Body found in burnt car

| 11/10/2008

(CNS): A police investigation is currently underway following the discovery of a dead body, which has not yet been identified, in a burnt car in West Bay , police said. The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) was responding to reports of a missing woman, Estella Scott-Roberts (left) when the vehicle was located in Dyke Road by the helicopter.

Scott-Roberts was reported as missing on Saturday morning 11 October. At this time, the last known sighting of her was on Friday night 10 October but the police said there is no official confirmation that the body found is that of Scott-Roberts. Senior Investigating Officer Peter Kennett who will be leading the enquiry said the police were in the process of piecing together the facts.

“I understand the communities concern and their desire for information,” he said. “We are still gathering the facts and assessing the scene and I assure everyone that I will update them as soon as I possibly can.”

Anyone with information about crime taking place in the Cayman Islands should contact their local police station or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS). All persons calling crime stoppers remain anonymous, and are eligible for a reward of up to $1000, should their information lead to an arrest or recovery of property/drugs.       


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  1. Joseph says:

    Mostly all cases involving Ganja is solved, just a few days ago saw news where over 200 lbs of Ganga was being destroyed along with other drugs. This is the 2nd muder of this degree within this year, the 1st one took place just a few hundred yards from my house on Mount Pleasant Rd, West Bay, I actually could smell the victim burning, (but did not dream it was a person being burnt to death in a car, GOSH) it was not a nice experience.

    Both of these horrible murders took place in West Bay: so I assume people are thinking and saying West Bay is the most  terrible place in Grand Cayman, so in a sense West Bay is a victim of terrible crime/s, and is getting a bad rap, women and families may have fear of living here now, and that is bad for West Bay. That said, I would like to say that the district of West Bay is just as innocent as the victim was.

    About our Police solving murder cases:the record speaks for itself, we all know that many crimes have gone unsolved the 1st horrible murder of this degree has not been solved yet, now we have a 2nd murder, do you think these murders will ever be solved? well, thats anybodys guess, I have a hard time understanding why more murders go unsolved, and why so many drug related cases are solved, I never like to be negative in my comments or opinions especially about the law who is suppose to "Serve and Protect" us, but when I look at all the unsolved murders one has to wonder,there is plenty room for the negative than for the positive because of so many unsolved murder cases, but now is not the time to bash the Police its time to HELP!! lets find the killer Cayman, lets not rest until this vicious ……………. is caught.

    On the issue of women being able to better protect themselves: this case should change the minds of law makers to see the need for women to carry protection, maybe if the victim had some kind of protection maybe, just maybe the whole scene where she was abducted from would have gone differently.

    IF ITS TRUE ABOUT THE RELEASED PRISONER: We should now see the need to try and fully rehab prisoners and make sure they have a job when released from prison, I know you can’t rehab a prisoner if he/she does not want to be rehab but this is the result society can experience if we just continue to condem those that are sent to prison, and think that prison is the answer to getting rid of those that commit serious crimes, when someone is sent to prison we all know that they have a lot of time to think, be it god or bad, so if there is revenge in the mind of a prisoner it has time to mature, and when he or she is released from prison that revenge can become a reality, maybe, just maybe this is a longtime behind bars thought out revenge that became a reality for the victim and a nightmare for all of us especially our women. I will do anything that I can to help solve this horrible murder and any other murder, I hope you will do same. Jah bless her soul.

    Rastaman West Bay

  2. Alice-J Ebanks says:
    The murder of Estella Scott-Roberts  seems to be  an unprecedented event in  the Cayman Islands. Recalling past murders, the motives were drug, domestic, burglary- related but this is one is different. The beautiful, fruitful character of the victim and the ? ? motive of this crime makes this so difficult to comprehend. 
    I agreed with others that our police like the easy stuff, Traffic and Drug users offences.   They need to prove themseves more trustworthy and behave professionally and the public will cooperate more fully .Without the public ‘s help, the police are impotent.  We need to help the police solve but where is our protection?   People are fearful for their lives in giving evidence to the police and rightly so.

    It saddens and scares me as I replay the news of Estella’s death in mind. I cannot help but think of the horror, the struggle and perhaps,the  pain of her last moments on this earth.  I pray for justice in this and past cases. I agree with setting up a Cold Case Unit to reduce the number of unsloved crimes, especially murders, in this country.

    I extend my sincere sympathy to the grieving family of  Estella Scott-Roberts and hold  them in my prayers at this extremely difficult and sad time.  May her soul rest in peace.

    I say Pray without ceasing for the three Cayman Islands.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Its horrific to know that such henious crimes such as this are being committed in this beautiful, "supposedly" peaceful, tranquil country. Estella was such a beautiful person, inside and out who spent her time helping to fight a cause she so dearly believed in. And to think that she would be victimized in such a way that demonstrates what she fought so hard to extinguish in Cayman. All of this only concretes in my mind and feeds my opinion that Cayman’s mix of cultures is causing our society to resemble that of 3rd world countries. 

    Although i never really had any faith or confidence in the RCIPS , i do hope that they realize that the crime situation in Cayman is getting out of hand and that they should prioritize their cases and focus alot of their energies on the many unsolved murders in Cayman and set aside the kind of money they DO for drug busts and so forth, to protect the citizens and residents of this country. By saying this I am not trying to make it sound like these issues do not matter….OF COURSE THEY DO. Its just that it seems to me that the protection of human life is more important. 

    I really hope that Estella’s husband, family, friends and the rest of cayman, will get to see justice served. not only for this case but hopefully for the other unsolved murders

  4. Kerry Horek says:

    How sad is this that a beautiful person as Estella was snuffed out so violently.  I am  sadden to say the least as many have said this could be any of us, but unfortunately it was someone who fought for the protection of women and children.

    I send my deepest sympathy to her family in the Brac, her Husband Rayal and her extended family here in Grand Cayman, may you be comforted during this time.

    I note that this same news service published an article of the recent passing of the Witness Protection laws in the house just last week.  However, although timely but yet still untimely as it didn’t help to protect Estella.

    God bless our country and the families affected by this unspeakable crime.


  5. I AM IN SHOCK says:

    I am in shock and so is the rest of the Caymans Islands when I heard of this on Saturday.  How can someone (but I believe it would have to be more than one person involved in this). 

    I knew Estella personally and all the hard work she did that made a difference in the lives of the abused women and children at the Crisis Centre. Estella died at the hands of abuse and what she fought so hard against!!

    I trust that this horrific crime will be solved, and that justice will come swiftly, and not go unsolved like so many others!!

    My deepest condolences go out to her friends and family, may God help you through this difficult time.

  6. Anonymous says:

    A sad day in paradise.


    What a sad day in paradise when young women are brutally murdered like this.  Estella was as beautiful person.  One would have a hard time not getting along with her fabulas personality.  Cayman Brac, no, the Cayman Islands have lost a jewel.  Let us pull together to find who has done such a violent act.  Our daughters and sisters need protection, NOW!


    • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

      My deepest sympathy is extended to the grieving family of Estella; I pray that God will comfort family member at this unfortunate time.

      On a few occasions, I had the pleasure of conversing with Estella on a number of topics, including the protection of women.  Her death should motivate us into action against violent crime.  We must stop asking what is Cayman coming to and start demanding our MLAs change the law which prevents persons from carrying certain items such pepper spray for self protection.

      Each one of us will most likely be our own first line of defense against such an attack, not the RCIP; if they are not present during an attack, they will be of no use to us and can only try to understand what has happened after the fact, but by then, it will be too late for you or I, as sadly, it was for Estella.

      I can only wish the Penal Code had not prevented Estella from having better means of protecting herself that night.  Friends, it could happen to you and me, if we don’t take steps to protect ourselves.  Such violence can be reduced, if the rest of us would get off the sidelines and stop watching others like Estella bear a burden we should have been helping her and others carry all along.

      In the past, we have advocated for constitutional protection of a person’s right of self protection.  Today again we ask the Government and the Human Rights Committee to ensure that any bill of rights guarantee our right of self protection.

      I often hear that the police are there to protect us, so I ask them whether the surviving family members of a victim could sue the police if they failed to protect a member of society and of course, you know the answer.  Well, that is no longer acceptable!  We should present the government with a petition that would make Estella proud.  Law abiding persons must be allowed to carry pepper spray, etc. for self protection.

      If people are fed up and want to give law abiding persons a fighting chance against violent crime, contact me at or 345-926-0716 and let’s do something to help prevent such attacks in the future.

      • Theresa Lewis Pitcairn says:


        Like this entire island, my family and I mourn the loss of Estella’s life.  I too knew her through her work with the Crisis Centre and would also see her at the gym.

        Her death cannot be a statistic of unsolved crime. You are absolutely correct when you say Estella could easily have been a sister, daughter, aunt or friend.

        If you have no objections I will speak to you about what you propose regarding the petition. For what it is worth I believe that the bill of rights as currently contemplated does not deal with certain of  the real issues that we face in our everyday life. Governments do not physically rape our children; governments do not physically rape women; governments do not physically murder people; a government body is not the only entity that may  discriminate against individuals and prevent them from getting a job. I say this to say that the community should be invited to rethink the human rights package that is proposed, ie the  abuse of ‘vertical’  human rights.



  7. Anonymous says:

    sip the water from the book of life

    and learn from everything around you

    i know her niece she catches my school bus

    such a loss

  8. Anonymous says:

    Good Morning Cayman,

    I myself as a Caymanian and a concerned citizen of Cayman I am sad this afternoon as I read the breaking news in one of our local newspapers. What has my home become meaning Cayman. Tthe police force here is a joke, that’s what I refer to it has The Joke Force. They are more concerned about drugs and speeding tickets, than solving murders. To the husband of Estella, family and many friends, I offer my deepest sympathy my prayers and may GOD comfort you in your sad time of loss. Estella was an AWESOME, KIND, LOVING human being and will be remembered that way in my heart and thoughts and am sure with the people of The Cayman islands. 

    This is the second death this year in West Bay, in which a precious human life has been taken this way. the police haven’t solved the first murder of Mr. Biese, and how many months has now passed. I doubt they will solve this another tragic murder. We as a community and counrty, the citizens and residents have had enough. We should all show up tomorrow mornng at the Government building the Glass house and demand the Governor and those jokers we have in the legislative assembly as the head of governtment the PPM do somthing to solve this escaliting crime problem not tomorrow or today but NOW. WAKE UP CAYMAN it could have been you, myself or a sister and aunt, uncle, your mother or father. ENOUGH IN S ENOUGH.   

  9. Anonymous says:

    Estella’s ordeal should not be a vainer! lets make women safety an issue in the upcoming elections! lets take it to Talk Today and the other talk shows! this is a dark incident in our history aswell as all the other ordeals affecting women of our society!stand up cayman! Let’s honor this fallen activist by bringing the issues she fought for to our leaders.

  10. Nancy Kirkaldy-Barnard says:

    Estella appears to have died in an attack that illustrates violence against women at its worst – the very thing she spent most of her career and personal time fighting against. 

    It is hard and immensly sad to think that her inspirational, brave life has been extinguished.  I know her many friends and others of us who were associates through work efforts will not let her have died in vain and will fight to eradicate violence against women.

    Nancy Kirkaldy-Barnard



  11. Anonymous says:

    I am a Caymanian who is currently living overseas and reading the local news in the media over the past month can only be described as disturbing.  It causes me to have little faith in the judicial, political and law enforcement systems on the island and a lot of concern about the future of the Cayman Islands.

    With the tragic death of Mrs. Estella Scott-Roberts, I too have concerns about the competency of the police to carry out this investigation and find the perpetrator.  I am hoping that he or she did something that was blatantly stupid which would provide an easy way of identifying the person(s) responsible otherwise this could be a needlessly long process. Given Mrs. Scott-Roberts’ popularity and connections on the island I am also hoping that the police will feel pressured to act competently and have this mystery solved sooner rather than later NO MATTER THE COST. After all, if we can spend millions on a helicopter that has yet to materialise and millions to investigate corruption in our police and judicial systems then why can’t we spend the needed time and resources when a crime is commited which takes a human life be it Mrs. Scott-Roberts or anyone else.

    I too have the same questions as all the people who have posted on Facebook since Estella’s tragic death became public…what is the Cayman Islands coming to? I remember many years ago, as a country the Cayman Islands would look down on Jamaica asa crime ridden and corrupt country and say we would never be like that.  Now it seems like only a matter of time. Crime, corruption, drugs etc. are prevalent in Cayman and the blindfolds must come off!

    To the men of the Cayman Islands, protect your mothers, wives, sisters, daughters and ensure they know how to protect themselves. Like Estella, I too have gone out with friends in Cayman to very public places and walked to my car on my own, never had it crossed my mind that I could be abducted…not in the Cayman Islands!!!  Personally, this tragic event is not only shocking but it does instill some level of fear.

    I pray that we will all see the person(s) responsible brought to justice, that our politicians and law enforcement will open their eyes and see Cayman for what it has become and that our women will not have to live in fear.

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Scott and Roberts families.  Keep your faith in God and know that he is watching over you.

  12. Anonymous says:

    What on earth is becoming of Cayman?!  Our Island is now on par with Jamaica, Bahamas and most other Islands that commit horrific crimes.  I remember when Cayman used to be a safe place to live and raise your children.

    Something has got to be done about these terrible crimes that are being committed, it has gotten way out of hand now, what did this poor women do to deserve such a faith?

    My condolences got out to her friends and family, I hope they find the person or people that have commited this horrific crime and is punished serverly.


    Concerned Caymanian Living abroad.

  13. Wayne says:

    Please get the FACTS in order someone. The initial search was done by two ex RCIP officers who happened to be friends of the victim along with a number of her personal friends and husband’s personal  friends. It was these guys who spoke to DOE who happened to be in the area Thank God ! DOE along with the one of the ex officers located the vehicle and body initially. Then the cops showed up after DOE called them. Helicopter the RCIPS desperately need one for matters such as this. It came to area after the vehicle was located. DOE did and outstanding job as we expect them to do. Rest in Peace Estella. People are fed up with what is happening in Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why am I not surprised that RCIPS would take the credit for something they did not do.  We extend our appreciation to the 2 ex- RCIPS officers who took the intiative to start the search along with family, friends and DoE.

      Hopefully the RCIPS realises that all eyes are on them and do everything in their power not to mess this one up!

  14. Anonymous says:

     Wow – only a native bracker would really pursue this case to the fullest extent of the law??  Get a grip!  Murder is murder and stop being so ignornant minded to think that anybody else from any other country wouldn’t feel sick to the stomach by this murder and want to do every single thing in their power to catch the killer(s)!!  In fact it’s probably better if it is a foreign national who heads up the case because there is less likihood of them knowing the murderer or being a relative (whether distant or close!).


  15. Anonymous says:

    My sympathies and condolences to the greived family of Estella.  May God blanket you in His Love at this time and bring comfort and strength into your hearts in Jesus Name i pray.

    Estella is a honorable Martyr.  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Jesus says No Greater Love than a friend lay down their life for another.  She had the greatest love of all, that many never live to attain.  May God bless her, and she will be greatly rewarded in the Kingdom of Heaven.  She is a honorable hero for her unselfish sacrificial love and care to battered women, and i hope and pray she is given the highest honorable funeral like that of a President.  She is greatly deserving of it.

    God Bless You Estella always, and God Bless and take care of and protect your family always in Jesus Name i pray.  Amen

    We need many more Estellas who are brave and unselfish to stand up for those who are to weak to stand for themself.  We need so many more Estellas.  May her unselfish giving life be an example to all of what really matters in life.  The Bible says that religion that is pure and holy is to take care of the widows and the orphans.  Women who are battered and abused by their husbands or boyfriends are spiritual widows and need help from others in society to reach out and help them in their weak and dark moment in life as they try to get away from abuse.  There should be more emphasis placed on domestic violence and tougher laws for those who are convicted and longer sentences.  This is a sad day in Cayman, a very sad day.  It is unprecedented.  Estella you will be honored and remembered, and your selfless giving and sacrifice to help the weak and battered will not go in vain!  

    My Love and Symapathies, God Bless. 

    CNS note: While we share the outrage expressed in the comments if the rumours about the perpetrator turn out to be true, we don’t think it would be helpful to post rumours right now. There is a press conference this afternoon and if anyone is in custody I expect it will be announced at that time.

  16. Anonymous says:

    It is so tragic to hear of such a terrible crime against this wonderful woman, she has helped so many victims, its sad to know she was the victim of this wicked crime.  I hope justice will be served!

  17. Anonymous says:

    I have known Estella for years and what a wonderful person she was. Her resolve to assist women out of abuse is unspeakable for a young person.  She ensured that the monthly then quarterly Domestic Violence Training programmes were conducted and later started the Women’s Crisis Centre.

    Outside of work, she was a caring, humble and genuine person.  To her family and relatives, may God give you strength. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.  I hope they find the Perpetrator

  18. Anonymous says:

    Very Very sad.

  19. Anonymous says:

    This is terrible and shocking. The police as usual, have no clue. Short of someone confessing, I have no confidence that the police can solve this horrific. They are incompetent and worse, quite lazy. The parking lot of Deckers restaurant where she was abducted from has still not even been cordoned off as at 9pm Saturday night. Between traffic from curious onlookers and the rainshowers, whatever evidence may have been there is likely lost.

    Estella was such a civic-minded person and a bright, hardworking Caymanian woman; she volunteered countless effort to community work. Whether people disagreed with her stance or her causes, she did not deserve this. This is absolutely terrible. Condolences to her friends and family – may God help you through this difficult time. Though we are no longer able to tell Estella in person how much her worked has helped touch so many lives, please know it is greatlyappreciated.


    Melanie McLaughlin & Family




    • Anonymous says:

      BARBARIC TO SAY THE LEAST!!   It appears to be the ultimate hate for someone if one human can do this to another.  This reminds me of pictures of warfare in places like Uganda and Apartheid era in South Africa.  Are we going to let these criminals continue to disrupt our peace with these behaviors and get away with?   I agree – the RCIPS need to get down to business and DO THEIR JOB.   Also, any WITNESSES out there please do the right thing. It seems apprehension of someone suspected of carrying an ounce of ganja is more important the apprehension of someone who commits murder.

      If RCIPS can take an "army" with guns to invade a poor woman’s house for an outstanding traffic ticket, then they better prove themselves by acting on this latest crime and finding the perpetrator and taking swift action so these person(s) are brought to justice.

      For too long, crimes against humanity in this country have gone on without someone being brought to justice.  I can remember a dear elderly lady in Bodden Town speaking out against the drugs in her community.  It’s been years since she’s gone missing.  She’s still missing and no one has yet to be prosecuted.  What’s this saying to the hardened criminals?   NO PROBLEM – we can do it (CRIME) and get away with it!!!

      First, RCIPS need to create a cold case unit – hire outside professionals if needs be and re-open these cases – make the criminals in this society uncomfortable.  Why should the law abiding citizens feel threatened instead?

      Not too long ago another burnt body was found in a car in West Bay.  I have yet to hear of someone being sentenced to life in prison for this crime, so I guess some criminal figured that based on the last case they are not likely to get caught!

      I am so angry.  How could this happen to someone who tried to make a difference in our community?  I say take to the streets Cayman.  Let us protest with our placards in front of the RCIPS building and outside our local representatives’ headquarters.  ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!

      The women in our community for decades have endured crimes against them that have been ignore from stalking, harassment, beating and even murder.   IT’STIME TO RAISE THE LEVEL OF INTOLERANCE.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Amazing, if the rumour is true XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX  I tell you we have the weakest and sickest systems in place.  Sad that her untimely death will be what it will take to change the system or implement one that will all protect witnesses. 

    The time is now Cayman to stop taking things for granted.  Bring back the Gallows and hang anyone who is found guilty of murder.

    Also authorities time to stop your stupid 1930’s mentality and allow women, yes especially women to bear defence weapons such as pepper spray and mace and any other items that we can use to protect ourselves.

    This woman advocated protecting women and children in your work and she is now the victim.

    So sorry we are such a backward society when it comes to the protection of women and children.  Sad day in Paradise.  But we better make changes fast and cut out all the red tape before others fall victim to such horrific crimes.

    Politicians it is time for you to stop your stupid arguments and do something to protect your wives, children and your country.

    God help us all in this country.  I going now to call the Security Centre, break my bank account and give them all the money I have to install cameras, alarms and what ever else that they can to protect me in my home and I will now be more vary of my surroundings.  Sorry restaurants, lounges and bars I am no longer going to darken your doors until the laws are changed and they are enforced when changed.

    Lastly, I personally feel that this case should be headed up by a local officer and if possible a Native Cayman Bracker too as any other nationality will not take it personally and really pursue this case to the fullest extent of the law in Estella’s honour.  Hate me for the comment as you wish, but that is my personal feelings on the matter make a native head up the investigation and you will see results very soon.

    I hope the families affected by this woman’s death will be

    comforted and justice will come swiftly.

    CNS note: I’m sorry, I’ve deleted part of this comment. We believe it would be irresponsible for us to allow speculation as to the identity of the perpetrator at this stage. However, you made a really excellent point that CNS will pursue. If you’d like to discuss this, you can email

  21. Anonymous says:

     Most likely some p’d off abusive husband whose wife was helped to get away from him by this amazing woman!

  22. Anonymous says:

    What is cayman coming to? That a young women would  be brutally  burned to death in her own car.