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| 29/10/2008

(CNS): Fast becoming a key resource for both old residents as well as new, the latest edition of Acorn Publishing’s New Resident magazine has arrived in the Cayman Islands. Charles Grover, Publishing Director at Acorn Publishing, said it marks the sixth anniversary of the magazine and is the largest and most complete edition ever produced.

“The complimentary magazine has over 250 pages crammed full with useful information to help both new and existing Cayman residents and contains a total of 24 chapters on subjects as diverse as: preparing to move to Cayman; finding a health specialist; cost of living; pitfalls to avoid when buying or renting a home; activities for adults and kids; schooling options; and even where to buy fresh fish in Cayman,” added Grover.

The first resident to receive a copy was H.E the Governor Stuart Jack, from Joanna Boxall, the owner of Acorn Publishing. “I very much welcome the latest edition of the New Resident magazine. It is full of information for people coming to work and live in the Cayman Islands.” Jack said. “My staff use both the magazine and the website because it is the most comprehensive and up-to-date guide available.”

Grover said two new chapters have been added this year ‘Establishing a Business’ in Cayman, which details the legal formalities and provides information on setting up an office. The second new chapter is ‘Running your Home’ and provides useful information about getting help around the home, how to keep rising costs under control and security considerations in Cayman.

In addition to adding these new chapters the magazine has been fully updated by a team of researchers and contributors. “This year we have received a massive amount of input from specialists in their field,” said Joanna Boxall “As a result we have expanded sections and added completely new information.”

The Immigration, Heath and Education sections and summer camps in the Activities for Kids chapter have all been extended.

Laura Hatfield, a partner at Solomon Harris, who helped provide some of the information for the Establishing a Business chapter, said the purpose is to give people an overview of the different types of business structures that can be formed in Cayman and to help people navigate some of the legal restrictions. “This is a really useful guide both for the expat community as well as for Caymanians looking to set up a new business,” she added.

The New Resident is used by virtually all of the large organisations in Cayman, such as government, law firms, hotels and accounting firms, to encourage people to move from their home countries and Angela Piercy, acting Chief Information Officer for the Cayman Islands Government Information Services (GIS), said it provided some of the information too.

“We highly recommend the magazine to both existing residents and new arrivals,” said Piercy.

Richard Dyer, a recent new arrival to Cayman and a marketing executive at Islands Companies, said: “I would have been at a complete loss without my copy of the New Resident. It helped me prepare before I came to Cayman and now I’m here I constantly use it for advice about getting through the hurricane season, to what internet options are available and much more. It is the best thing I have received for free all year!”

Grover commented explained that that people who read the New Resident before they arrive in Cayman not only settle in more quickly but also save themselves a lot of money, as the magazine advises people what to bring, and more importantly what not to bring and he urged employers to send their new employees a copy of the magazine. “I don’t think people are aware how much effort goes into updating the information in the magazine. We check every piece of contact information to ensure that it is accurate and have researchers who are constantly adding new information,” added Grover.

The information in the magazine is also available at and the magazine will be distributed at the beginning of November 2008 to over 350 businesses, including schools, government departments, hotels and tourist offices both on and off Cayman

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