Governor denies conspiracy

| 01/10/2008

(CNS): In a letter to the presstoday, HE the Governor Stuart Jack has said there is no conspiracy, grand scheme or ulterior motive on the part of the UK Government or the police in the UK to harm the interests of Cayman or to influence constitutional talks. “Any suggestion to the contrary is preposterous,” the Governor wrote.

In an unsual move for a sitting governor, Jack has written directly to a local newspaper in response to what he called misconceptions about the ongoing police investigations. Over the last few weeks, aside from the editorial in the Caymanian Compass, there have been numerous letters to all the media houses as well as calls to the radio talk shows raising serious concerns thatthe investigation is a deliberate attempt to undermine the country.

In a Viewpoint posted today on CNS, a group calling themselves Cayman’s Future Hope states, "Taking all the recent scandals into careful consideration, one can conclude that the UK is beginning to pull out of Cayman." Earlier this week, a commentary by Theresa Lewis Pitcairn echoed what many have been saying: "…if I did not know better I could be led to believe, based on the recent distasteful sequence of events, that there is a deliberate attempt by someone to destabilize our country."

Minister Alden McLaughlin also raised his concerns about the real motivation of the investigation, as reported on CNS yesterday, when he said the investigation amounted to an invasion by foreign police and seemed to be a gross over-reaction to the issues. “What’s at stake here is the international credibility of the Cayman Islands,” said McLaughlin, who added that the timing of the arrest of Justice Alex Henderson as constitutional talks were about to begin was too much of a coincidence.

However, in his letter the Governor insists it is just that. “The coincidence of several serious matters in recent weeks and months is very unfortunate and I am concerned about the cumulative impression this may give to our own community and to people in the wider world. This has literally caused me sleepless nights,” he said.

Once again the Governor asked for people to be patient and not to believe what he described as all the unfounded conspiracy theories, and not to be quick to condemn those under investigation or criticise those who are doing their best to investigate allegations and establish the truth.

“I am sure that the investigation team will share as much as it properly can, and as soon as it can, with the Government, with stakeholder groups and with the public as well as with me. I will do my best to ensure that happens,” he wrote.

The Governor noted that to reveal details prematurely could prejudice the investigations or any legal or disciplinary proceedings. He said it would be unfair to those under investigation who have not yet been found guilty of anything.

However, many people believe that the scant information has already led to Police Commissioner Stuart Kernohan being tried and found guilty by the public at large. Comments from some government ministers have also made it clear that Kernohan will no longer be welcome in Cayman if and when the investigation concludes. Many members of the local offshore community have raised their concern that the secrecy is the main problem and that the serious lack of information is fuelling ever more speculative assumptions and conspiracy theories.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    It is absolutely Third World mentality to suggest such that Great Britain is plotting a "Conspiracy Theory" to induce the "Fall of the Cayman Islands"! What has made us so Powerful & Influential around the world or are we as dangerous as North Korea or Iran

     Come Caymanians think clearly & carefully before getting enthralled into the Propaganda full of Madness & certainly very dangerous!

    A very Concern Caymanian from the Brac.


    • Anonymous says:

      I am not sure what ‘Concerned Caymanian from the Brac’ means by ‘third world mentality’. Perhaps third world in his mind means inferior. Many people would include the whole of the Caribbean (including Cayman) in the third world. Should we think of ourselves as inferior and aspire to have the mentality of those in developed countries which have exploited and underdeveloped third world countries? Are we supposed to feel that ‘Massa’ is always benevolent?  

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the Governor. Speculation and rumour are to be expected but the investigations should continue without any compromising disclosures.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I take HE at his word. However if there was a conspiracy, would he admit it?