Governor makes another appeal to public

| 02/10/2008

(CNS): HE the Governor Stuart Jack has made yet another statement pleading with the public not to listen to the continued speculation surrounding the special police investigation. As reported on CNS yesterday, the governor has drawn attention to points he made in a letter to the local press denying any conspiracy theories.

“I ask again for everyone to be patient, not to believe all the unfounded conspiracy theories, and not to be quick to condemn those under investigation, or criticise those who are doing their best to investigate allegations and establish the truth,” he said in the statement. However, speculation and conspiracy theories continue to mount within local public discourse.

One local attorney told CNS that the problem is the secrecy which is fuelling the various conspiracy theories. The special police investigation which has now drawn in one judge, three senior police officers and two local journalists continues against the backdrop of Cayman’s first round of constitutional talks which has been described as far too coincidental by local politicians, the wider members of the offshore community and the local business sector. The public at large too continues to voice its skepticism over the investigation and its true purpose. However CNS has also received some comments in support of the Governor and the continued secret enquiry.

“Contrary to some people’s opinion there is no conspiracy, no grand scheme, no ulterior motive on the part of the UK Government or the police in the UK or, of course, me to harm the interests of these islands, or to time developments in order to influence the constitutional talks,” the Governor has said again. “The Foreign and Commonwealth Office is obviously following these developments in Cayman, but is in no way masterminding them.”

Aside from the secrecy surrounding the investigation there are also concerns that the action taken by Martin Bridger the Senior Investigating officer, at the grant of the governor, are over stepping the mark. Minister Alden McLaughlin voiced his concern at the weekly press briefing last Friday when he said that it all seemed to be a gross over reaction to the issues at hand. “If we have a corrupt system we need to fix it but nothing I have seen or heard so far leads me to believe that the response of the Governor to these matters is proportionate.”

Moreover CNS has seen the original arrest warrant of Justice Alex Henderson and the reasons for the arrest listed do not seem to point to any serious misconduct and are based entirely on accusation allegedly made by John Evans to the investigators. The warrant accuses Henderson of telling John Evans the letters in Net News might be in contempt when they he knew they were not; improperly using his influence as a member of the judiciary; requesting John Evans get information; breaching Desmond Seales right to a personal life and exposing the judiciary to the risk of partiality.

The Governor has insisted that the whys and wherefores of the investigation will eventually be revealed and the public will see the purpose. He said once the police investigators have done their work the Attorney General’s Chambers here will decide whether to prosecute on the basis of the usual evidential and public interest tests.

“Woe betide this country if decisions by the police or the prosecutors on criminal matters were determined by a particular political or commercial interest. In the current cases I can assure everyone that they have not been,” he said. “The Special Investigation Team is carrying out independent investigations. All operational decisions are taken independently by the team here in Cayman, drawing on advice from their own expert legal counsel. Neither I nor anyone in Londoninstructs them how to conduct their investigations or what conclusions they should reach.”


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  1. Anonymous says:

    “The Special Investigation Team is carrying out independent investigations. All operational decisions are taken independently by the team here in Cayman, drawing on advice from their own expert legal counsel. Neither I nor anyone in London instructs them how to conduct their investigations or what conclusions they should reach.”

    By far this is the most important part of the speech by the Governor as it clearly separates him from the independent investigation which the revelations in the Caymanian Compass clearly show that he was being kept fully briefed on. We have a dilemma on our hands as the Chief Justice ruled against certain warrants that were sought on similar grounds as the warrant obtained for Justice Henderson which raises serious concerns over whether the conduct of this investigation just like the investigation it is investigating is in itself misconduct in public office by the officials responsible.

    Another point on the ‘expert legal counsel’ that has been missed by most, please point me to the appropriate provisions that allow the Attorney General to devolve his responsibility for prosecutions. I am however happy to see that the public interest limb that has always been left out is now included in the test along with whether sufficient evidence exists.

    • Anonymous says:

      So much for "advice for their own exper legal consel"! 

      "Justice Henderson claimed that Mr Bridger had not informed Mr Ebanks of the Chief Justice’s exoneration of Mr Evans, creating “a material failure to comply with the duty of candor required of those who make application for search warrants.”

      “The warrants purport to have been issued by the court, whereas [Mr Ebanks] is not a competent court of the Cayman Islands,” he wrote. “Accordingly the warrants do not comply with the …Criminal Procedure Code.”"




  2. Anonymous says:

    Horay for Governor Jack!!! What is wrong with Governor Jack is that the Cayman Islands have not had a Governor who had actually worked for his money for a long time! Most came &  sipped tea while enjoying the comforts of residing on our lovely 7 mile beach…He is actually doing his job!

    Small countries like ours tend to cover up too much corruptions done by friends & families and "Other Members of the Ruling Party"!!! Not to say that it does not happen in other larger countries but the the Governor is there to make sure that all checks & balances are in place thank god! And I for one have the most confidence in Mr. Jack on doing what is right for the Cayman Islands.

    A Caymanian/Bracker