Basketball U-19 Boys and Girls Leagues Action

| 22/10/2008

(CNS): Three weeks into the season and already the entertainment and action are getting better and better in the Cayman Islands Basketball Association’s (CIBA) U-19 Boy and Girl Leagues.
In the games, which took place at the CIBA court off Eastern Avenue on Saturday, Tarheels Playmakers defeated Young Wolves 81-55 in the first game of the evening (left); Monarch took down Comets 56-25 and Links doused Sparks 37-31 in the final game of the evening for the U-19 Girls.

According to a release from the CIBA, young Josh Cotterell (Tarheels) entertained fans as he dunked the ball on several occasions. Cotterell was architect of his team’s win as he scored 27 points, secured 16 rebounds and was responsible for five steals and two blocks. Side-kicks David Taylor scored 18 points and Haymond Rankine had 14 points and secured 20 rebounds. They also provided those in the stands with some flying action.

Truth be told, the evening’s first game featuring Tarheels and Wolves was a one-sided affair, as the defending champs (Tarheels) secured their second win of the season. This is not to say that Wolves did not have some shining players of their own. Darrel Paddyfoot and Ruben Smith were the top-scorers. Paddyfoot netted 16 points and 15 rebounds. Smith was second with 12 points and eight rebounds.

Tarheels placed Wolves under their heels in the first moments of the game with Josh landing the first couple of shots in the rim. In fact, the score was 33-26 at the opening of the second quarter. In the third quarter, Wolves slowed the onslaught of Tarheels to nine points. This was due in part to young Tikko Moore, David Terry and Ben Stoner who closely guarded Cotterell. The three took turns sticking closely to Cotterell, which kept the Tarheels’ main player under wraps. In the end, Tarheels changed their game plan as they drew on other players. Wolves, on the other hand, had a very short bench of only six players.

This is the first time that Young Wolves is appearing as a team in CIBA’s U-19 Boys League so coach Durand “Trini” Whittaker” stressed that he views this season as developmental period.
“We have a young team, some players are only 15 years-old and for some this is the first time they are playing organised basketball. We are looking to the future and not immediate results and I would like to thank our team because each time we play, we are getting better and better,” he added.

Monarch, the defending champs of the women’s U-19 league ruled Comets 56-25 in the second game of the evening.

It seemed that the stars were aligned for Monarch – they have the height, the experience and fitness to out match the younger, less experienced Comets, as the results showed.

However, Comets’ 12-year-old Felicia Conner’s three-pointer in the first quarter put Monarch on notice not to toy with their opponents.
Inthe second quarter, Comets were on a run and came within eight points of catching Monarchs. However, Monarchs rallied to win the game in the third and fourth quarters.

Conner was the leading scorer for Comets with nine points. Tracey Hydes added 12 rebounds.
Monarch’s top-gun was Christsanian McLean, who led with 16 points and 14 rebounds and April Ebanks had 14 points and 10 rebounds along with five steals.

In the final match of the evening, Lynx overcame Sparks 37-31 in a close and exciting game.
Catherine Ebanks led with 21 points, 10 rebounds and 4 steals; Annique Holness added 14 points and 15 rebounds in her game debut. Kimberly Pitta led with 16 points and 22 rebounds.

Cayman Islands Basketball Association’s U-19 Boys games are played on Tuesdays (6.15 p.m.) and Saturdays (4:00 p.m.). CIBA U-19 Girls games are played on Saturdays from 6:00 p.m.
All games are played at CIBA’s court off Eastern Avenue.


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