Suspect injured in robbery

| 24/10/2008

(CNS): An attempted robbery in George Town on Thursday night ended with one of the offenders seeking medical attention for a stab wound at the George Town Hospital, where he remained under police guard until he was discharged sometime today. He joined two other men held in custody at George Town Police Station (left) following the attempted armed robbery at Wright’s Barber Shop, Sound Way, in George Town Thursday night, 23 October.

According to the RCIPS, the 911 Emergency Communications Centre received a call from a man at the barber shop just before 7:00 pm reporting that three men, each wearing masks and carrying what appeared to be firearms, entered the shop and demanded money. A struggle ensued which resulted in one of the offenders being injured. The men fled from the shop and made off in a vehicle towards the direction of Welly’s restaurant. No shots were fired.

The suspects were subsequently arrested after seeking medical attention at the hospital. The condition of the injured man is described as critical, but stable. The RCIPS has seized a vehicle for examination and investigations continue.

Police say there does not appear to be anything linking this incident with an armed robbery on Wednesday afternoon.

Anyone who was in the area at the time of the incident is asked to contact Detective Constable Ronald Francis on 526-2578 or Detective Sergeant Colin Oremule on 516-8746. The RCIPS would like to remind the public that the safest action to take in the event of a robbery is to hand over the goods demanded, as attempts to defend oneself could put individuals in danger.

Anyone with information on this incident should contact George Town CID on 949-
4222 or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS). All persons calling crime stoppers remain
anonymous, and are eligible for a reward of up to $1000, should their information lead to an arrest or recovery of property/drugs.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    LMBO!!! You sure made my morning!!!

    To the supposed robber – **DA WHA YOU GET YA FOOL!** Go get a J-O-B with your lazy self. I hope the RCIPS posts your name on a "Cayman’s dumbest criminals list" to show you how senseless this type of violence is.

    I, like everyone else here, have to haul my butt into work EVERY day no matter how lazy or tired or sick I feel. Why should we be your sponsors? Times are not THAT hard where no one is able to get some type of a job, there IS work here for everyone, just make an attempt and GO AND LOOK SOME WORK. STOP BEING A LAZY & PATHETIC BURDEN TO CAYMAN’S ECONOMY! The people of this community have had enough of you sponging off of society. Go and earn your own funds so you can have something to be proud of yourself with! The money you spent on firearms could’ve went towards something useful like books or on-the-job training. Use your head people, that’s all you have to do. Use your head for something good in life and stop being so lazy.

    To the barber – you are brave and should be commended, but still please try and be careful because these fools are usually very full of vengance and you might just be targeted again.



  2. Anonymous says:

    Well done to the barber he should be commended for his brave move .He should still be pounding them .I cant seemyself standing all day working and just giving up my hard earn  money just so .I do believe half the guns are fake .I am ready for them any day myself mine dont need oil just a good file which i do have .By the way i am a WOMAN who aint a coward .I will CHOP then ask QUESTIANS later.Lets STAND UP CAYMAN to these LAZY CROOKS.

  3. Jedi Dread says:

    AH ha ha ha ha haaaa…  wooo…  serves ’em right, go out and get a job like everybody else…


  4. Anonymous says:
    • I believe that Immigration needs to start checking out whether emloyees are really working for the employer or is just roaming around looking for work. 
    • If this is so then it is criminal and they are to blame for half the robberies going on on the island as when people are hungry and homeless they will steal and rob and kill. 
    • Also those visitors to the island some of them are criminals back home coming with falsified documents just for the purpose to rob and steal and return home. 
    • They figure they can make in one robbery what it would take them 6 months to make if they were gainfully emloyed.  
    • The labour market is flooded now.  
    • I know of a heavy equipment business  who gives any excess work to a Caymanian worker but that comany is applying for a work permit for a heavy equipment operator.  
    • There has to be a way  to get around this travesty and abuse of the work permit law that some emloyhers are doing.  
    • It is because they have to pay the Caymanian the worthy hourly rate of $20-25 an hour for operating  all types of heavy equipment and they can pay the work permit holder $8-10.
    • This is ruining our economy and our island. 
    • We need a minimum wage and a realistic one too.
    • I hope fingerprinting is soon instituted. 
    • We should start registers for different types of caymanian/status holders/residents with permission to work, employees/labourers like heavy equipment operators, waitresses, receptionists, domestic workers, plumbers, truck drivers, masons, electricians etc.
    • Immigration should look at these registers before granting a permit.  If these registers have workers unemployed then emloyers must get workers from this on island source.
    • Anonymous says:

      I’m sorry but you can talk about Immigration all you want and try and blame expats yet again.  The majority of crime that takes place on this island is from Caymanians (find out for yourself)….so try again.

  5. Alan Partridge says:

    And another armed robbery.

    What is obvious is that these people are clearly rather stupid.  Three men attempt to rob a barbers shop.  Let’s face it, the shop in question is highly unlikely to be turning a roaring trade through it’s doors and probably provides the owner with an honest income.

    So let’s say the barber has $600 for that day, which is being ambitious, each of these idots would have walked away with $200.  Is it really worth the risk of carrying firearms for this! 

    These people must be so stupid they are a danger to themselves! I can just imagine one of them trying to commit suicide with a plastic fork whilst awaiting trial.

    • Anonymous says:

                                                  READY FOR THE CRIMINALS HERE IN WEST BAY

      Well well done Mr. Barber, well done !!!! Thats is, take a clear stand against being a victim of crime. We are all fed up with being victim(s) of crime whether directly or indirectly. You are a brave man in times like these. I want any of them out there contemplating the same thing, to try it at my residence here in West Bay, after I close my windows and doors. Day or night !!

      I have something cleaned, oiled, loaded and ready to roll into battle with them !!!

      Let them come I say,  let them come !!!



    • Ivan McLean says:

      pls some 1 give him a fork so he can finally be rid of himself….amen!