All Cayman Islands go clear

| 30/08/2008

(CNS) Updated Sunday 11:00 am –– As Hurricane Gustav ploughed into the Gulf on Sunday  morning,  fluctuating betwenn a category 3/4 hurricane the Hazard Management Joint Information Services has announced the all clear for Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. Grand Cayman was cleared Saturday at noon. However, residents are urged to excercise caution as crews continue to work on road and utilityrepairs.

 While roads are now passable on the Brac crews will be working over the next few days to restore utilities and remove debris. Drivers therefore should exercise restraint in their trips, and exercise extra caution and patience when they do have to move about. Meanwhile on Little Cayman the main road around the perimeter of the island was breached and eroded in a number of places on the south side of the island. Crews will be working in the roadways to both repair roads, restore utilities and remove debris. Drivers again are asked to exercise caution as the work is underway.

Grand Cayman residents are being asked to avoid the Queen’s Highway as CUC currently has several crews working on downed poles and lines in that area. The power firm said it is repairing the damage to its distribution system but power has been restored to the majority of customers who experienced an outage.  Rum Point up to but not including Royal Reef Resort and Frank Sound Road as well as a portion of North Sound Estates and the Birch Tree Hill and Boatswain Bay area of West Bay are still without power. CUC said these areas are receiving priority attention.CUC asked the public to contact the Outage Reporting Hotline at 945-1CUC (1282) to report other outages and advised the public to stay well clear of downed lines and report those to the 911 operator as a safety hazard. It said periodic updates would be provided through the media as the restoration proceeds and asked drivers to extend their courtesy to line crews and service vehicles as they work to reach and repair damage to the system.

“We are fortunate on Grand Cayman to have been spared the full intensity of the storm and were able to maintain power throughout the night for most of our customers,” said Richard Hew, President and Chief Executive Officer of CUC. “Our sister islands took a more direct hit, and we understand have sustained greater physical damage to their distribution systems.  We have been in contact with Johnathan Tibbetts of Cayman Brac Power and Light and the Honourable Arden McLean, Minister of Infrastructure, Communication and Works and we are making arrangements to provide assistance in their rebuilding effort.”

Meanwhile the Water Authority said there was a broken water main on Hospital Rd. Repairs are underway and are estimated to take approximately 3 hours for completion. The authority asked for co-operation from the general public in avoiding this area while repairs take place will help to speed restoration. All customers should continue to listen to the radio for updates from the Water Authority as well as visit our website at

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