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| 03/09/2008

(CNS): Crime Stoppers International, the umbrella organization for Crime Stoppers programmes around the world, recently announced that the total value of its recoveries worldwide peaked above a staggering $9 billion in July. And Cayman’s own Crime Stoppers programme recently reported that it too has been enjoying significant successes since its revitalization earlier this year with a series of activities intended to raise its profile and encourage more calls to its tips line, 800 8477 (800 TIPS).

Gary Murphy, President of Crime Stoppers International, was ready to praise the work of the some 1200 local and national Crime Stoppers programmes around the world, saying, “This is compelling evidence that our programmes make a real difference to the societies they serve.” He added, “The success of Crime Stoppers programmes depends upon the dedication and commitment of their members, as well as productive partnerships with the media, the police and the community. I would like to acknowledge the efforts of everyone who has worked with Crime Stoppers to help reduce crime and produce such impressive results.”

Stuart Bostock, Cayman Crime Stoppers chairman, reported, “We received more tips last month than we did in the whole of last year! Theserelated to a variety of criminal activities.” Mr Bostock went on to say, “Calls to our tips line have been steadily increasing in the last three months and look set to continue in that vein. The resultant arrests and recoveries are testimony to the fact that Crime Stoppers programmes really do make a difference.”

In addition to the 9 billion dollars of recoveries, global statistics released by Crime Stoppers International show that since its inception, the organization has been responsible for over 750,000 arrests, over a million cases cleared and has paid out nearly 90 million dollars in rewards.

Closer to home, Crime Stoppers data from across the Caribbean region for last year show that Cayman’s own programme boasted the highest conversion rate of calls to arrests made, the highest number of calls received per capita and the highest value in recovered narcotics (totaling about 90% of all the other regional programmes combined).

Crime Stoppers International is operated by a volunteer board of directors from Crime Stoppers programmes all over the world. Cayman is represented on this international board by Mr Bostock, who was elected in 2007 to serve as a Regional Director for the Caribbean, Bermuda and Latin America region until 2010. Crime Stoppers International is responsible for establishing programmes as well as guidelines to assure consistency.

The organization hosts an annual training conference and supports regional leadership and training programmes. It has also established a worldwide computer network to link its programmes and provides a periodic publication, the Caller, which is the official voice of Crime Stoppers International.

Cayman Crime Stoppers was formed in 1993 and provides a safe and secure means for anybody with information about a crime to share it freely whilst protecting their identity. Calls to the Cayman Crime Stoppers tips line are free, and are answered by a civilian-run call centre in Miami to guarantee absolute anonymity. Callers are never asked to reveal their identity or personal details and could earn a reward of up to $1,000 should their tip lead to the successful resolution of a case.

Call 800 TIPS (800 8477) to report a Crime in the Cayman Islands. Callers are reminded that there is no ‘1’ in front of the number.

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