Sistersand east worst hit

| 30/08/2008

(CNS): The Cayman Islands woke on Saturday morning to mixed fortunes as Gustav rumbled by as a category two hurricane. The Sister Islands and eastern districts had sustained the most damage as the hurricane had passed as close as 25 miles to Little Cayman. Crews began assesing damage and clearing roads as soon as it was safe. (left Gustav rolls in)

A number of light poles are down on Little Cayman and some have described as “cracked in half.” Trees were also toppled and several docks are reported destroyed. Boats have also been washed ashore, debris clutters the roads making them difficult to pass and damage to the Southern Cross Club has been reported. According to government reports as the storm was approaching, a couple was treated by the local nurse after being washed into the sea. They had been on a dock taking photographs however, according to government sources there are no reported injuries at this time.

On Cayman Brac a number of poles are down and power is out across the entire island. There is extensive debris on the roads and some are completely blocked. There is also some general damage to homes and vehicles across the island.  For their own safety, residents of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman are asked to stay indoors. Power lines are down and some roads are blocked with debris and authorities say they will be able to work on repairs and debris clearance more effectively if the public remains indoors.  Winds over the Sister Islands were decreasing during Saturday morning but wave heights and rain bands were still affecting the islands. Residents were also being advised to stay in shelters or their homes until the official all clear has been given.   

On Grand Cayman the impact of Gustav was felt mostly on the north eastern side of island. In East End one shelter lost generator power and a great deal of debris was washed ashore near The Edge in North Side. Sand is also said to be blocking the road around the Moritts Resort. The NEOC said it was receiving numerous reports of downed trees, including one that fell on a shelter warden’s car. Fallen trees blocking main roads will have priority for cleanup.

In George Town the police are asking owners to move vehicles parked on Bobby Thompson Way as CUC need these vehicles to be moved ASAP in order for them to carry out their duties. Bodden Town Police Station has also returned to its home bas and can be contacted at 947 2220.

Tropical storm force winds will linger over Grand Cayman until about 1:00 pm.  For the next 24 hours, wave heights of 14 to 16 feet can be expected, particularly along the west and south coasts of Grand Cayman. Rain-bands associated with Gustav will continue to affect the Cayman Islands for the next 24 hours with rainfall amounts of 2 to 4 inches likely. The storm will continue to affect Grand Cayman for at least five hours. Grand Cayman is still experiencing heavy winds, with strong gusts, and waves with heights of 14 to 16 feet.




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