Man released but murder enquiry goes on

| 27/10/2008

(CNS): A man who has been held in custody by police since Saturday, 18 October, helping them with enquiries regarding the murder of Estella Scott Roberts has been released without charge and the investigation continues. Superintendent Marlon Bodden, who has strategic oversight of the investigation, said officers were, however, following a number of positive lines of enquiry.

“This man is free to go,” said Bodden. “We have a number of lines of enquiry which all need to be thoroughly followed up. We work with the evidence and material we have at the time and build upon this with additional information that comes to light. The implication and elimination of people is reliant upon the evidence.”

The man was released today after being questioned without police bail or charge but over 20 officers, led by Senior Investigating Officer, Detective Chief Inspector Peter Kennett, remain working on the investigation. Numerous statements have been taken and a number of exhibits have been sent overseas for forensic analysis.

“We have a number of positive lines of enquiry which we cannot elaborate on at this time,” Bodden added. “We appreciate all the assistance we have been receiving and encourage the community to continue to work with us. We must take a stand against violence as a whole community.”

Estella Scott-Roberts was last seen in the car park in-between Deckers and Buckingham Square at around 11.15pm on Friday, October 11. Her burnt out black Ford Edge was found in the Dykes in West Bay the following day. An examination of remains found in the vehicle by a forensic pathologist has left little doubt that the body is that of Estella Scott-Roberts. Anyone with information is asked to contact the murder team directly or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477. Dedicated contact numbers are as follows: Detective Inspector Kim Evans – 926-1773; Detective Constable Wade Chase – 925-7240; Detective Constable Charmane Dalhouse – 926-3975; Detective Constable Karl Lovell – 925-6761.All persons calling crime stoppers remain anonymous, and are eligible for a reward of up to US$125,000 should their information lead to an arrest and conviction.

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  1. The Patriot says:

    If i am not mistaken the poilice made it abundantly clear when they released the individual and i quote, "we are satisfied that this person released is not the killer". The police aren’t going to make such bold statements if this was not the case. Thankfully, we live in a society where our police when under immense pressure will NOT submit and do anything to solve a crime. if you want a police force that will do such then i suggest you go down south/central america or perhaps i can take you back to the 70"s when even Her Royal Majesty’s scotland yard did likewise with the terroist situation during those times.

    i say give the police some more time before judging their abiltiy to solve crimes. Everyone is concerned about violent crime in our society. i am sure the police feel the same and anxiously want to bring the killer or killers to justice. At least we should feel confident that they won’t resort to improriety to do so.

    If you ever watch the TV reinactment shows on forensic science or FBI cold cases (please refrain from absorbing too much CSI – its just all hollywood) some cases remained unsolved for up to 15 years until there is a break through. i say give them at least another month or so before criticizing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    once again the police (investigation) have FAILED the Cayman Islands people.  We need people that can SOLVE crimes of this matters.


    officers here can only solve crimes when evidences is given to them.  they can’t work for the money we are paying them.