CAL cuts Tampa jobs

| 19/10/2008

(CNS): The National Flag Carrier, Cayman Airways, is cutting jobs in Tampa, Florida, and outsourcing the passenger service function. The Cayman Islands and Miami are now the only gateways employing CAL desk staff. From 1 November passenger service at Tampa will be handled by Airport Services International Group (ASIG).

According to the airline, this will bring Tampa in line with the operational models of other CAL gateways where the passenger service function is outsourced. Currently, the Cayman Airways passenger functions in Jamaica, New York, and Havana are outsourced, with one full time CAL employee serving as station manager.

Cayman Airways CEO Designate Olson Anderson said that outsourcing the passenger service function at the Tampa station makes good business sense at this particular time. He said the Cayman and Miami stations would continue to have full time Cayman Airways staff because of the frequency of flights.

Anderson added that ASIG would become the service provider for Cayman Airways in Tampa, and has offered employment opportunities to the current Tampa employees. A meeting was held recently with all Tampa employees.

“Cayman Airways has had a strong relationship with ASIG in Tampa since the start of service to that gateway in the 1980’s, and we assure staff and customers that the same look and feel of the Cayman Airways brand will be maintained in Tampa, as well as our commitment to superior customer service, during and after the seamless transition,” said Anderson.

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  1. Wanda Simmons says:

    While I can understand the need for sound business decisions, I can only hope that the service provided by the Cayman Airways staff will not be compromised.  I have found them to be outstanding over the past 17 years.  They always make the check-in and boarding process a delight which is incredible in airport service today.

  2. A. Colin Panton says:

    I agree that it makes good business sense to outsource the Tampa station passenger services but I hope that ASIG will employ most if not all of the present personnel, who, in my opinion have been doing a sterling job.