Mac attacks officials

| 02/08/2012

_DWJ6512-2.jpg(CNS): The governor and the auditor general were once again in the premier’s sights as he launched a full scale attack on senior government officials at a public meeting last night. Not for the first, McKeeva Bush accused the governor of hindering rather than helping with the budget process and Cayman’s economic recovery, assisted, the premier claimed, by his "hit-man" the auditor general. He accused the menof stalling projects and “scaring people off” and telling everyone, himself included, that they were doing something wrong. Bush said the governor had no business interfering with the jobs of elected government members. (Photo Dennie Warren Jr)

Speaking at the West Bay meeting on Wednesday night (1 August), which was billed as being an information session regarding the UDP administration’s plans to introduce a 10% direct tax on work permit holders, the premier used much of the time to slam his opponents and critics, and in particular Governor Duncan Taylor and Auditor General Alastair Swarbrick.

He attacked the men for a number of issues but was particularly angry with Governor Taylor for making an appearance on the morning radio talk show this week, where he had talked about the budget process. Bush said the governor had not told the premier or other Cabinet members he was doing that. Bush said the bloggers should be writing about how the governor is interfering with elected politicians and tell him “to go sun his buns” on the beach. The premier stated that the constitution was clear that the elected arm of government was responsible for the day to day running of the country and the governor had no right to interfere so much.

Bush said there had been many types of governors in Cayman’s history, from “ineffectual ones to those that spent millions on investigations,” referring to the last UK representative, Stuart Jack, who presided over the controversial and expensive police corruption investigation Operation Tempura.

“Not until now have we had one so disposed to interfere with local affairs,” Bush said, adding that it was not good for him to be on the radio publicly airing their differences. The premier said there were ways for a governor to be active in local government and that was to try to help. “This one has done nothing to help,” he added.

Bush complained that the governor had prevented the UDP administration from divesting the Water Authority and the sewerage system. He also said that the Governor’s Office was behind the blocks facing a committee formed to look into other possible public private partnerships for government. “After nine months there has been no progress,” he said, adding that because the committee was being stalled it had been suspended.

The premier said the sewerage project could have injected millions into the economy and created a thousand jobs but the governor “and his hit-man, the auditor general,” had done everything they could do to stop it.

“Every time a civil servant made a move, the auditor general was there to frighten them,” Bush told the audience as he accused Swarbrick of running to the papers saying something was “radically wrong" every time he tried to do something. “These people are hell bent on destroying this country … that is my opinion. If I’m put in jail, I don't care. It is time for them to stop interfering,” the premier said.

Bush said the governor had failed to help when the government had put forward its budget to the FCO.

“When we put forward the budget in June to the UK, it was strong by usual standards. So why didn't the governor intervene on our behalf and explain we can’t do everything in one year? Why did he not go to bat for us?” he asked. Bush claimed the two month stop-gap period was too short for the government to work out all the financial problems and it was hurricane season as well, but the governor did not support him in his efforts to get a longer time period, the premier lamented.

He accused Taylor of making him look bad with his recent statements as he called on him to stay out of the political affairs. However, Bush did say the governor was the one responsible for the civil service and he was the only one who could cut numbers or pay.

“The governor can't say he’s not responsible. He is responsible not the premier,” Bush stated, adding that none of the other Cabinet members could hire and fire or sign any contracts for civil servants. “That is the governor’s responsibility under the constitution and he himself can explain why the civil service numbers are so high.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is yet more fallout from Hurricane Ivan (curse that damn monster!). If it hadn’t been for Ivan, we would be having elections in November, although I don’t know if we can last that long, with Hurricane Mac blowing such ill winds, at gale force, every day, all day long. And to think they were saying this would be a mild hurricane season!

  2. Anonymous says:

    At the recent West Bay meeting, a local attorney bewailed that persons were posting comments that were failing to show what he felt was the necessary level of respect towards our premier. Might I suggest that this gentleman looks towards the cause of this, namely the atrocious behaviour of our premier towards anyone who at all oppose any of his views? The belittling, the childish name calling, the insults, the wrongful use of parliamentary privilege and on and on and on the list goes. Does the gentleman actually believe that respect for the office should rightly override condemnation for the behaviour of the office holder? ( I wouid ask the gentleman to obtain for himself a reality check by substituting a sitting judge or magistrate for our premier.) Only in an outright dictaorship would what he would seem to be advocating be regarded as something to be expected, based on fear, of course.

    Honestly, Mr.Bush is treated with kid gloves by the general media here. In the U.K. ,at least, he would have been torn to sheds and lampooned into oblivion by the media decades ago, so really, he's getting off super-light, sir and you are complaining?

    Of course the office of premier is deserving of respect, but to behave dreadfully and then expect to be afforded respect based soley on your office is in itself an act of disresect towards the office you hold, surely?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Here are some excerpts from the Premier's budget address two years ago.


    In connection with this budget and the need for the Cayman Islands to seek the UK’s approval, I met in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, with the Honourable Henry Bellingham, the UK’s newly appointed Under Secretary with responsibility for the Overseas Territories.

    This honourable House will already be aware of the fact that as a result of my Government’s three-year plan and our discussions with Mr. Bellingham, we have indeed received this approval. And I want to thank my colleague who attended that meeting with me, the Deputy Speaker, the Third Elected Member for West Bay [Hon. Cline A. Glidden, Jr.].

    However, I wish to focus on a point separate and apart from the approval itself. During those discussions it became clear to me, Madam Speaker, that we have entered a period of a more positive partnership with the United Kingdom; certainly more positive than we have had with the previous administration in the UK.

    I had made it no secret that given the previous relationship, I was hoping for some change in the administration that would provide an opportunity to improve our relations with the United Kingdom, who I wanted to treat the commonwealth our Overseas Territories and indeed the wider Caribbean more favourably, and it appears, thus far, that we have got that.

    I have tabled a letter from Mr. Bellingham in relation to our meeting and this letter clearly demonstrates this change. In his letter Mr. Bellingham agrees with my own assessment that the meeting was extremely constructive. And in his own words, Madam Speaker, he is looking forward to a more dynamic and positive relationship between the UK and the Cayman Islands.

    In his letter and our meeting Mr. Bellingham agreed to and offered support to the Government in its initiatives as laid out in the three year plan. This included ensuring that the plan was fully implemented and that there was an annual progress report on its implementation.

    The United Kingdom also supported our plans to examine and execute, where feasible, a number of divestments and expressed its wish to see the proceeds of that divestment utilized for a sinking fund to rebuild reserves and pay off existing debt. The United Kingdom agreed to, and also fully supported the Government’s plan to restructure existing loans to improve our cash flow and reduce interest costs.

    Madam Speaker, over the past year my administration has been working hard to improve the Government’s fiscal crisis and restore prudent financial management to this country. The new United Kingdom administration appears to have an appreciation of our efforts, and Mr. Bellingham expressed his appreciation for our determination to restore sustainable public finances to the Cayman Islands.

    I bear in mind, Madam Speaker, that this country has never asked for anything from the United Kingdom aside from their understanding and support for policies that improve the lives of all our people.

    We are more than grateful for this improved partnership and look forward to working with the new administration in the United Kingdom and I certainly hope that we can now move forward with a renewed and more positive partnership.


    So what exactly was in this three-year plan? Glad you asked.

    2010/2011 Revenue $509,609,000 Expenses $508,404,000

    2011/2012 Revenue $529,762,000 Expenses $479,265,000

    2012/2013 Revenue $564,602,000 Expenses $462,362,000


    And what did McKeeva send to the FCO yesterday? Glad you asked.

    2012/2013 Revenue $662,000,000 Expenses $592,000,000


    Does anybody other than me believe the reason why the relationship with the FCO has deteriorated is because McKeeva has failed to keep even one single promise that he made?


    How do you explain expenses of $130,000,000 more than was projected two years ago?

    • Anonymous says:

      They just gave him enough rope…. and he took the bait!!

    • Anonymous says:

      A budget is merely a plan.


      The proof of the pudding is execution. The UDP and PPM before them have failed misserably when it comes to successful execution of plans.


      Corruption and incompetence rules Cayman. Get used to it, it will not change until a new generation of Caymanians take over. I just hope that they are educated, trained, hard working, sinsible, and ethical.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It is indeed sad to read all these comments about how people feel about the state of the Cayman Islands and it`s leadership. I used to live there for over a decade and the place I remember I still love very much. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that these beloved islands would come to where it is today. The decent people of Cayman need to make the right decision and say enough is enough. You need to take back your island from leaders who are so bent to satisfying their egos that they fail to consider the what`s best for the country. They are sinking your country`s economy,  reputation, and stability to the point where people would not consider it an attractive place to live or invest anymore. That would truly break my heart.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Dear Mr. Premier,

    Please follow your religous principals and try to do the right thing. We the "Generation Now" can not afford for you to continue along this path. We are educated, moralistic, and ethical. 

    All we ask for is responsible leadership! Unfortunately you have proven your inability to lead in this current political and economic environment. Please do the honourable thing, step aside while your reputaion is not completely destroyed. You have had an amazing run in politics. Please retire set back and allow us "Generation now" to carry out the duties that we have been educated to carry out!

    Please, do the right thing! Please!

    Kind Regards,

    "Generation Now"

    CNS: The charitable organisation Generation NOW, the host of the various public policy debates, has stated that this post was not written by or on behalf of the organisation or any of its members

    • Anonymous says:

      Dear Generation Now,


      I have to disagree with you on advising the Premier to follow his religious prinicipals as he has given far too much money to them already, and if he has any religious principles they probably belong to somebody else.


      However, I do agree that the Premier has long outlasted his usefulness and his immediate resignation is the only gift he has left to offer this country.


      Kind Regards,

      Generation Yesteryear

    • Anonymous says:

      Did you say religious principals?

  6. Anonymous says:

    This man is in charge of a country?  Man the people there must be the most easily fooled and compacent idiots on earth!  That or they are the most well payed off voters.  

  7. Anonymous says:

    First McKeeva and Sherri Bodden started "roll over" and as that didn't quite destroy our economy and get rid of all the expats their NEW expat tax will certainly finish us off and get the last remaining expats to leave our shores. The damage done in the Bahamas under Pindling took over 20 years to recover, however the damage done by McKeeva Bush will be permanent for generations to come. This is what we all have to suffer for those who supported and voted this total incompetent and uneducated person into office in the first place. Thank you UDP for standing by and allowing this to continue for it is the UDP who have flushed Cayman down the drain.  

  8. SKEPTICAL says:

    Whatever the opinion of bush, or anybody else in Cayman, of the Governor as an individual – the fact is that he effectively represents Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, and therefore any slur, or insult, that the ignorant oaf from West Bay casts at Mr. Taylor, is equally cast at the Queen. He is so I’ll bred,and ill mannered, that this has probably not occurred to him. No doubt, were he ever on the Buckingham Palace cocktail party list, his name has already been erased – that of course assuming that they were even aware of his existence.

    • anonymous says:

      Who cares about your british cocktails any way

    • Chris Johnson says:

      Well said Skeptical. Of course if mr bush is about a rude a person you could possibly meet. He has no respect fo anyone or their views. He cannot argue logically which is part of the armoury of a good politician. He takes advantage of slandering people in the house where he is immune to prosecution but let’s fire at CNS. Had he called the AG a hit man outside the house he may well have attracted a lawsuit.

      • SKEPTICAL says:

        He did actually use the expression ” hit man ” at the Wednesday meeting in West Bay, whilst on camera for the CITN broadcast.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This man is an absolute disgrace to this country. I wish he would go to jail and take the rest of those goofers that he calls a party with him. This is what we get for electing a XXXX greedy, uneducated, imbecile to represent our country's best interests. Truly, the further up the tree the monkey climbs, the more he shows his ass! The Governor doesn't even have to try to make this idiot look bad, he's done an excellent job of that all by himself, long before Governor Taylor reached Cayman. The only thing I blame the Governor for is not having this lunatic locked up and examined under the Mental Health Law, at the very least.

  10. Anonymous says:

    He just needs to understand he's no financial expert.

  11. Anonymous says:

    King George gave the Caymanaian people the tax free priviledge, we have choosen to share this priviledge will millions all over the world. We have lost out in a big way because of our generosity. I wondered when someone would wake up and realise that we don't owe anyone a free ride.

    This is what the community enhancemet fee is all about. But some wise owls have turned it into a political cat-o-nine whip. you cannot think clearly with so much hate clouding your judgement. This is evient in the comments above. The world is watching and laughing at you all. 

    Caymanians, Where is your dignity, integrity? What are your vaues and principles?  We seem to have lost all abiltiy to stand back and look at the real issues. How do we balance the budget? Did any of the Priener haters put forward any solutions to the major problem facing us? NO Well perhaps it's time to shut up or come forward with smarter, better ideas on how to balance the budget.

    • Anonymous says:

      Did any of the Priener haters put forward any solutions to the major problem facing us? NO Well perhaps it's time to shut up or come forward with smarter, better ideas on how to balance the budget.

      Are you blind?  I could write a 968 chapter book just from the suggestions the "haters" have posted here on CNS alone.  But Bush has no dignity, integrity, values or principals and ignores all sensible suggestions.  He is the one who should shut up or come forward with smarter, better ideas on how to balance the budget.  And while we're at it, what are your suggestions pray?


      • datisme says:

        Have you ever heard of the "Millar report"?  There is a surplus of ideas and suggestions.  Unfortunately there is not enough intelligence and discipline in your leadership to see any of them through.  My one suggestions would be to listen to some one smarter than Bush.

    • Chris Johnson says:

      Mr history buff you are being racial. Do you know your history? I doubt it as you did not even state which king it was that allegedly waived the residents of the Cayman Islands from taxes.
      In talking to the late Harry McCoy many years ago he said that there was no actual evidence of any waiving of taxes but it makes a good story.
      It was in February 1794 in the reign of King George the third that eight of ten ships went down and the brave residents saved a vast number of the crew. I am sure if the same thing took place today the residents of the islands would perform a similar act.
      There is no mention in the archives that only Caymanians saved the crew, no doubt there were Jamaicans and a few other nationalities living in East End although there were not many people from the Far East at the time. There is no mention in the alleged pronouncement by the good King of Caymanians only having their taxes waived.
      Finally for your edification the prenier as you call him has already been given suitable methods of balancing the budget by persons far more knowledgeable in fiscal matters.

      • morse says:

        Thanks for reminding us Harry, such a character who would have put the despot firmly in his place.

    • Bert says:

      How is it that someone can type in English (though decidedly not very well), yet they appear entirely incapable of reading the many many positive suggestions posted in this forum aleady?  Perhaps we're dealing with a very serious comprehension deficit; Mac, is it you?

    • Judean People's Front says:

      King George was known as the Mad King or 'The King who lost America'.

      He was suffering from mental illness and had bouts of chasing peacocks, referring to trees as 'King's of Prussia and a total inability to hold court or any meeting of any importance.

      I suggest that there is no evidence of the urban myth 'freeing' the Cayman People of any taxes.  If there was, I would suggest that it would hold no credibility or creedence due to being of unsound mind.

      But thanks for extending this privelige and myth all over the world. I am sure it swayed a lot of people to change their careers and leave their homes just because a delusional Monarch may have made some delusional mention of the Cayman Islands almost 300 years ago.

  12. SKEPTICAL says:

    It is noteworthy how few ” THUMBS- DOWNS ” there have been in the past few days to what have been utterly negative comments posted on CNS about bush, and his ludicrous public comments – perhaps his ” GRASS ROOTS ” support is slipping away. ??

  13. Anonymous says:

    I didn't see Foolio on the platform, does anyone know if he has fallen out of love with MacDaddy over the 1-man 18-votes disagreement, or was he playing dominoes somewhere to sharpen his budget debating skills?

    • Anonymous says:

      Foolio was there. He came in late, marched down the middle aisle with his security guard. Does anyone know if we the people are paying for this and if it is Dewayne Seymours company that we are paying. 

  14. Anonymous says:

    Caymanians and Expats, it's time to come together to oust this disrespecful, uneducated, prejudiced so called leader.  He is doing nothing but destroying our islands!!!  Let's get rid of him and bring forward a intelligent young Caymanian that we would be proud to call our leader.


    • Anonymous says:

      Expats cannot vote.


      Getting rid of McKeeva is strictly a Caymanian thing.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Gaddafi and Hussein would have kept good company with our silly little Bush.

  16. Anonymous says:

    "Go sun his buns"

    I wonder what part of the Bible these words come from Mac?

    I wonder what part of the life of Jesus your example comes from?

    Mac, you are an insult to your God, your church, your country and your position. 

    Please resign and seek help.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Thank God, the Governor has brains and class. 

    However, if he did pull a "King of Spain" on him and tell him to "Shut up",  I think we would all applaud him.  Standing ovation, and ENCORE, on second though.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Old Cayman vs Modern Cayman


    The old Caymanians would have run him out of the church for being a bad example.

    In old Cayman his family would be ashamed of him and put pressure on him to change.  Some would even say he is not their family.

    The old Caymanians would have been cutting a tamarind switch first light of day and hauling him out from under the covers of his bed.

    The old Caymanians would had headed to the bathroom and found a strong, new bar of soap for his mouth.

    Today, what do we do….well I haven’t seen anything yet, so I guessing nothing.

    I must say, days like today, I like old Cayman better.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I'M Sorry but this man is a disgrace to these islands he needs to step down and do it ASAP.

  20. bear baiter says:

    "… hurricane season as well …"? Just in case Mad Mac hasn't realized it, we have hurricane season 'most bout every year at this time' and somehow manage to cope just fine. We're also suposed to have a workable budget 'most 'bout every year at this time' – but this year we don't. Wonder why? Gross incompetence, that's why!

    "He accused Taylor of making him look bad …"  No Mr. Premire, H.E. didn't make you look bad – you managed that all on your own without needing a grain of help from anyone!

    Time to STEP DOWN!

  21. Anonymous says:

    The Governor may well be joining in the conversation but from what I heard on the talk show he just gave answers to questions put in front of him.  Not once have I heard the Governor insult anyone or use ridiculous language like "sun his buns", "hitman" or "sweetboy".  This man needs to be stopped.  Premier???  Start acting like one!!!  Stop blaming everyone else and take some responsibilty for your (in)actions.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mac is a BULLY, has always be a BULLY and will never stop being a BULLY. I didn't like BULLIES in High School and detest them even more now. He has to GO!

    • Anonymous says:

      Is he (MB) working on his insanity plea for his upcoming trial?

    • HELLO 15:43 says:

      There are Governors, and THEY ARE GOVERNORS, do you get what I mean?   and I have seen Governors come and I have seen GOVERNORS GO.   WHY should I go against my Premier who is a Caymanian to accept the whims of the governor.  HE IS NOT FROM HERE so why should I trust him?   I believe what my Premier has to cay.  END OF STORY.

      • Anonymous says:

        this comment is just more proof of the kind of idiotic, uneducated following Bush has.

      • Anonymous says:

        Jesus was not from here either. Our premier is a fool and he will take the C.I. right down the toliet. He must go!

      • Anonymous says:

        Well…Hello, you are a fool too then

      • noname says:

        Thank you Civil service!  We know how you feel. Now go fill up your truck, boat and your Moms car.  While you still can.

  22. SKEPTICAL says:

    This man is the epitome of IGNORANCE. He makes Hugo Chavez look like an educated, sophisticated, international diplomatic negotiator. In nearly 40 years living in Cayman, I suspect that last night in West Bay I saw Cayman politics plumb their lowest depths ever, and we can only pray that they cannot go any lower.

    • Anonymous says:

      I woder if anyone has ever thoght of taking this man before a panel of psychatrists, psychologists and medical doctors to ascertain whether he is suffering from Bipolar Disorder or some similar disorder, to determine if he is fit to carry on his duties as required.

      • Anonymous says:

        Only the Chief Medical Officer can decide if the Premier is insane. However, the thing that scares me is the fact that there is nobody who can decide if the Chief Medical Officer is insane if he should say "NO".

  23. Anonymous says:

    What ever substance he is on I want some!!! I just keep telling myself this is a bad dream, but every time he opens his mouth something worse comes out. Elections come quick before we don't have a reason to vote anymore!!

    • Anonymous says:

      elections november ?????

    • Donkey Face says:

      It's good to know I'm not alone on that one then… totally disheartened for long time now… just wishing it would all end (his Premiership) and then praying for a miracle after that, as not much hope in present candidates either…

  24. Anonymous says:

    Ladies and gentlemen of the Cayman Islands, don't you think that the Governor and Auditor General have been very constrained in dealing with our Premier?  If I had been the Governor, I would have removed from office any Premier who tried to intervene in, or circumvent the processes of government business being carried out in accordance with the laws and regulations of the country, because when a man shows that he will not uphold the integrity of laws and regulations, he has no business being in governmetn and much less the leader of the country.  I do hope the next government rectifies those weaknesses in our constitution so that we never have this sort of stuff occurring again.

    Mr. Auditor General, thank you for informing us the people what has truly been going on.  Mr. Governor, thanks for saving our country's assets from reckless decimation.  Mr. Governor, your patience and constraint has enabled the Premier to show his intelligence.  Lord forgive him, for he knows not what he does.

    Signed: Caymanian to the core.

  25. Kath says:

     "If I’m put in jail" he says… Oh good Lord in heaven please let that day come!

    • Anonymous says:

      Those words are the clue to why he is behaving as he is, he must know that there is nasty stuff to surface, he may well end up in jail, and then he can claim conspiracy by the FCO.

      • Anonymous says:

        Nail on the head, this is a desperate man in panic mode. That one little sentence about jail was a huge slip from this idiot. He is in trouble and he knows it. And it does not matter who he blames, except for a few morons that have been bough by him everybody will rejoice when he is in chains.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Oh, dear, I see Mac's trying the old blame game again, this time it's the governor and the auditor general's fault. Not that I see any viable alternative to him, except if we want to have a chronic grumbler as a premier, that is. I'm hoping for the best and praying we can get a decent premier and bunch of MLAs next time round, but I'm not holding my breath. One thing's for sure, dear old Mac is fast becoming an aberration, an oddity even, in today's Cayman. The old tricks of the trade don't resonate with young Caymanians. It really is time to call it a day, go home and lie down and let reasoned people run things from now on. You know, folks that can work productively with others for the betterment of the country, in particular those they disagree with. Who can have cordial relationships with those who don't see eye to eye with them. Who can hold debates based on civility and respect. Is that too much to ask for?

  27. Anonymous says:

    How about this: The Governor will stop interefering in local affairs if McKeeva promises to do the same.

  28. O'Really says:

    " If I’m put in jail, I don't care….” the premier said.


    Hard to believe – Bush and I are on the same page!

    • Bert says:

      I'm on a different page – I'd dearly love to see that lunatic in a prison!

    • Anonymous says:

      Mr. Bush, if we had a percentage of what it is speculated that you are worth, the of course we could also be the recalcitrant child and through temper tantrums like you do!

      Calm down please and stop embarassing us, your children, that you so dearly claim to care about!


      Be a statesman and grw up a little! you are not an Island! We live here too!

  29. The Beaver says:

    There are fools, and then there are fool fools…  It's amazing how quickly one's mind can unravel; imaginary enemies around every corner, fictitious plots to overthrow, meritless accusations of conspiracy, etc.  This has little to do with education, but rather with character and brains, or lack thereof.  The Beaver


  30. Anonymous says:

    Mac, to get respect, you must give respect.  No one has respect for you anymore, simply because of your uncouth behavior and attitude in bullying every one who offers an alternative solution to your ideas.

    Now I can tell you, we the people are very appreciative of the Governor's efforts to preserve our country's assets from people like you who act on granny wits rather than solid evaluation of the pros and cons of making such foolish moves.  And because he has quietly left you to make a fool of yourself, you want to call him names.  Likewise, when the Auditor General, whom your pals picked, exposes the not for value things that your government has done, you call him a hit man.  Well you might not like them, but we the people of Cayman do and are we glad that we have them. 

    On a final note, you can ask for independence for West Bay after it is severed from the rest of Cayman, but I can tell you here and now, don't even raise the word of independence for the rest of the Cayman Islands, because we will never vote for that to occur.  You have been a good enough example of why we should never ever entertain that thought.  That my friend, is probably the only good thing that can be attrbuted to you.

    Good bye.  I am patiently awaiting May 2013.  Wish it was today!

  31. Slowpoke says:

    Like most politicians. he thinks he is a lot smarter than he really is, and believes the voters are a lot dumber than they actually are.

    • Donkey Face says:

      Yeah.  He need to wise up for real – its actually the other way round.

  32. R.U. Kidden says:

    Our Glorious Premier said, "If I’m put in jail, I don't care."    After thinking about it, I don't either!

  33. madazhell says:

    I think I’ve had a bad dream.

    Taxes were going to be introduced in the Cayman Islands!

    I woke in some sort of Disney Hell.

    During my dream state, I encountered the following characters:


    Mckeeva “Mad Hatter” Bush

    Juliana O’Oonner  “Chicken Little” Connolly

    Rolston “Robin Hood” Anglin

    Mike “Aladdin” Adams

    Mark “Sleepy” Scotland

    Cline “Goofy” Glidden Jr.

    Ellio “Ed the Hyena” Soloman

    Captain Eugene “Eeyore” Ebanks

    Dwayne “Dumbo” Seymour


    Can someone please slap me so I can wake-up from this nightmare?

  34. Anonymous says:


    Rent Prices in George Town are 49.49% higher than in Halifax
    Restaurant Prices in George Town are 79.70% higher than in Halifax
    Groceries Prices in George Town are 69.10% higher than in Halifax


    Rent Prices in George Town are 4.20% lower than in Luxembourg
    Restaurant Prices in George Town are 24.98% higher than in Luxembourg
    Groceries Prices in George Town are 50.09% higher than in Luxembourg


    Rent Prices in George Town are 40.45% lower than in Singapore
    Restaurant Prices in George Town are 125.64% higher than in Singapore
    Groceries Prices in George Town are 82.67% higher than in Singapore


    Rent Prices in George Town are 60.17% lower than in Hamilton, Bermuda
    Restaurant Prices in George Town are 6.09% higher than in  Hamilton, Bermuda
    Groceries Prices in George Town are 4.19% higher than in Hamilton, Bermuda


    Rent Prices in George Town are 26.99% lower than in Road Town
    Restaurant Prices in George Town are 44.77% higher than in Road Town

    Restaurant Prices in George Town are 34.14% higher than in Providenciales


    Rent Prices in George Town are 96.43% higher than in Bridgetown
    Restaurant Prices in George Town are 50.58% higher than in Bridgetown




    If the rollover didn't kill the rental market, expat taxes will. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Interesting. Where did you get these figures from?  I doubt they are accurate.  E.g. by all accounts groceries and restaurants are more expensive in Bermuda than in Cayman. It is a much more expensive place to live.

      Also, you didn't compare salaries or taxes. How are the salaries and taxes in Bridgetown compared to George Town? It is easy to select information (even accurate information) to support any case.

    • Anonymous says:

      You need to compare other things for this to make sense like profits!

  35. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Bush please put your ignorance aside. Dear Lord I have never heard or seen a man so "hell" bent on destroying these islands. You don't need to blame anyone for YOUR steps. You are covered in BS from all the crap you have flung around. You bully, You intimidate, You are a COWARD.

    You don't care about anybody's say or opinion…once your brain has a fart….you think thats the only way to continue. You call and ask for alternatives and suggestions……sadly when you get them you shoot them down and continue with your rampage. You are worse than a 3 year old having a temper tandrum.

    It baffles me that we pay for advisors that are around you to stray you from taking these islands backwards. By one statement you muttered last week, you have taken away decades of changes and forwards this island nation has been able to conquer.

    Your motives are nothing about being "Caymanian"…….your motives are for yourself. You are very "UN-Caymanian" Mr. Bush.

    Come 2013 you will see that so many other "Caymanians" like me, your electoral voters, will voice our last words to you…….."Don't let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya".

    Signed by a Young, Educated, Caymanian. 




  36. Anonymous says:

    Where are the good Caymanians? The problems is your bellys are full and when your belly is full, you don't think of the next meal. But when you have an uneducated fool like Mac running a country, no matter how wealthy you are, there maybe no next meal. Please good Caymanians, for the sake of your children, try to look ahead, step up to the plate and take care of your country. 

  37. Ex Pat says:

    Can someone please send the televised version to:

    Let him see what a right royal baffoon we have as a supposed leader?

  38. Anonymous says:

    Is this for real? UDP members need to grow a pair and get this man under control -even better out, he is single handedly ripping Cayman apart, and destroying the very business these Islands depend upon! 


  39. Anonymous says:



    Coming soon to a country near you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Be afraid, very afraid.


      Get your capital out of the country while there is still time.

      • Anonymous says:

        I drained my bank accounts, yesterday.  I am now trying to unload what will soon be worthless Cayman real estate.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not today Bobo.  Can't speak for West Bay, but certainly the rest of the Cayman Islands won't vote for independence.  That's one thing Mac has done good.  He gave us a good enough example of why we should never entertain the idea of independence.

      • gonzo says:

        West Bay can't speak for West Bay yet – the new fridges haven't been delivered yet!  What a disgrace as they watch what they have done in selling out to Mad Mac.

      • Anonymous says:

        You may not get a chance to decide bobo.

    • Anonymous says:

      I remember Mac saying at one point that independence was the only reason he would use a referendum.

      I pray that given the ledership displayed by the now UDP Government and the past PPM Government would NEVER consider this option.

    • Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

      What a sight – my lawd!

    • Married to a Caymanian - says:

      Oh dear…please no.  My fellow citizens, never go independent- stop listening to these politricks.  Big Mac, we need LESS government and less of YOU and your crooked cronies.

  40. Anonymous says:

    "… the elected arm of government was responsible for the day to day running of the country…"


    Too bad that McKeeva is doing such a bad job. The PPM is no better.


    The country is sliding into an abyss while we are waiting for a new generation of young, smart, educated, trained, and ethical Caymanians to take the reins of government. I hope the step up to the plate soon.

    • Anonymous says:

      At this rate, I will note vote PPM nor UDP next election – I will most likely vote for an independent candidate and hope for the best!

      • 14:23 THEY GOIN HAVE TO PAY TOO says:

        14:23 please do not fool yourself about voting for Independent, thinking they wont have to pay too.   They better start saving them dollars from now, because if they are not running with UDP, they will have to pay out of earhole and nose home too.

    • Future Politician says:

      We are coming but the problem is are the people of this country ready to let go of the old regime who keep voters depending on handouts and vote buying? We want to put forward serious fiscal economic policies and sometime that means you do not simply tell everyone what they want to hear so they will vote for you. We need patient and supportive people who will give us the time to work out the problems and not come knocking down our doors looking for personal favours. I want to run but I will not buy 1 single vote. Is Cayman ready to accept me as an honest law abiding politician? Or do you prefer to stay with Frick Frack and the Gang over there in the LA? Please dont encourage me and waste my time! 


        You want to find out if the people are still demanding on hand outs and vot buying?  You better believe we do.  So If you are a future politicial Candidate, I hope you gots lots of Money.   Does that answer your question.

      • Anonymous says:

        From: Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 08/02/2012 – 13:15


        I didn't say it would be easy.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why do they have to be young? How about smart, ethical and honest? Maybe even a "paper Caymanian"? Someone with a proven record in Cayman for 30+ years that has no reason to steal or be corrupted. We MUST do something…this cannot go on.

  41. Anonymous says:

    If Hollywood decided to remake the Jim Carrey movie, Liar Liar, Mckeeva should play the starring role.



    We sing "God Save the Queen."

    We need to scream, "England save us from our Government!"



  42. Anonymous says:

    RESIGN McKeeva. You are an incompetent disgrace.

  43. Embarrassed Caymanian says:

    My Gosh, I am ashamed, I have never seen a leader of a country act this way, and here we have the leader of my country behaving like an uneducated bully. I was at that meeting last night, utterly embarrassing, no substance similar to the “educational meetings” held about OMOV

    What’s hilarious is that someone stood up to say we must not call the "Honorable Premier " names, and to be more respectful of the officials, 

    Yet anytime the "Honorable Premier" opens his mouth, as the trash spills out, he calls everybody names and makes fun of them, "Hit Man", "go sun his buns", seriously? And you have the audacity to say its everyone else that means the country harm besides you and your cohorts?

    Your education is showing big time Mr. Honorable  Premier, so unfortunate for me and my family that this is the best we could have put to run the country, which seems to be running alright, right into the bottom of the North Sound

    I don’t trust you Mr. Premier as far as I can drag you, all you have proven to me and a lot of other educated Caymanians in the past few years is you’re a consistent XXXX

    You should take your own advice and stay out of all government business and maybe concentrate on clearing your name for the various active investigations involving you,

  44. Anonymous says:


    Like an injured animal in a corner…flaying out at all and sundry…mortally wounded and not going to survive..he has nothing to lose.

    Either that or he is a true genius and we all, Caymanians and ex-pats alike, fail to see it. In his own mind, he surely is a genius. Why, therefore would he listen to anyone else…??? Alice in wonderland comes to mind, the man with 2' and 6 in his hat..

    To my knowledge, but I stand to be corrected, the UK has not interfered in anything when there was no need to. And the Governor is remarkably restrained in his comments, civilised and eloquent when he does speak. It is good that we have the checks and balances in the form of the Governor, Auditor General and the real free press to show us how it really is

    Mr. Mac, the easiest thing in the world is to blame everyone else for your own failings. We all have to look in the mirror sometimes, and change what we dont like about ourselves, or change what is wrong with us. If you look now, you will see the King has no clothes…the fairy tale has ended.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is a strategic move everyone! Mackeeva will ruin the economy and then Super DART will rescue us financially and become the KING!

  45. Anonymous says:

    If I recall correctly, I think his speech went like this : We used to make a $100 and spend $50. But I wan travel, see the world, take my friends, keep the bayers happy. U know how it go, yolo. Unfortunately, my lifestyle costs the country $150 and we still only making $100. So I have to get the money from somewhere. Dat only makes sense, don't it? But, can you imagine the nerve of dem donkey face people who say I must only spend $100.00? Who dem really tink dem is? Dem don't know not to mess with someone who lives a stone's throw away from hell. Dem don't know me is Christian and the Bible says "Love thy neighbour." Me and him is fren you know. Donkey face is nottin compared to the devil. 







  46. Anonymous says:

    Mac ( i refuseto refer to him as "premier", much less "honourable" ) is a complete and utter embarrassment….in every way!

    People of Cayman; Now and for evermore let us Caymanians and Expats alike stand up against this tyranical and dictatorial attitude and behaviour of the UDP or any other Govt. or body that behaves as such.

    It's good that the many professional organizations have finally found their voice too!

    Mac and his Govt. are wayyyy in over their heads….they will completely ruin these islands if we don't stand united against their irrationality and ineptness!

    Time for REAL change here NOW! Please, no more apathy!