Kellogg warns not to eat its peanut butter crackers

| 16/01/2009

(CNN): The Kellogg Co. announced Wednesday it is recommending that consumers not eat its peanut butter crackers because they may be tainted with salmonella. The products affected are Austin- and Keebler-branded: Toasted peanut butter sandwich crackers, Peanut butter and jelly sandwich crackers, Cheese and peanut butter sandwich crackers, Peanut butter-chocolate sandwich crackers. The Michigan-based maker of cereals and snacks posted the recommendation in a statement on its Web site. (Left: Salmonella bacteria) Go to article

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  1. Twyla M Vargas says:


    It is very interesting to read almost every day about some kind of food being tainted.  Remember the good old days of natural foods.  Remember when we would go outside in the back yard and pick pepers, sweet and hot, tomatoes big and small, breadfruit cassava and yam, all to cook with a good piece of saltfish or yard fowl. 

    Caymanians please realize that its getting harder for mankind to live on this planet.  We are so lucky that we have a little piece of back yard that we can still plant these foods.  Why not spend some time making a vegetable garden with your kids on the weekend.  Buying mango, avacado , guava , bananas plaintain and other fruit trees.  Saving the tamarind tree to make juice from the fruits.  Encourage your children to eat ripe almonds, tamarinds and guavas.  Whats wrong with having your own pumpkin  and potato patch.  Sweetsop and soursop trees, eat the fruits and make tea with the leaves.

    The fast food is killing us, and it is wise  not give too much of it to our kids.  Remember the foundation of your childs body is what you put into it.  We are made up of what we eat.

    I am really scared when every week I read about  salmonella being in so many of the foods we eat.  It is terifying and we need to give it some serious thought.  You might be surprised to see how much kids love gardening and reaping the fruits.  Besides that it alows quality time for families to spend together on weekends.   The agriculture show give us the opportunity each year to grow a garden even if you do not have a back yard, buy large pots and soil, and plant the on your patio, you will enjoy the reaping.