person with no regard for other members of the panel or people he has worked with over the years to implement the new port and other issues.

    The final damming statement was when he said he had to deal with the Arab not Atlantic Star Development the company which has given vast amounts of money to the Cayman Islands in charity, how uneducated and disrespectful can one be.

    i am not affilated with Atlantic Star, but like many organizations on the Cayman Islands I know of the good works they do for the charities such as the National Gallery and Pirates Week. It would not be the same without the fireworks!

    If the deal with the Chinese fails what will he call them.



    • Anonymous says:


      It's incredible that you would:  After describing the  Premiere as disrespectful in his description of others, conclude your post by referring to CHEC as “The Chinese”. Go look in the mirror.

  34. Read My Lips says:

    I knew it!! Baseless allegations!!! So what if a container load of dynamite was imported without the proper forms or importation paperwork. Big deal!!!!  A phone call from Mr. Bush straightened that out. That's what he's there for to smooth things over. And help out. Someone. And as far as asking for a cheque for $350,000 being made out to a company he is involved with from a developer shortly after government cleared the way for the developer. This could be explained by..a friendly gesture   Anyway. Where was I?  Oh yeah!!!  In relation to the other two investigations into financial irregularities, what are irregularities anyway?  Just a few things being done in an irregular way!!!  That doesn't mean they're illegal bad or suspicious.. just…..irregular. Two letters difference!!!  REGULAR… IRREGULAR. Big deal!!!!

  35. Anonymous says:

    If you have nothing to hide tell us all about the US$ 350,000.00  from Stan the Depeloper……. as you used a government Fax machine and not Winsor Development's, so the public has a right to know what its for. BE THE BIG AND HONEST MAN YOU SAY YOU ARE. TELL US MAC AND IT WILL BE PUT TO BED IF YOU HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE.

  36. Anonymous says:

    You shouldn't be "helping anyone".  They should follow the proper channels.  He just admitted to abusing his position right here.

  37. SKEPTICAL says:

    “I AM THE MINISTER OF FINANCE AND IT COMES TO ME AND I TRY TO HELP SOMEONE” – Bush’s response last night on CITN in relation to his alleged involvement with the explosives which presumably the same SOMEONE had attempted to import without proper authorization, and/or paperwork. How can you “help” someone who on the basis of official statements, had endeavored to break the law – whether it was deliberate, or simply because they were too stupid to understand the law/regulations – and the latter is not a valid defense in most courts. Even if it was family, in his position, if asked if he could “pull a few strings” the answer has to be “NO” – “you got yourself into this mess – you have to sort it out, and if necessary accept the consequencesof your actions”.. and we are not talking about a container load of household appliances, and furniture. Can you imagine the reaction of the US authorities if someone had tried to pull the same stunt with a container of High Explosives ?
    As a side issue, what interests me is, how was the cargo accepted by the shippers. I have some experience with shipping cargoes of strategic materiel, and the paperwork was endless – Apart from Bills of Lading, Letters of Credit, there were Certificates of Origin, End User Certificates, etc. . Surely, for a cargo of dynamite, the shipping company would have needed absolute certainty that they had no exposure to prosecution/claims for carrying an illegal cargo – especially in today’s climate of international terrorism –
    but of course, I had forgotten – this is Cayman.

    • ANy mouse says:

      Exactly….how in the world did they get this out of the USA.


      Something tells me ATF ( Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms) is going to have a couple more people to add to a Federal Inditement and then…in front of the whole world….or at least in a District Court of the USA the backwards way of Cayman is going to be exposed.


      Not cool man not cool!

  38. Anonymous says:

    The Problem

    "he said the police commissioner had said it was a matter of not filing the right papers. “Well, what is that?” he asked rhetorically before acknowledging his involvement.  “I am the minister of finance and it comes to me and I try to help someone,”

    We are talking about about a lot of explosives.  That is like saying the 9/11 pilots did not file a flight plan, so I try to help them out.

    Sounds like misuse of power to me.  Things like this even as simple as "Keep the bar open past closing hours it will be OK I am Premier" are clearly misuse of power.

    Yet he does not recognize that.   And that is our problem!

    • Anonymous says:

      I do agree, and yet, to be fair to the man, this kind of thing has been business as usual in Cayman for donkey's years.  (Probably elsewhere too, but I wouldn't know for sure.)  Anyone who has ever set foot in an MLA's office has seen the people waiting for "favours".  


      It may be true that expectations are beginning to change, but the man's constituents are obviously still expecting these favours.  I'm sure it's not an easy thing to turn them away.


      Not excusing it…just saying.  He's not the only one to blame here.

  39. EYE ON THE ISLAND says:

    "I try to help someone" with illegal exsploseves? How dumb can one be to admit this on television incriminating one self? Why didn't he tell the person to go through the right channels if he was on the up and up? I know stupidity is not a crime but aidding and abedding is. We do need new leadership as soon as possible. If stupidity was a crime fearless leader would be in the Northward for life.

  40. Anonymous says:

    McKeeva's speeches, if sung them to the tune of  "The First Lord's Song" from HMS Pinafore can be quite entertaining:  

    "I'm the Minister of Finance and it comes to me

    I've never been the subject of an inquiry"

    Chorus:" Never?"….and so on….

  41. Anonymous says:

    The silence is deafening.

  42. Anonymous says:

    I am trying to help my company out so why are you messing with me.  It seems like you people just don't want the Shetty hospital.  I am trying to get work for hte peopole.  HAHa HAAAAAAAA!

  43. Anonymous says:

    It seems from yesterday's show, that contrary to his statement a couple of weeks ago before the 2 further investigations were announced, he did know about the first one after all.

    And as for: "…they should not be filing no confidence motions against him when there were no charges or substance to the allegations." well that surely is the pot calling the kettle after his idiotic attempt to discredit Arden over the CUC bill.

    I am sorry Mr Bush I don't know if you are trying to convince yourself of your innocence but you certainly aint convincing me.

  44. UDP Supporter says:

    Go McKeeva! We in West Bay support you!!! These jealous and destructive types can't bring a good, Godly man down!

    • Anonymous says:

      You make me laugh.  It is because of one District why the whole country is in the mess it is in.  You all should banned from voting next election.

      • Anonymous says:

        Good that he's making SOMEONE laugh, because he's surely bringing tears to God's eyes.

    • Anonymous says:

      And that's why you were left in West Bay, away from the rest of the right thinking, honest Caymanians. Hopefully, Dart will eventually slice a canal through from North Sound to 7 mile beach, then at least there'll be a bridge to close.

  45. Truth says:

    What is that?  Not filing the correct papers……….On a container full of explosives?….What is that?  How about breaking the law?  What is that?  You obviously need to be taught what breaking the law means to all of us including you.  Your also going to takeaction against the police for doing what?  Their job?  As for answering the real questions behind the other allocations we are all still waiting more patiently than you are.

  46. Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

    Once bitten twice shy, much less countless times!

    If this was the 1st incident of irregularities or alledged corruptions, going all the way back BEFORE First Cayman Bank, then we might have difficulties beleiving about guilt, but I am sorry, I go by history and past actions and I have to tell it as I see it and he can say the "allegations are baseless", but I can't beleive that till I see the proof that it is NOT so – sorry Mac! 

  47. Anonymous says:

    the show was infuriating…the premeir dodged all real questions and the shouted down over the weak hosts…..

    why did they not have someone from the opposition there?????

  48. Anonymous says:

    Another MacAttack. Rant and rave.

    However, the FCO, Gov and CoP are all losing credibility on this since they refuse to disclose any information and have failed to bring even a single charge after 2 years of "investigating".

    • Anonymous says:

      Perhaps they are taking their time to make sure they get him, have patience, it won't be much longer.

  49. Cat says:

    McKeeva, did you check in your junk mail or spam mail,? You should also check your text messages,because one of those texts that come in on Wednesdays may not have actually been from LIME.Also re-enable the pop-up option to allow pop-ups, your notification might be there….lol

    Really and truly, you've been an embarassment to this country from the get go.When you were elected, I was hoping and praying that maybe you changed for the better, just alittle and became and more humble or down-to-earth, people& country before self & money,more honest, mature,more professional,ethical,and  follow the rules for once-type of guy, but I was immediately proven wrong as soon as you opened your mouth in your first interview after the win, telling the opposition and other candidates to just accept defeat because  you're back. I was very embarassed. Usually when there is election  those interviews and results don't remain local, they're pretty much aired globally immediately, so other country leaders and the world can see who the new,or re-instated "Leader" of the Cayman Islands is or they may have to meet and liaise with in some future issues or international events, and you immediately showed them what a jerk you are. Those leaders were most likely thinking, "just great, I might have to talk to this man about very complex international issues in the future? I'm soooo looking forward to it.(Sarcasm).

    But seriously, if you say these allegations are baseless, all you got to do is show all the proof. Actions & physical hard proof, will speak more volume than your words have. Arden's investigation concluded quite quickly, because he wasn't busy stalling, he gave permission and all the proof was handed in, the contents was reviewed and it showed  there was nothing unlawful of his actions. He was simply disputing his bills like a regular customer would have.You on the other hand, has been behaving like someone who has something to hide,trying to stall everything,and trying to deflect the spot off you, unless you're busy trying to alter the facts before you hand it in. The truth is going to come out, one way or the other and the spot light isn't coming off.You wanted it in the first place, but now that the light is getting a bit hot, you want it gone?

    Use your "clean hands and pure heart" and do the right thing and hand over the proof so that the investigation can actually conclude. If you actually found to have not done anything wrong, then congrats, if not shame on you and don't bother trying to run again.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Yes, Mac, we would all like the investigations to come to a close as soon as possible as we all want to get rid of you. You are the worst thing that ever happened to Cayman, Ivan included.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Before you build a house, don't you need a sure foundation?  Hence, before I can say the Premier is guilty of this thing or guilty of that thing, I should have my facts to back the claims!  What if I build my house on sifting sand. Most naturally, the more I build up on the structure, is the harder the fall will be. Words to the wise:  Don't sit as a Judge if you have no case.    

    • F. Loader says:

      Before you build a house, in Cayman, you first exhaust every possible angle you can find to get someone else to pay for it. The Government of the day is generally a good starting point.

  52. Anonymous says:


    I consider your statement baseless unless you are willing to make available publicly exactly what kind of clashes you have had with the FCO  over the years; and what were the subjects of interest as it relates to you or the Cayman Islands and its people?.

    Making an empty baseless statement about clashes without stating the true facts means nothing in the heat of this night.

    Start explaining yourself.  '"CLEARLY"

  53. Anonymous says:

    Tying to help who? some very wealthy Yankeecarpet bagger again?

    when are you going to stick your necks out for your own people?


  54. Anonymous says:

    what i see happpnin'….. is pure, unadultrated, bureaucratic…. harassment 🙂

  55. Baseless Indeed says:

    These explosives are used for Constructive reasons. They make it look like Mac is some terrorist. He is trying to kick start the economic developments, and this is the kind of treatment he gets. It is just amazing.

  56. Anonymous says:

    Well folks you see it in black and white, he is the minister and he can do whatever he wants!!! He is above and beyond the law….

  57. fire fly says:

    There is not enough information in the public realm for Cayman's citizens to even know whether there are serious issues within this first investigation; a faxed real estate statement is not enough to indicate any serious misconduct, without further evidence or proof; the news of the other investigations is quite new. There is very little we know. Therefore is it right that we the public (left in the dark) make a judgement on this matter?

    Without further evidence to back them up, it would be immature and bias to make a judgement and call for the Premier to stop his works on projects we are in dire need of commencing and completing.   

    Yes, the sound of investigations of a government leader does paint a dull color to our reputation, but we can't change what has been done already!  To be honest,McKeeva Bush stepping down now as Cayman's first elected Premier would do more damage in international reputation for the Cayman Islands than any unsubstantiated allegations of misconduct being investigated by the RCIPS is currently doing.

    That "investigations" ongoing is reputationally damaging, I call on the Governor and Commissioner of Police to end them striaght way if they care for these islands. If not, it just proves to us that the UK's FCO interest is to see our economic failure. If these cases should linger for another month, I beackoned for all Caymanians to see the true nature of the Foreign Office!  The Opposition should swallow their pride and know that if the Premier should step down, it would do more damage to our reputation. I call for Ezzard and Alden to take a more balance approach to this situation if they truly care for these islands. Him stepping down would indicate a failed constitutional exercise in which the continuing of the constitutional development for Cayman would be seriously compromised. It will show to the world that we have a Constitution that hardly has any checks and balances against political corruption… make us look like jokes.

    • Anonymous says:

      We do have them, they're being starved of funding, staffed by cronies and ignored.  By voting Mac in along with the Constitution the people gave him and his party the power to implement all the new features.  He's made sure to neutralise these.  Yes we will take a hit to get rid of him but with a clear display of public disapproval, and a proper investigation, the world will see that this man did not speak for us.  Do you think any less of the people of Eygpt and Libya?  If anything I would think the world looks on them more highly than before, for having the courage to overcome the odds.  The alternative is surely ruin – do you want that?

    • Anonymous says:

      The only think that makes us look like jokes is this bunch currently in power.  Their actions are causing far worse damage to our reputation, and the longer they continue on the path they are on without putting the country's reputation first and foremost as a LEADING FINANCIAL CENTRE, is the quicker our downfall will be.  And they will have only themselves to blame for that, no one else.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mac himself can end these investigations right away if, as he says, his "hands are clean and his heart is pure". Show us the contract for your "real estate bill", Mac. Explain to us why you were entitled to demand $350,000 and exactly how this related to you "ensuring" that Cabinet approved the rezoning.  Just come clean and open up your records. Follow Arden's example when you tried to smear him. His lawyer didn't tell him not to make any statements. I wonder why.

      "…a faxed real estate statement is not enough to indicate any serious misconduct, without further evidence or proof".

      That's true, but the letter that was faxed does not appear to be a real estate statement at all. It does not identify the property, what real estate service was provided, the deposit paid or anything thing else that one might associate with a real estate statement. We only have Mac's claim that it was a real estate bill. On its face it appears to demand $350,000 for ensuring Cabinet approval of rezoning. Unless Mac has evidence to the contrary that would appear to be either a bribe or extortion to perform a public function. For most people that is "serious misconduct", but I appreciate that to a UDP supporter it might not be. A Grand Court judge considered that this merited investigation. You seem to forget that we have also seen witness statements.    

      I don't know how can anyone could conclude Mac's stepping down would show "a failed constitutional exercise". This is what happens in democracies where a member of cabinet is facing serious criminal investigations. A failure to step down would sho the world that our checks and balances are ineffective. The worst reputational damage woud be if a serving Premier is arrested, handcuffed and charged with a serious criminal offence. That would also increase the likelihood of a UK takeover as it would suggest that we cannot manage our own affairs. 

      This is not a case of "unsubstantiated allegations" at all. There is evidence, but Mac, for his own sake and the sake of the country, needs to help us make sense of it so that it is clear there was no criminality involved.  

    • Anonymous says:

      We call on MAC to cooperate like Arden did!

  58. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Bush, please do what Arden did and GO and CO-OPERATE FULLY with the Anti Corruption Committee.  Tell them what really transpired with regard to each of the allegations facing you.  We all want to hear the end result.  Thanks.

  59. Knot S Smart says:

    Ok Then…

  60. Anonymous says:

    "As a result of advice from his attorneys Bush said he had chosen not to say anything about the police investigation on the “real estate transaction involving someone else” which had started over two years ago".

    Evidently his attorneys were not convinced by the "my hands are clean and my heart is pure" line. What can I say – it's complicated.  

    • Anonymous says:

      A bit late for that as he had already blabbed at the Dart/UDP jobs fest about the investigation that he now says he hasn't been informed about – WTH?

  61. Candice says:

    I hope to God that people take the Premier's words seriously and stop the speculations and criticisms. It is not fair to ask someone to leave an elected post when when you don't have any evidence. This is clearly politically motivated and like I said before, the two-party system will destroy this country, and those in the Foreign Office and other places behind closed doors will get what they want of these islands. Caymanians, let us not be so stupid. You don't have to be a UDP supporter. Stand up to what you know is right – innocent until proven guilty. 

    • noname says:

      "Caymanians let us not be so stupid." Good one!

    • Anonymous says:

      I think you should be calling on Mac to stand up and do what is right. Come clean or resign. Don't hide behind "my lawyer told me not to make any statements". When lawyers tell you that it is because they feel you may say something incriminating. Why would you put yourself and the country through a lengthy and damaging investigation and trial if you can show your innocence to the world now? It makes no sense.

      This investigation has nothing to with the "two-party system". The PPM did not cause Mac to send that letter to Stan Thomas. The PPM did not report the matter to the Governor or to the police. Clearly, there is evidence but although extremely damaging what we have seen is not proof beyond reasonable doubt. However, at the point that it becomes beyond reasonable doubt – if and when he is convicted – the damage will already have been done. Do the honourable thing, Mr. Premier – step aside until these investigations are completed.

      BTW if you "help" someone to commit a criminal offence you have aided and abetted the commission of that offence which is itself an offence. If you take steps to release evidence of the commission of a crime contrary to law you have obstructed justice.       

  62. Anonymous says:

    All I can do is hang my head low in shame, I cannot believe our Country has come to this. I suppose if I imported a few guns without the necessary paperwork there would be nothing wrong with that if a politician tried to help me clear them either. Afterall, it's just a matter of paperwork right?