Mac plans to sue Tibbetts

| 27/08/2008

(CNS): In the wake of the announcement that the Financial Crimes Unit (FCU) had found no evidence of a crime regarding the financing arrangements over the redevelopment of the Turtle Farm, McKeeva Bush, Leader of the Opposition, said he considered the whole thing nothing but political victimisation and he would have his day in court regarding the defamatory statements made by Kurt Tibbetts, the Leader of Government Business.

“I will be filing a suit against Kurt Tibbetts and the PPM regarding the things he inferred against myself and the Turtle Farm Board,” said the Leader of the United Democratic Party, referring to remarks made by the People’s Progressive Movement Leader at a press conference in July 2007. “This whole episode has been a malicious attempt to erode my political standing. This type of politics should not be allowed and their attempts to defame me have had a severe impact on my family.”

Bush accused the government of engaging in divisive politics, which they were pursuing in order to stay in power by smearing his character, and said that their actions were being influenced by outside political advisors who, he said, came from the Eastern Caribbean where malicious politics were common. He said that he and the management of the Turtle Farm had worked hard to rebuild the facility after Hurricane Michelle in 2001, and that the stakeholders in the tourism sector had supported their efforts.

“Things at the Turtle Farm would have been far better today were it not for their political games,” added Bush. “At the time I acted on good faith on the advice of Carlyle McLaughlin, who was a trusted member of the board. It would be amusing if it were not so serious that the current government trusted his judgement enough to place him in charge of the most important financial institution in the country.”

Bush explained that the now CIMA chair played an important role in assisting him and the board over the best ways to finance the project and that he received good advice. He added that any local businesses involved were included because as a politician he felt it important to help Caymanians where possible.

“I believe as a politician I am here to help people regardless of who they are and not to help myself. People must understand because I help someone it doesn’t mean I get something out of it,” he said. Explaining the role of GC Venture, who were paid around $600,000 for advisory services and introductions regarding potential financing partners, he said that they had been under contract and had to be paid.

Bush said that during the FCU investigation he was not concerned as he knew he had done nothing wrong, but his family had been hurt by the whole situation. “If you have a pure heart and clean hands you have nothing to fear and I didn’t lose sleep over anything, but it bothered me that they hurt my family and tried to turn people against me,” he added. “If the government had the people’s interests at heart we would not have had to go through all this, but I will have my day in court.”

Looking at the impact on the forthcoming election campaign he said that the people of Cayman were not going to suffer the antics of the PPM anymore. “I am not worried about the campaign, the people are going to boot them out of office for mismanagement, maladministration and no leadership,” he said.

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