Police: Husband not a suspect

| 23/10/2008

(CNS): Update: Following a statement from the police yesterday countering rumours that Estella Scott-Roberts’ husband was a suspect for her murder, Rayle Roberts himself has spoken out in an appeal to the public to stop "rumor mongering and allow the police to get on with their task without having to respond to baseless and unfounded stories." 

On Thursday, Detective Chief Inspector Peter Kennett reiterated that Rayle Roberts had not been arrested and was not a suspect. “People that peddle unjustified rumours without any foundation whatsoever cause untold anguish to those closest to Estella and have a negative effect on the progress of the enquiry. Rayle has not been arrested, is not a suspect and has never been a suspect,” he said.

Calling the person, or persons, who committed the crime “evil”, Roberts insisted that he had nothing to do with the murder of his wife, and had cooperated with the police and their investigation from the outset. He also said he had provided police with all information that they have requested, and allowed them full access to their home and possessions.

“In the midst of our grief and loss, we have been subjected to further unimaginable pain and suffering by the unfounded and malicious rumours that have spread like wildfire throughout this community since Estella’s murder,” Roberts said, explaining that he had been counseled not to talk but that the most recent stories have left him no option other than to speak publicly. “These rumors have sought to sully the character, reputation, and name of my wife. They have also sought to implicate me in her murder. These unfound stories have left me, my family and friends, with feelings of profound anger and resentment.”

Roberts said he had never been arrested or treated as a suspect “in this horrendous crime” by the police, and would continue to support the efforts of the police.

He said, “On behalf of my family, Estella¹s family, friends and myself, I ask those responsible for starting and spreading such vicious rumours to stop your falsehoods, as they are a source of our continued grief and suffering. Please allow us to grieve and mourn over our loss without having to deal with the distraction of such malicious falsehoods.”

According to an RCIPS release, the investigation is going well with a number of leads being followed and progress being made. One man remains in custody, assisting police with their enquiries.Referring to assistance from the public, Kennett acknowledged that cooperation has generally been good.

Since the tragic events of 10 October, twenty officers supported by various specialist staff have been diligently working on the case. Two experts have been drafted in; a Forensic Pathologist and an Arson and Explosives expert, both of whom have given invaluable advice and assistance to the investigation team. A number of exhibits have been sent to laboratories overseas for forensic analysis and many statements have been taken, with this number growing daily. In addition, 8 anonymous tips have been received by Crime Stoppers in Miami and passed to the Major Incident Room for follow up.

“We appreciate the assistance offered by the public so far and ask that this continues. We must stand up against violence together, as a community,” Kennett said. “Some people are quick to engage in conversation about theories, possible motives, suspects and the investigation in general. If anyone has information that they think can help, they should contact the murder investigation team. Even if the information you have seems insignificant to you, it could be crucial to us.”

Estella Scott-Roberts was last seen in the car park in-between Deckers and Buckingham Square at around 11:15pm on Friday, 10 October. Her burnt out vehicle was found in the Dykes in West Bay the following day. An examination of remains found in the vehicle by a forensic pathologist has left little doubt that the body is that of Estella Scott- Roberts.

Dedicated contact numbers:
Detective Inspector Kim Evans – 926-1773
Detective Constable Wade Chase – 925-7240
Detective Constable Charmane Dalhouse – 926-3975
Detective Constable Karl Lovell – 925-6761

Anyone with information about this case should contact the murder investigation team or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS). All persons calling Crime Stoppers remain anonymous and are eligible for a reward of up to $125,000 USD, should their information lead to an arrest and conviction.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    These are exactly the reasons why the foreign people come to these islands and suceed over us as we Caymanians so often scream! Why? The foreigners are focused on just that…. Succeeding and progress!!! What are Caymanians concerned with???Tearing each other down, castigating people …spreading false rumors, melicious gossip and they are not aspiring to any level above that. Crabs in a barrel !!!!!They revel in the misfortune of their fellow caymanians. "Yeh! He might be a little better off than me in someway or have something that I think I should have!" So that oh so familiar demon of jealousy rears it’s ugly head! They take absolute pleasure in destroying people with the lies and inuendos! The good book says it oh so clearly…. the power of life and death is in the Tongue! Stop accusing people!!!!!!!!!! Let the police do what they are being paid good money to do and if they don’t I am sure they are quite aware that the heat is now turned up under them to perform and if the don’t then they are out!!!!!It is absolutely unimaginable how Estella’s husband, family and close friends are feeling right now. The pain and suffering defys discription and to add to that these allegations and deframation of peoples charecter is, especially hers, is unpardonable! So to all those persons who proport to know who committed this heinous act by making all these accusations, why don’t they step forward and claim the reward??? I am sure the police will be more than happy to hear from you all! Seeing that you all already have the case solved! Furthermore,  the police are absolutely correct in keeping things quiet until they know they have the right person or persons! So unless you all have something valid and constructive to add to the investigation then stop spreading rumors!  Dont these people ever stop to think that this can only hurt the investigation instead of helping? If the police have to waste time coming out to defend innnocent people who are being falsely accused while they should be focusing on persuing real information it is only wasting valuable time.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I find it quite amusing to see the bickering that has occured on this site alone over Ms. Estella’s death. This is the same reason why our islands will be no better!


    Face the facts: We’are on a small island and when something as eventful as murder happens people are bound to talk. Get over it! Ignore the gossip.. we ALL know that no one  KNOWS besides the horrible/sick person/s that did the crime. If people are hit by a car u hear they are in intensive car, lost limbs etc. Thats how gossip works! its bond to get twisted.. so just get over it!! Stop posting messages etc and just keep quite.. if you are approched say u dont know but u hope they solve it!
    I wish the officers all the best in their investigation and I for one HAS NOT particpated in the spreading of news regarding this crime. My prays go out to the family.


    Have a blessed day and ONCE AGAIN.. i remind you all to please stop bickering and lashing at each other, put faith in God’s hands.


    A young caymanian.
    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with what you are saying. But wow you have really bad spelling/grammar.

  3. Anonymous says:

    People just need to leave the investigating to the police!! STOP accussing people! STOP pointing fingers! STOP talking things that you hear and have NO PROOF that what you are repeating is the truth! You are not helping Estella, Rayle, their friends and family or the police! STOP trying to guess and come up with your own theories of what happened that horrible night! Leave it to the police! Have a little faith that they will get the job done and bring Estella’s killer to justice!! When you repeat these rumours that you hear…you are only causing more pain and heartache to Estella’s loved ones left behind to mourn for her! We all want justice! We are all scared! We want to know what happened! We all want Estella back! But for now all we can do is pray to God and have faith that Estella’s murderer will be found and brought to swift and severe justice! Please think of her family and friends before you decide to spread malicious rumours. Put yourself in their shoes. Would you want someone accussing you of something so heinous when you know in your heart you are innocent? I don’t know who’s innocent and I don’t know who’s guilty. I’m just saying think about how you would feel if it was happening to you…before you join in with the village gossipers and start spreading rumours that only hurt rather than help!

  4. Anonymous says:

    The police do not have to explain to the public every single time they rule out somebody as a suspect.  Do you want to know then why ALL her family and every single one of her friends and enemy’s were ruled out???  The police are doing their jobs and if they have stated that he is not a suspect then they have reason.  And unless you are a family member and not just some nosey busybody looking for a bit of juicy gossip, then the details are none of your business.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I would imagine that the most probable reason for the husband NOT being a suspect is that he had an alibi for the night of the murder………………if he was with other people during that time, he obviously could not have committed the murder.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I agree with all 3 of the above comments 100% .And old caymanian saying The Truth Shall Set You FREE  .Let us all watch and PRAY for the truth to come out soon .

  7. Anonymous says:

    Has it occured to anyone that Mr. Roberts had already been checked out and cleared by the police and gave a statement and alibi which also checked out and that he spent numerous hours talking with the Police the day her body was found?

    Despite what most people here would like to believe, the police are not under any obligation to reveal the details of their investigation, evidence or reasoning in a private matter to the general members of the public.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I hope that this will be one case that is not kept onsolved.  Murderers are free walking around our streets everyday.  Its time to do justice. When this murderer is found i hope that they will be the first one to get the death penalty!

  9. Anonymous says:

    We should not rush to judgement. In time the truth will come out

  10. Anonymous says:

    Everyone should have always been and remain a suspect.  Please do not dismiss people because you think you know them. 

  11. Anonymous says:

    I believe the main reason people are spreading rumors, is because in any given case where there has been a murder, the spouse is always a suspect. So what is that, that makes this case different from the rest. what is the evidence that makes police decide that the husband is not a suspect. This I believe is what makes the public confuse. You just cant come out and say that someone is not a suspect unless you show why such person has been cleared.