Elderly man dies in his prison cell

| 28/10/2008

(CNS): According to HMP Northward a 74-year-old man died in his prison cell in the early hours of Saturday morning (25 October).  Windell Dilbert, who was on remand on a murder charge was reportedly found by the night-shift officer who was checking cells.

Although offering few details the prison said that Dilbert had been unwell for some time, he had visited hospital frequently and was recently hospitalised for a few days.

The night-shift officer, on one of his routine checks, noticed that Dilbert seemed to be sitting on the floor of his cell. The officer found him unresponsive and called the shift supervisor, who attended and then called 911.

Medics and police officers attended the scene and pronounced Dilbert dead. The prison said the cause of death will be the subject of a coroner’s inquest, which is standard practice for deaths in custody.

The department said that it extends its condolences to Dilbert’s family.

According to news archives Dilbert was on remand waiting trial regarding the murder of former RCIPS officer Michael Ebanks in the home the two men shared on Courts Road, George Town, on Friday 1 June 2007 at the government-owned affordable housing site.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Dilbert was Not A Monster. It was very sad on both sides being the terriable way that Mikey died and the utter most Shock that Mr. Dilbert was alledged to have committed this crime. Those all concern who knew these two individuals know quite well that their social living conditions was deplorable as help was seeked to no assistance by the "Social Welfare" system that we have in place.

    Ignorance is bliss until the the Eye of the Storm comes after You. Neglect is the correct word for both these unfortune human beings I will stress Human Beings! They both had their serious problems & Mr. Dilbert was mentally sick who like many are roaming the streets of Cayman with no help what so ever but Prison as the result of being a nusiance to society as there is quite frankly NO HELP!

    Cayman it is time to make provisions FOR YOUR MENTALLY SICK citizens of Cayman as mental illiness is a REAL illness, and one that is painfully to watch without assistance or help.


  2. noname says:

    Whilst I understand the feelings that the cousin of Mr. Ebanks has, Mr. Dilbert was also a human being.

    Had he been looked after properly by his family and government, the murder he allegedly committed (i say alleged because he was never tried for it) might not have happened. We also do not know what part Mr. Ebanks played in his own demise either, dead man can’t tell no tales. This poor man (Mr. Dilbert) was suffering from mental and memory problems so he couldn’t help you with the true events of that fateful evening, people like him should have some kind of mental facility to go to. There were days that Mr. Dilbert did not even know where he was or why he was there. Northward is not the answer for these types of people.

    When is the government going to build a facility for the mentally ill? When is the government going to build a rehabilitation school for our troubled youth offenders instead of sending them to Tranquility Bay in Jamaica? I mean yes we need more schools but for right now I think that 1 more would have been enough, why build so many when there are other areas that need developing as well. The Courts have been screaming for umpteen years for alternative solutions for people like Mr. Dilbert and our troubled youth but it does not seem like government have not heard their cries.

    We cannot keep discarding those who society deems as unacceptable, regardless of what some may think, they are humans too and maybe, just maybe with proper care they can make a change to their life!!. It is too late for Mr. Dilbert but we really need to address these issues for the many other Mr. Dilberts that we have out there (and trust me there are plenty). Unfortunately I guess with this recession we will not see such a home built for quite some time again.

    I will end by saying that it is full time that we take proper care of our elderly, youth offenders and mentally ill. Stop putting these issues on the back burner and put them where they should be …… on the front ones!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Having known both of these victims, and yes they were both victims of neglect and an uncaring family and community. What I know is, that when they were alive, both were neglected by their own FAMILIES.  How easy it is to cast blame – Mike had relatives living here who did not want to be associated with him. 

      Many times I assisted him with small amounts of cash and/or food.  Many times he told me how he felt so ashamed and that he had brought disgrace to himself and his family.  One Friday afternoon he came by where I was  working and asked me to help him get a ticket he just wanted to get back to Cayman Brac.  I really did not have the means to assist him at that time and suggested to him that he ask (unnamed) family member.  He said he would not do that because he was sick and tired of being insulted by that particular person.

      Both of these men were neglected and had dreadful endings.  However, I know that if they were able to ask God to have mercy on them and save them that they are in a better place now and their ‘after-life’ will be much happier than what they had here on earth.  I pray that both their souls have been saved.


      • Anonymous says:

        I agree with the last three comments. I knew both individuals and both were badly neglected by their families. It amazes me that it is only since mikey’s death that we find out that he had family that cared about him it certainly wasn’t shown when he was alive. Did the author of the first comment give him any money or offer to put him up at their home NO!!! Cow don’t know the use of its tail til it gone comes to mind. For poor Mr Dilbert I agree about the need for a mental home for people like him.

        May they both rest in peace and I hope that they had the time to ask God’s forgiveness for their sins

  3. Anonymous says:

    I too am a member of the Ebanks family and for 16 months, my heart has not only been broken by the tragic circumstances of Mikey’s death but also the failure of the Government and judicial system to put this matter to rest with a trial. I suppose they were waiting for the monster to die… in hope that the facts of Mikey’s death would not come to light. In this case, had the government acted in a timely manner, Mikey would still be alive. To further add insult on the injury to the family, the Government again failed to act in a timely manner, try the case, and offer some measure of closure to the family.  My hope is that while Dilbert was in jail, he asked our Great Creator for forgiveness. It is with great reassurance that I know Mikey is at rest. I hope no other Caymanian family will ever have to experience such a loss and tragedy the way my family has. I further  hope the governmental indifference which contributed to Mikey’s death is something never confronted by other families of our Islands. Let’s all come together and learn how to make our country, resources and social service systems more stronger.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well, well, I was wondering what had happened to this monster. Now I know, he’s in hell where he belongs for killing my cousin Mikey.