Cayman to clean house

| 06/10/2008

(CNS): Everyone is being asked to pitch in and clean up over the next few weeks as the Cayman Islands Beautification Committee launches its second annual October Beautification Month. Chairperson Heather Bodden said that sprucing up now prepares the Islands for end-of-year events, such as Pirates Week, Jazz Fest and Christmas, as well as presenting the best possible image for Cayman as the busy tourist season approaches.

The Committee wants all residents to take note of Beautification Month’s Aims and Objectives, clean up their yards, and join a neighbourhood project to improve the appearance of a community area,’ she added.

Bodden said that every household should own proper and sufficient garbage cans in which to place securely bagged garbage. While it’s okay to use plastic grocery bags, leaving them unsecured on the roadside is a no-no and she said garbage cans and bins should be an enclosed or fenced unit

Debris collection throughout all the Districts will be scheduled in conjunction with the DoEH and the Cayman Islands Beautification Committee will place receptacles with covered garbage bins throughout all the Districts at specific locations and on 20 October all bulk waste/debris left by the roadside will be collected.

The Committee also encourages all other organizations to plan and carry out special cleanup and beautification activities throughout the month of October.Individuals in each District are encouraged to team up, clean up and beautify specific areas within their own neighbourhoods and communities.

Everyone is encouraged to take pride in their own surroundings and therefore show that true ownership is not just owning something but taking care of it in the best way possible,” said Bodden.

Schools and youth organizations are also being encouraged to organize and participate in clean-up and beautification activities.


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  1. Graham Walker says:

    The stretch of road from the cruise dock to the start of the West Bay Road is the tackiest part of the island. I cannot believe that the Minister of Tourism can ever open his eyes when he travels around North America and Europe. If he did he would see what a third world place that part of Cayman is. It is a national disgrace and an embarassment.

    He, and his ministry and the Department of Tourism, may say that there is no need to bother when the cruise and cargo docks are to be re-settled in that area. Years ago the Planning Deprtment claimed that Cardinall Avenue would be pedestrianised but nothing happened. In the same way the new cruise and cargo dock ideas are all pie in the sky. Who is going to be providing the money for this project. In the short term it sounds as though it will be from Saudia Arabia. For fifteen years major companies in the UK have had trouble when dealing with the Saudis. In the long term it will be Caymanians who will have to pay. In this very difficult time in the world’s finance markets we just cannot afford another huge capital project we cannot afford. Stop the spend, spend, spend now.

    Just tidy up North Church Street