Man seeks plane for US trip

| 17/01/2009

(CNS): Upadated – Saturday 11:45 am:  Police have confirmed that a 34 year old man has been arrested for criminal tresspass after he was found at the airport stating that he needed a plane to attend the presidential inauguration ceremony of Barack Obama in Washington. The man who is currently being evaluated  is believed to have jumped the perimeter fence and was spotted inside Owen Roberts International heading towards the commercial apron by Cayman Islands Fire Service staff at around 5:30 am on Friday morning.

The Cayman Islands Airports Authority (CIAA) issued a statement on Friday evening stating that on spotting the man the Fire Service staff reported the man’s presence to Air Traffic Control who then immediately notified Airport Security who responded to the scene.

By this time the person had been stopped by members of the Fire Service and was then detained by Airport Security until the Royal Cayman Islands Police arrived and arrested the individual.

According to CIAA the individual stated that he was attempting to take a plane to the USA to attend the presidential inauguration ceremony next week.

The CIAA said that it was satisfied that this security incident did not pose a threat to aviation interests, and further assures the travelling public that the CIAA and airport partners will continue to remain vigilant and will take necessary action to prevent these types of incidents.

CNS has contacted both the RCIPS and CIAA and awaits further information on the incident the age, mental health, or nationality of the individual is still not known at this time.

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  1. Twyla M Vargas says:


    Cayman Fire Service must be congradulated for a job well done.  Still there are a million questions on my mind.  Do we have security staff making sure that incidents like this never happen again?  Who is this person?.

     Is it a Space man with a Cayman Passport or a Caymanian with a Spaceman passport? Public needs to know.

    I am  also happy to hear that the CIAA does not think the incident poses a threat to the aviation interest.  In believing this, I am inclined to think it could have been a Caymanian with a spaceman passport.    (Do you get what I am talking about. )  Because if it is the other way around, I it could be more serious than we think.

    In all of my travelling,  over the world which has been alot, I find the best security is in Cuba.  I have spent time watching how they operate at their airports.  It does not matter if you are pilot , staff or passenger, you are checked  every timeyou pass through if it is 100 times for the day, and it is even hard for a cockroach to get over the fence. 

    I am satisfied to know that the CIAA does not think the incident posed a threat, but I am sure the public wants to hear much more.  You know!!!!  all that everybity detail satisfing  news so  there is absolutely no room left for Marl Road gossip.