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Boxing coaches begin begin journey to Rio

Boxing coaches begin begin journey to Rio

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coach.JPGcoach2.JPG(CNS): The Cayman Islands Amateur Boxing Association has elected a new board. Following the 25 July election, the CIAB said the objective of the new board was to continue along the path of its predecessor and implement guidelines and a code of conduct to inspire the young boxers on the programme. The members will be guided by Coaches Nayon "Donie" Anglin (left) and Norman Wilson (right), who will be preparing boxers for the Rio Olympics in 2016.

The election took place at the Dalmain Ebanks Boxing Gym and the association offered its thanks to the past board members and President Thomas Ebanks for their contribution and dedication in the growth and development of the boxing programme.

boxing board.JPG

The newly elected members of the Cayman Islands Boxing Association are: Coach, Nayon (Donie) Anglin: Director, Jarladth Travers; Secretary, Leyla Jackson; Asst. Secretary, Emily McGhee; Treasurer , Shernett Watson; President , Terence Spencer; Director , Chrissie Harford; 1st Vice President , Ann-Marie Byrd; 2nd Vice President , Jan Golaszewski; Coach, Norman Wilson , Director, Dawn Rodriquez, and Asst. Secretary Sharon Francis.

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Substance abuse recovery in spotlight

Substance abuse recovery in spotlight

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shutterstock_24511225 (300x234).jpg(CNS): Pointing to treatment as well as prevention the director of the local counselling services said that people do recover from substance abuse. As the department begins marking recovery month on Saturday Judith Seymour said it was important to celebrate the success people had with recovery. This year’s theme is It’s Worth It, and the Counselling Centre will be hosting a number of prevention sessions as well as special events through September to mark the importance of recovery.

"Recovery Month helps to spread the positive message that prevention works, treatment is effective and people can and do recover, and that the benefits of recovery are significant and valuable not just to those persons directly affected but to the broader community as well,” Seymour said. “So let us celebrate the success of people who are in recovery while acknowledging the efforts of those who work in the treatment and prevention field, this and every month."

Society at large benefits from the prevention of substance abuse and treatment of persons and families affected by it. Activities will not only focus on society’s negative perspective of, and stigma towards, affected people but also encourage community participation in an effort to reduce these issues.   

To kick off the month-long events on Friday, 7 September, a Talent Night held at the Harquail Theatre will feature local entertainment for people of all ages to enjoy.

There will also be interactive Anti-drug Lunch and Learn sessions on 11
and 18 September at the Government Administration Building. Parents will learn how to talk to kids about drugs, look at its effects and what they can do to safeguard their homes.  A separate session will also be offered to teenagers at the Family Resource Centre on Tuesday, 25 September which will help them find ways to fight the negative influences ofdrug use in order to make the right choices.
Continuing with the celebrations, families — especially thosewho have been affected by alcohol or drug addiction — are invited to attend a Picnic Day at Seven Mile Beach on Saturday, 15 September.

To wrap up the month’s activities, on Friday, 28 September, individuals will be honoured for their outstanding accomplishments in recovery from substance abuse. 
Encouraging public participation, Department of Counselling Services (DCS)

For more information on Recovery Month events and how to get involved, contact the Counselling Centre at 949-8789, the Family Resource Centre at 949-0006 or Caribbean Heaven Residential Centre at 947-9992.

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Health conference to breakout on leading issues

Health conference to breakout on leading issues

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Cancer-Chemotherapy.jpg(CNS): Oncology, paediatric health and workplace wellness will be the focus of breakout sessions planned for the second day of the 3rd annual 20/20 National Healthcare Conference next month. The three topics are considered of particular importance to healthcare here in the Cayman Islands and the sessions will feature panellists from our local public and private sector, overseas specialists and the patient’s perspective, giving what was described by conference officials as “a multifaceted view” to each of the health areas.  Jennifer Ahearn, Chief Officer in the Ministry of Health said the topics were chosen based on feedback received from local medical professionals in the public and private sector. 

“Healthcare professionals targeted these three areas in particular as vital elements of Cayman’s medical system in need of enhancement and progression,” she added.

Ed Hansen, the CEO at Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital, Cayman’s only private hospital, will be leading the group in the oncology (cancer care) breakout sessions. “I am very excited to be participating in this new area of the conference,” he said. 

“The panellists are of the highest calibre and will be able to bring input from public, private and international perspectives, resulting in a true 360 review of the state of oncology in the Cayman Islands and recommendations for a way forward.”

Meanwhile, Rebekah Brooks, the immediate past President of the CaymanIslands Nurses Association and a registered nurse and Practice Manager at the Children’s Clinic will be leading the group on paediatric health.  “Each group will report back on the final day of the conference with an in-depth analysis to present to the Ministry, thereby providing Government with invaluable information that can supplement Cayman’s national health policy,” she said.

The third breakout session which will discuss workplace wellness will be led by Annikki Brown the Deputy Chair of the Health Insurance Standing Committee. Brown said she anticipated that these breakout sessions will provide the Ministry and also conference attendees to the sessions with invaluable understanding on the subject matter. “We really are looking at the topics from every angle to ensure that we cover every aspect of the issue. We are looking forward to some lively discussion and real insight into how each area of healthcare can be improved and enhanced,” she added

Panellists for the oncology session include Milena Connolly (of the Cayman Islands Cancer Registry), Dr Joel Slutsky (Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital), Dr Thin Tran (Baptist Corporate Medical Director), Dr Sook Yin and Connie Godet (representing a patient’s perspective).

Emma Donaldson (Special Needs Foundation of Cayman), Dr James Robertson (Trincay) and Shannon Seymour (Wellness Centre) will participate in the paediatric health session and Colleen Brummer (Energy Pilates), Cynthia Hastings-James (Co-founder of Cookson James Loyalty Inc & and Dr Richard Buck, an independent organisational and healthcare strategist will sit on the workplace wellness session.

This year’s conference subject is ‘Patient-Centred Care: Achieving Quality Outcomes’.  Patient –Centred Care is a model of healthcare delivery that focuses on the patient’s experience and is a partnership between practitioners, patients, and their families to ensure that healthcare decisions respect patients’ values, needs, and preferences and that the patient has  the education and support they require to make informed decisions and participate in their own care.

The public is encouraged to attend the conference which will provide a forum for discussion about and insight into Cayman’s healthcare service with a view to enhancing and improving the system to benefit all residents in the years to come.  As in previous years, this conference will be free to all attendees.  Registration is now open at

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Police chopper rescues man lost in EE bush

Police chopper rescues man lost in EE bush

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cop helicopter2.jpg(CNS): The RCIPS helicopter, which just a few weeks ago was under threat from budget cuts, was central in the rescue of a famer in East End today. Police said the man had taken a trip into thick bush to find water for his cattle but despite being local to the area in Gun Bay he became disoriented and could not get out. The farmer did, however, take a cell phone and was able to make a 911 call to inform emergency personnel he was lost. The police dispatched the chopper and were able to find the tired and dehydrated man in a matter of minutes and prevented what could easily have been another tragedy.

The rescue took place on Friday afternoon but the incident began around 11 in the morning when the farmer set off into the bush in the Colliers area of Gun Bay. He was looking for well water and despite his local knowledge the man became disorientated in the bush. When he realized he was lost, shortly before 3pm, he called the emergency services .

At that point the RCIPS Air Operations Unit flew to the location. The farmer continued to speak to the emergency operator on his phone, describing his point of entry to the bush and the route he thought he had taken. As a result, the helicopter crew was able to locate him within ten minutes. The man was located on the ironshore around a milefrom the main road, but due to the density of the bush he was unable to find his way back to the road.

“The helicopter was unable to land at the location because of the rough terrain,” a police spokesperson said. “However, as this type of situation is one which forms part of the rigorous training the crew undertake, they knew exactly what to do. The pilot brought the helicopter as close to the man as he could. He hovered around 3 feet from the ground while his tactical flight officer donned a safety harness. The TFO assisted the man safely onto the skids and then maneuvered him into the helicopter.”

The man, who was tired and dehydrated, was given water but refused medical attention. He was, however, said to be grateful to the crew for locating him so quickly. Local officers then took him home to his concerned family.

“Had this man not had the foresight to take a cell phone with him it may have been many more hours before he was reported missing,” said Air Operations Commander Steve Fitzgerald. “Luckily he was able to raise the alarm quickly. That, combined with the training of the crew, ensured that he was located within a very short period of time, thus preventing what could have been yet another tragedy in the East End bush.”

Police urged people who venture into the bush to let friends and family know where they are going and when they anticipate coming back. They should always take a cell phone and water with them in case they get into difficulty, the RCIPS spokesperson advised.

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Resource centre looks for input on promoting peace

Resource centre looks for input on promoting peace

| 31/08/2012 | 3 Comments

102405_flores (292x274).jpg(CNS): The community is being asked to offer its thoughts on how to promote peace throughout the Cayman Islands for a video marking the country’s celebration of International Day of Peace. It will be the international day’s 31st anniversary this year but the very first time that Cayman has joined millions of people across the world to celebrate peace. The family resource centre (FRC) staff will be seeking public feedback on ways to promote peace throughout our islands over the next week and aim to make a video of the comments which will be shown at the Peace Day event at Dart Park on the day.

"Let us use this day to commit to making peace not just a priority, but a passion,” said Department of Counselling Services (DCS) Director Judith Seymour. “Let us pledge to do more wherever we are, in whatever way we can, to make this day and every day, a day of peace."

International peace day is when people resolve to put their differences aside and promote peace, particularly in countries that have recently known war, civil conflicts, social strife, and political upheavals. Organisers ask that there be no violence on this day. Various countries are also asked to be part of a global truce by celebrating peace through education, raising public awareness on active non-violence and strengthening ideals of peace among people of all ages.

To promote national cohesion and unity or to participate in Peace Day celebrations, schools and community organisations are encouraged to provide an artistic representation of peace, which could be through visual or performance arts. Such representations will also be displayed at the event.

“Education about non-violence should start at home, so it is important that we teach our children alternatives for dealing with violence,” said DCS Programme Coordinator Miriam Foster. “The effect of persons at peace with themselves can radiate to families, organisations, villages, and most of all, society. “Promoting the general welfare of this country is the way to go in order to encourage others to share the hopes and aspirations of Peace Day. So let us all think peace, act peace and be at peace as we work towards building a better community.”

FRC staff will be at Foster’s Food Fair at the Airport, Republix and Camana Bay locations on Friday, 31 August, from 7– 9 p.m looking for volunteers for the video. The following week, they will be visiting East End Foster’s Food Fair on Monday morning, as well as Over the Edge, offering a free cup of coffee for those who wish to be in the video. Later in the afternoon, they’ll visit Lorna’s Texaco in Bodden Town and Foster’s Food Fair in Countryside, Savannah.

To take part in the video, become a sponsor or perform for the event, contact the Family Resource Centre at 949-0006 or visit

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Stamp issue honours emergency services

Stamp issue honours emergency services

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Layout-2-Helicopter-branch-[1] (300x200).jpg(CIPS): The Cayman Islands Postal Service is honouring Emergency Services personnel with five commemorative stamps. The stamps, issued on 30 August, depict the various ways in which these first responder units provide safety and security to the community and are issued in denominations of 20¢ (RCIPS Marine Unit); 25¢ (Ambulance Service); 75¢ (Fire Service); $1.50 (911) and $2 (Helicopter). The five stamps show the many roles that the first responders play in emergency situations.

Fire-Department-[1] (300x208)_0.jpgAdditionally, to broaden the stamps’ appeal, the Stamp Advisory Committee (SAC) decided to include children and underscore the need for them to learn about emergency responses, including the 9-1-1 number in the event they need to use it, said Postmaster General Sheena Glasgow.

The 20¢ Marine Unit Boat stamp shows a water rescue, while the 25¢ depicts EMS technicians performing a routine health check on a young lady at a community event. On the 75¢ stamp firefighter demonstrates how to put out a fire at a community event. A young girl makes a call to 9-1-1 on the $1.50 and on the $2 stamp, a group of youngsters point to the EC135 police helicopter during a routine patrol.

Layout-4-911-Communications[1] (300x200).jpgDeputy Premier and Minister responsible for Postal Service Juliana O’Connor-Connolly thanked SAC and Postmaster General for their hard work and for paying tribute to first responders.

“Emergency Services are at the cornerstone of our society and these brave men and women often put their lives on the line for us daily.  Let’s face it, this is not just a job to them, this is a calling and for that we thank them,” she added.

In 1907 a law was passed authorising the establishment of a police force. The force was initially commanded by an English Inspector and four local constables, who also acted in the capacity of postal and customsofficials. 

Layout-2-Marine-Branch-[1] (300x200).jpg

Responsibilities, aside from investigating crime, included looking after short-term prisoners in a ‘lock-up’, as there was no prison. Other responsibilities included hoisting the Cayman Islands flag on government buildings whilst the reveille was blown on the bugle. The practice of hoisting the flag has only ceased to be the responsibility of the police in recent years.

In 1928, the police force was increased by a further two constables. Constables were given basic training such as foot drill and officers worked seven days a week, 365 days a year from 6:00am to 10:00pm. However, by 1978 a five-day work week was adopted and today the RCIPS employs over 400 officers and support staff representing over 100 nationalities.

Layout-3-EMTS-_(2)[2] (300x200).jpg

In recent times the word "Royal" was added to Cayman Islands Police Force and the name was later changed to Service.

The Marine Unit has been operational since 1981 and was re-established in February 2006 for the purposes of border patrol, drug interdiction and search and rescue.  The unit now consists of 19 officers, six large vessels, five wave runners and an aluminum boat.

The EC135 police helicopter is equipped with stabilised thermal and daylight camera, night-sun searchlight and a PA system. Since 2010 the newly formed helicopter unit has been used for police and emergency response, border security and search and rescue.

In 1975 the Cayman Islands Ambulance and Porter Service emerged with three employees and the islands' first Ford model ambulance. In the early 1980s the service produced its first set of emergency medical technicians through local training and development, providing accessible pre-hospital emergency care to residents.

Today, the Emergency Medical Service provides one of the few 24-hour advance life support services in the Caribbean. The EMS provides treatment and response to a combination of medical and traumatic emergencies, including childbirth and delivery, dive accidents, cardiac and respiratory emergencies, stroke, pediatrics, inter-island transfers, rescue and disaster/mass casualty management.

The Fire Department of the Cayman Islands was established in 1956 as an Airport Fire Service. In 1979 the Domestic Fire Service was formed and joined with the Airport Fire Service to form the Cayman Island Fire Service, which began in 1980 with one Fire Chief. The Cayman Island Fire Service primarily provides fire fighting and rescue service to the three islands. There are three stations in Grand Cayman, located in West Bay, George Town and North Side. There is one station in Cayman Brac and one in Little Cayman.

911 Public Safety Communications (Cayman Islands) was established in 1996 to answer emergency and non-emergency telephone calls 24 hours per day from the Communications Centre located in downtown George Town. Prior to that, residents called 999 (the police) to process emergency calls.

The stamps will be issued on Thursday and can be collected at any post office. For more information call 946-4757.

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Driver receives serious injuries in road smash

Driver receives serious injuries in road smash

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(CNS): One man who was cut from his car by emergency personnel this morning has sustained serious injuries in a road smash police said Friday. The man is being treated at Cayman Islands Hospital, George Town, along with a female driver who sustained minor injuries in the same crash. Police stated that at about 9.55 this morning officers attended the scene of a two vehicle crash in Shamrock Road close to Poindexter Road. The crash occurred when a Toyota Mark 11, which was travelling towards Grand Harbour, collided with a Chevrolet Colorado, which was travelling towards Countryside.

The man driving the Toyota was cut free from his vehicle by the Fire Service and both drivers were taken to hospital where they remain.

Police enquiries into the crash are on-going and anyone who witnessed the collision is asked to contact George Town police station on 949-4222.

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5 missing men & canoe found

5 missing men & canoe found

| 31/08/2012 | 26 Comments

Cayman Canoe.jpg(CNS): Three West Bay men and two Jamaican nationals who were reported as missing at sea have been found. The men left Grand Cayman on Sunday 19 August in a canoe heading for Jamaica. Police said Friday that the canoe was spotted shortly after 6.00 this morning approximately 150 yards off Frank Sound. The Marine Unit was deployed and the canoe was towed to shore. James Michael Ebanks, Sidney Henry Ebanks and William Miguel Bush and the two Jamaicans who were on board have been transported by ambulance to the Cayman Islands Hospital in George Town for check-ups.

An RCIPS spokesperson, who said previously that the purpose of the trip had not been established, said this morning that enquiries were ongoing.

On Thursday 23 August, when the men had not returned to Grand Cayman, family members of the three West Bay men raised the alarm and reported the matter to police, which sparked an extensive search for the canoe by RCIPS Air Operations and Marine Units.

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West Bay men on canoe heading for Jamaica missing

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Unscheduled maintenance grounds CAL twin otters

Unscheduled maintenance grounds CAL twin otters

| 31/08/2012 | 9 Comments

(TwinOtter-e1340734113391-768x1024 (254x300).jpgCNS): The two DeHavilland Twin Otter aircraft used by Cayman Airways Express for its Sister Islands routes will be out of service due to "unscheduled maintenance requirements” until the 6 September, the airline has announced. Officials from Cayman Airways (CAL) did not say what the issues were with both aircraft but apologized to passengers and said it took "pride in upholding the highest standards of safety and security” and was committed to “compliance with all regulatory requirements". The airline said that as a result of the “unanticipated situation” it would reveal the temporary changes to the service between Grand Cayman and the Sister Islands once it was finalized.

The airline said the stop-gap service would involve a combination of Cayman Airways B737-300’s and leased-in equipmentfrom other CAA-approved operators. 

“This modified flight schedule will be published as soon as it is confirmed,” officials said in a release. “Cayman Airways Express passengers booked on the affected flights are currently being notified of schedule changes.”

Further information and updates will be available on and by calling Cayman Airways Reservations and Information Center on 345 949-2311.

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CS job cuts underway

CS job cuts underway

| 31/08/2012 | 91 Comments

job cuts.jpg(CNS): The goal to reduce the civil service by 360 jobs over the next five years is now underway. Officials say that since the recruitment moratorium was put in place in December 2008, 162 positions have been cut. Most of those have been cut in the 2012/13 budget, in which 145 or 80% of the existing and new vacancies that were originally budgeted to be filled have now been cut. The service management has now been given five years by the UK to slash the remaining 198 posts from the public sector, which will be done via voluntary separation, by continuing the recruitment freeze and a reduction in the scope and level of services offered.

According to a memo circulated to public sector personnel from the civil service portfolio’s chief officer, Gloria McField-Nixon, every effort is being made to ensure that valued staff and vital services are not negatively impacted by the cuts.

During this financial year, in the budget passed this week by the Legislative Assembly, there are almost $10 million worth of savings related to human resources that the civil service will now have to realize.

On top of the job cuts, all civil servants have lost the cost of living allowance of 3.2%. In addition, there will be no ‘within pay grade’ salary raise but civil servants who are promoted or given new posts where jobs have been amalgamated can move grades provided the increase in pay does not exceed two point increments.

The housing allowance for new recruits to the RCIPS will be reduced to $200 but those already in the service will retain their allowance. The settlement allowance for overseas recruits has become a loan, which must be paid back over the first six months, and all personnel over 60 years of age employed on contracts will be paid at the lowest level of the pay scale for their post.

In the memo circulated on Thursday, McField-Nixon wrote that the overall strategy was to focus mostly on meeting the reductions in the cost of the civil service required by the FCO via the moratorium on recruitment and to do everything possible to alleviate hardship for existing staff.

See circular below.

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