Promotion at the Postal Service

| 15/10/2008

(CNS): The new Mails Manager for the Cayman Islands Postal Service (CIPS) began working for the Service in November 1986 when, wanting to earn a little extra seasonal cash, he signed up to help out with Christmas mail. Some two decades later as he moves up another rung on the management ladder, Lloyd McField has never regretted that initial decision.

“The postal service is where I immediately felt I belonged,” he said. “I love my job, I think I have a calling to serve the public and I enjoy working with them.”

Within one year of joining the department he was a permanent employee, gradually working his way up from secondary to primary sorter. In 1994 he was promoted to Customer Care Officer at the General Post Office, and from there McField was appointed supervisor in the Incoming Mail section with responsibility for six employees. In time he gained experience in every section of CIPS. Then, in 2006 he was promoted to Quality Manager.

As part of the preparation for his new position, Postmaster General Sheena Glasgow arranged a four-week secondment to the Barbados Post Office, intended to reinforce McField’s local exposure to all operational aspects.

“The Barbados postal administration is well known throughout the Caribbean for its organisation,” ActingPostmaster General Ann James explained. “His experience over there provided broader scope and greater insights than we could provide here in Cayman because they are a larger administration,” she said.

As Mails Manager – the second highest position in operations – McField will have responsibility for overseeing mail processing for all three islands. That task includes every aspect of incoming and outgoing mail, and the CIPS processes over 12 million pieces annually. He will also maintain statistics and will work closely with Deputy Postmaster General: Operations, Anthony Williams.

James expressed every confidence in McField. “Lloyd is an excellent worker and always gives 100 percent. I have complete faith in his abilities and he is constantly looking at ways to improve the service. His work ethic has earned the respect of his peers and he’s not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get dirty, pitching in as needed,” she said.

“He is the kind of employee that every organisation hopes for, and we are glad to have him. Plus, it is nice to see a young Caymanian in top management, having climbed up through the ranks.”

In his turn, McField said he was grateful for the Postmaster General’s faith, and added, “One of my aims is to instill teamwork across the board. The postal service is a family unit and everyone has a role in meeting customers’ expectations. I will be taking a 360-degree approach to the Mails Manager position, from incoming to outgoing mail, and looking at things not just from a mails operation point of view but also from the perspective of our customers,” he concluded.

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