Cayman Islands driver causes road death in US

| 05/01/2009

(CNS): A man from the Cayman Islands has been charged with reckless driving in New York state after causing a two-car wreck on Saturday 4 January on the Northway that claimed the life of a Clinton County woman. According to reports Paul J. Mosticchio, 45, was traveling south in the left lane near Exit 19 of Interstate 87 about 12:20 p.m. on Saturday when his 2009 Chevrolet swerved into the center lane, striking a 2008 Chevrolet operated by Ronald L. Martineau, 49, of Peru in Clinton County.


Mosticchio veered back to the left and his car came to rest in the median. Martineau’s vehicle went off the right shoulder of the road and overturned, Port said. Several injuries were reported in both vehicles. Inez Pelkey, 81, of Cadyville, a passenger in the Martineau car, later died at Glens Falls Hospital, the lieutenant said.

Mosticchio was issued tickets for reckless driving, moving from a lane in an unsafe manner and unlicensed operation. He is to appear in Queensbury Town Court on a later date.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Everyone can calm down and relax as this man in fact is a NJ resident who was working down in the Cayman Islands for years and returned after his work permit expired.  He probably didn't realize his NJ licence had expired. 

  2. Lorrie says:

    How many American tourists have rented cars in the Cayman Islands and caused serious and fatal accidents on roads in the Cayman Islands?  I can say that at least five American tourists have crashed into my cars over the years. To say that the driver is Caymanian is an assumption.  He may be a resident of the Cayman Islands, but it should not be assumed that he is a Caymanian.  If Mosticchio had been abroad for a long period of time, his licence may have been suspended in his absence without his knowledge.  I understand that a driver’s licence can be suspended in the US for reasons other than driving offences, in which the Cayman Islands should take a lesson and use as an example especially in terms of child support or lack thereof.  If I had to guess having spent a great deal of time year after year at the licensing department over the past thirty years, I would say the drivers’ licences issued in the Cayman Islands are issued to a greater number of foreign drivers rather than to Caymanian drivers.  It may have been that the other driver in the right lane was overtaking Mosticchio in his blind spot since the driver of the other vehicle swerved right and onto the hard shoulder. It is also reported that a logging truck had been in a minor accident close to the same time.  Maybe there was debris from a previous accident.  One more point, at least Mosticchio was driving on the left with his Cayman Islands’s licence!

  3. wasn me says:

    If Immigration would immediately revoke residency, work permits and status and subsequently deport  any holder of such who commits  this or even lesser offences here or abroad there would  be no need for a rollover that rids us of our good citizens along with the bad.  If the law doesn’t allow for that I vote we change the law.    

    • Ebanks the Plumber says:

      " … there would be no need for a rollover that rids us of our good citizens along with the bad."

      If we can get rid of them then they’re not OUR good citizens!

  4. Anonymous says:

    This guy is in fact a US Citizen. To the first comment. Have you tried counting the Stupid, Careless, Cant drive people on the road? Guess what? We Caymanians are out numbered.

  5. CommonSense - not all that common anymore! says:


    Who is Paul Mosticchio?  Might be one of the "McKeeva Caymanians"? or maybe he’s not even Caymanian but simply from another country, lived in Cayman at one point and was driving using a C.I. drivers license.  Let’s not all play the blame game.  He could be Caymanian, and likewise, he may not be. 

    Everyone, Caymanian or not , needs to drive more cautiously and carefully wherever they are in this world.  But to Anonymous before and to Knal N. Domp – it’s not as if other nationals from other countries don’t drive recklessly in their own countries and our country too!! 

  6. Ebanks the Plumber says:

    Last time I looked in the phone book, there weren’t too many Mosticchios, let alone 45 year-old ones!


    Let’s get the report straight.  "A US resident of the Cayman Islands, who reportedly has a suspended New Jersey driver’s licence, …"  I’d bet good money that this guy got a CI licence with his NJ licence and used it to to drive in the US because his NJ licence was suspended.  The original article (Google it) claims erroneously that CI licences are illegal in the US.


    Let’s not get carried away with the fact that this guy lives in the CI.  He probably LEARNED to drive in the USA.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This is not a Caymanian surname; especially not at that age. I’d be willing to bet he learned his driving skills somewhere else!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t it bad enough that they drive here like mad people and kill each other? Now they are taking that reckless approach to other countries. Wake up Cayman. Reckless driving kills!

  9. Knal N. Domp says:

    It seems that Caymanian residents are now exporting to other countries, their apparent inability to control motor vehicles- usually with fatal results to either themselves or to third parties. Expect some sort of reaction from your friendly car rental dude when he sees your Cayman Islands driver’s license, muchachos– don’t be surprised when you get the clunker at the back of the rental lot, after all, the rental company fully expects you to at least seriously damage, if not totalling it!

    • Ebanks the Plumber says:

      On my last trip my CI licence and I got a friendly welcome and a low-mileage vehicle from my Avis car rental dude.  Halfway through the rental, when I got a nail in my tyre, I even got a replacement car with a full tank of gas at no cost to me.

      Hardly negative discrimination.

    • Twyla M Vargas says:


      Caymanians are not exporting inability to control motor vehicles driving practices to any place, it is more like we are importing too many Nails & Dump, causing us to get flat tyres.

      I would also suggest that, whether it be News Service, Cayman Compass, Net News, or Marl Road Gossip, please get the story straight before printing.

      Caymanians are so close Knitted and passive minded they get heart broken when ever they hear something happen to one of us abroad. 

      So for PETE’S Please Get the Story straight before you print.  

      Here is an Example:  SPACE MAN FOUND DEAD ON THE QUEEN"S  HIGHWAY  WITH A CAYMAN PASSPORT.   Do you Get the drift, then we will know if its imported.