Alfresco sells instore TV business

| 22/08/2008

(CNS): Having finalized a deal to purchase In-Store Digital Media from Alfresco Advertising, WestStar TV said it would be expanding the number of locations where screen advertising will be on view. The TV firm said with the acquisition of the company, which will now be known as Insite Media, it aims to reach additional viewers through high quality graphic and video content. Cathy Williams (Left) of Alfresco said she was happy with the deal.

Currently operating in all Foster’s Food Fair locations, the islands’ television firm said the business model will be undergoing significant changes in the months ahead. “This medium is being upgraded throughout the Cayman Islands complementing WestStar TV’s already impressive advertising portfolio which currently includes two free-to-air broadcast television stations, digital cable television, Cayman’s tourist information channel: Discover Cayman, The Real Estate Channel Cayman Islands, Marquee Cinema, and Hollywood Theatres,” Weststar said in a statement.

Cathy Williams Alfresco’s Sales & Marketing Director said the firm was happy with the deal.  “We are delighted with the acquisition as advertisers will benefit from WestStar’s planned upgrades to the programme,” and she added that it would enable Alfresco to pursue new regional opportunities as well as focusing on the core business

Hilary McKenzie Cahill, Alfresco’s Advertising Director said that Alfresco had done a great job introducing narrow casting as a very effective new medium to the Cayman Islands. "Now WestStar can take it to the next level by enhancing it with their great local news and weather content etc," she added.

Weststar said Insite Media will feature locally-produced content specific to each venue providing useful information for viewers while increasing value for advertisers. “The addition of Insite Media means WestStar TV will be able to offer comprehensive marketing solutions targeting very specific audiencesfrom both a demographic and geographic perspective,” the firm said. “This exciting acquisition will be followed by several new product offerings related to Web-delivered video and state-of-the-art visual electronic media by the end of 2008.”



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