Tight timeline on murder

| 17/10/2008

(CNS): According to the police the timeline between Estella Scott-Roberts leaving the restaurant where she had dinner on the night of her murder  to the time when the car in which she was found in the Barkers area, West Bay was set on fire is only around 45 minutes. Police have also confirmed through forensic evidence that Scott-Roberts was murdered before the vehicle was set ablaze. (Left – photo of Estella taken  at Decker’s on the night of her murder))

At a special media briefing called to appeal once again to the public to come forward with any information they may have to help catch the killer or killers, police explained what appears to be a short timeline. (Right: a 2007 Ford Edge like Estella’s. Her license plate number was 129-257)

Senior Investigating Officer Peter Kennett confirmed that Scott-Roberts left Decker’s restaurant at around 11:15 to 11:30 on Friday night, 10 October, and soon after midnight the car was set alight. This was based, Kennett said, on witness accounts of hearing the exploding airbags and car horn and how long forensic experts have judged it would take for the car to reach the level of heat to cause those explosions.

“It is a very tight timeline,” said Kennett, though he added that they had drawn no specific conclusions from that timeline. “We don’t know whether its was planned or whether it was random. We are looking at all sorts of theories and I have to keep an open mind.” He also explained that the forensic examiner had been able to determine from a blood sample that Scott-Roberts had been murdered before the car was set on fire. However, he said he was unable to state the actual cause of death.

Kennett noted that the investigation was going well, although he would not be drawn on whether the police had zeroed in on any suspects. His colleague, Superintendent Marlon Bodden, said that the public had been supportive and were coming forward with information on this and other crimes. Bodden said no murders are ever looked at in isolation and the police were looking for any possible links. He also made a direct appeal to the murderers to come forward and give themselves up.

The officers noted that an enormous amount of CCTV footage had been seized and the police were still going through it and were unable to say if any was of value.

Acting Commissioner Anthony Ennis said the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service was treating the murder as a high-priority investigation and had committed every resource necessary, including two overseas experts, twenty police officers, detectives and specialists, as well as a crown counsel advisory team.

Ennis said he had twice briefed the Government and the Legislative Assembly and they have pledged their full support. “My officers are fully engaged and committed to bringing Estella’s killer or killers to justice sooner rather than later,” Ennis added. “However, to achieve this desired outcome that I’m sure is shared by every member of the community, I cannot emphasize enough that we need the support of the public in providing us with any information no matter how insignificant it might seem.”

Ennis also acknowledge that there had been criticisms from the community over the handling of the post-crime-scene analysis but he said he was confident that the evidence collected had not been compromised. “Following the on-scene examination of the vehicle, it was moved to a safe and secure location where the officers continued to work tirelessly, under extreme and difficult conditions, up to the following day when I was personally present as they meticulously extracted crucial evidence along with the remains of Estella,” Ennis added.

Kennett also clarified that allegations regarding released prisoners on Friday were “nonsense” and that he had no evidence that Scott-Roberts had received any threats prior to her murder. He added his pleas for constructive assistance and said that the community had a moral obligation to come forward with any information they had that could help police find the people responsible.

“We have a moral duty to stand up for each other and not be frightened of coming forward. Otherwise people won’t ever get convicted and they will still be on street committing crime. They must come forward,” he added.

Ennis noted that anyone who was afraid to come to the police could report what they know to Crime Stoppers or to any individual officer they felt comfortable with, or even their pastor, so long as they come forward somehow.

Designated numbers for people to call if they have any information:
Detective Inspector Kim Evans – 926-1773
Detective Constable Wade Chase – 925-7240
Detective Constable Charmane Dalhouse – 926-3975
Detective Constable Karl Lovell – 925-6761
Crime Stoppers – 800-8477

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I still say that the Caymanians who held the work permits of the Estella Scott murderers should be prosecuted as well.  These men were NOT working 40 hour weeks, but were like the countless others that are brought here by Caymanians to work (one day a week for me *for free and the rest  of how you make a living is up to you…)  They slipped through the Immigration cracks.  These men sis not turn to robbing overnight, they were desperate.  If the LAW was adhered to we would not have these problems!  Someone needs to DEMAND justice from Mr. Manderson and tell his department to start ENFORCING our Immigration laws and FINES to stop the opportunitist amongst us from purpetuating such situations.  I’ve been approached by three Jamaican this week alone- all here on work permits but NOT WORKING.  Shame on us!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have been to Jamaica and have seen police arresting criminals in Montego Bay for a crime that had taken place in St. Thomas (this is more than umpteen times the distance of Cayman)  just  hrs. prior, yet we have so many unsolved crimes in Cayman (such a small place) 

     A few things, I know we have a lot of Jamaicans in the police force, are they not trying as hard in Cayman as they do in Jamaica and also I doubt very much it was with the publics help.  (By the way, I am not prejudiced against Jamaicans as my daughter is 1/2 Jamaican, I am simply saying they need to use some of their skills and do not be so relaxed. )  I was also told that no help came from people in the community it was skilled & smart police work.

    RCIP please work genuinely hard to build the publics confidence. 


  3. Anonymous says:

    I understand that the friends and family of the other persons would feel like their loved ones crime went unnoticed and wonder where was the Community when they needed comfort and their loved ones needed voices.  To those people I do apologize because not everyone knew them.

    Everyone either knew or knew of Estella, everyone had some knowledge of the work that she did.  This small petit person was the loudest voice fighting to make this country a safer place for the abused women, children and the always forgotten abused men.  Estella’s life work was to protect those that couldn’t protect themselves and she was repaid in this brutal manner. 

    It hurts because she helped and protected so many and no one was able to protect her.  It hurts because the abused have lost their loudest advocate.  So we’re sorry your loved ones have gone unnoticed and we hope that the police will bring their killer or killers to justice.  Estella Scott-Roberts didn’t belong to a select few she belonged to everyone, not just a few mourn her, this country mourns her.

  4. Anonymous says:

     Dare one say it – whilst this was an horrendous crime which absolutely deserves the attention it is getting; one is also wondering why the same said attention was not given to the other victim of same crime and of the machete crime? These were also as horrendous, but the victims were not as well known. 

    So this had to happen to an upstanding member of the community before notice is taken? Bless her and all the good work that she did. Cayman – please; get back to your roots. Do not be a little America. It serves no one. 

  5. Anonymous says:

    To the COWARDS who took the life of Estella:  You are truly cowards in every sense of the word!   To attack an unarmed, defenseless human being under the cover of night, when no one else is around to help, is a chicken’s way.  You have no backbone and if someone enticed you to perform such a heinous act then they are even bigger cowards!

    You may run from human justice and the law but the OMNIPOTENT, OMNISCIENT (all powerful, all knowing) GOD see your every move.  May you not sleep, may your souls NEVER have peace.

    For though you may hide from human justice, JUDGMENT DAY IS COMING FOR YOU.  For with the same fire with which you burned an innocent soul, hell and damnation awaits your tormented souls.  You shall burn in an everlasting fire that will never go out.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t ya notice? We’ve got lots of overseas investigators here from Scotland Yard! All we need to do is to give themsomething constructive to do like solve murders.  

    • Anon says:

      I was wondering if anyone else would pick up on that. Thanks for pointing it out!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    what the govt should do, is bring in more overseas investigators to investigate this crime.  for too long now, serious crimes have gone unsolve and sad to say, but I think this one will go unsolved too.  Most of the unsolved crimes were dealt with the local detectives/investigators.  I really hope they find the animal or animals that did this.

    • The comment submitted by Anonymous Burnard Tibbetts says:

      Like the previous writer said we do need to bring in private investigators from overseas to investiage this vicious murder of our beloved Estella Scott-Roberts, the local police are not able to handle this, and that is why so many murders still remain "unsolved".  I do pray and trust that this one will not be added to the "unsolved list" and become another "cold case".



  8. Anonymous says:

    The police are absolutely correct in not divulging any details of the investigation to the public. They should maintain that position and not give into any public pressure to do otherwise until their investigation is complete. Let speculation be what it may but me must pray and have faith that the truth will be uncovered and the correct information will be divulged in time.