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| 30/01/2009

(CNS): Controversial host of the Crosstalk radio show on Rooster 1.01, Elio Solomon seems to have landed himself a seat at the table for the constitutional talks in London next week. Since Solomon will be running as a candidate with the United Democratic Party (UDP) in May’s General Election, the opposition leader has written to Sir Ian Hendry, Leader of the UK delegation, to ask if he can bring the talk show host as an adviser. Although Hendry raised concerns, he has said the FCO was prepared to admit Solomon.

In a letter responding to a request from Leader of the Opposition McKeeva Bush  and the UDP , Hendry said the choice of individuals was a matter for the Cayman delegation, but he noted that the UK had not allowed journalists at the talks as they had considered them best held in private. He further noted, that the opposition representatives were expected to be drawn from serving MLAs and that the final round of discussions should be between delegates that participated in earlier rounds. He drew attention to the fact that Solomon did not meet any of the criteria of delegates.

“I understand, however, that Mr Solomon is a declared candidate for the UDP at the forthcoming elections,” Hendry noted. However, since Bush had said he was part of the UDP advisory team and assurances had been given that the talks would not be used for journalistic purposes, Solomon would be accepted.

“I understand the difficulty the Opposition faces in being without Ms Juliana O’Connor Connolly, who naturally feels she must be on Cayman Brac for the visit of Prince Edward next week,” Hendry wrote. “In these exceptional circumstances and on the basis of your assurance…..the Foreign and Commonwealth Office is prepared to admit Mr Solomon to next week’s talks if he is selected as a member of the Cayman Islands Delegation.”

The letter was also copied to Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts, who gave no official comment other than to note that nothing would be allowed to derail the talks.

Solomon, who has in the past severely criticised the party system, the leader of the opposition and his previous government, has now confirmed he will not run for office as an independent candidate but will be on the UDP ticket. Last July the talk show host was still talking about running as an independent but said he planned to run with perhaps two or three other independents.

It was not until the end of last year when he indicated he was considering running with the UDP. In December he told CNS that he had not made a formal commitment with the UDP but the discussions were ongoing. At that time Solomon said he was in the process of sitting down with party members and seeing how close his position on important issues was to that of the party.

Before running for office as an independent candidate in the 2005 election, Solomon ran the Caypolitics website which was closed down due to legal problems. During the time that the website was live, however, Solomon admitted that he had received five threats of law suits from the UDP with regard to posts he had made about government at the time.

Nevertheless, the UDP confirmed on Thursday afternoon, 29 January, that Solomon has joined the party and will be contesting a seat in the district of George Town alongside Mike Adam. West Bay MLA Rolston Anglin told CNS that these will not necessarily be the only two candiadates and the UDP was still in discussions with other potential represenataives for the district. Anglin also defended Solomon’s place at the constitutional talks when he said that he had been involved closely with the UDP in an advisory role for some time and he was a welcome addition to the team in the absence of Capt Eugene Ebanks and Juliana O’Conner Connolly.


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  1. Eva says:

    Ellio, you are good for the Caymanian people, even for those who "attempt" to make others see you differently. That said mentality is another reason for you to fight to save our Cayman Islands.  You will show most of our young Caymanians that there are good in our own people thus eliminating this type of mentality in the future Cayman.

     GOD is with you, continue to look to HIM for guidance.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ask the police on the Brac if he did not receive an escort.



  3. Anonymous says:

    "Could someone please explain to me why this self-serving moron felt the neccisity to demand a police escort for the brief period of time that he was on the Brac after Paloma!  Couldn’t their services be better used helping the hurricane vicitims rather than playing lackey boy …"

    What a totally unfounded statement. I as a Bracker was with Ellio in Cayman Brac and if I am now considered to be a Police (which I am not aware of) then please retract this statement. It is absolutedly full oflies. 

  4. Rich says:

    You know… reading this article, and these posts I’ve realized why so many foreigners hold the positions some of you continually cry about.  Too many of you are just plain pathetic, envious and hateful and can’t do a damn thing unless its just handed to you from someone else.  And when you see someone like this young man making it on his own, it just pisses you off resulting in some of these emotional and idiotic replies I’m reading.

    Here is a young Caymanian man who over the years not only dedicated years of his life to the public but also sacrificed greatly legally and financially much more than those of you bashing him ever even thought about doing.  This guy has stood up against the past and current governments and their lawsuits and ways to disqualify him from the last election, the courts eventually forcingly bringing his caypolitics website down etc etc etc. He surely hasn’t done it for the money.

    Any of you has had the opportunity to either posts replies on his website at the time, and *anyone* including the current government and those of you who disagree (especially those of you who disagree)  has had to opportunity to call his show.  He has and always has welcomed your opinions friend or foe alike.  But the cowards bashing him now can’t and won’t because it isn’t Ellio lacking the substance to debate you, its those bashing him now hiding behind the anonymity of this website.

    Ellio has been and continues to be about nothing else than substance and good debate.  If you want utter lack of substance, read the other news papers and these replies.  Or some of the other talk shows before crosstalk.


    Ellio, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.   I’m a big fan of your show and If I could vote here, I would vote for you.  God Speed on your election.


    • Twyla M Vargas says:


      Thank you Mr Rich for being a true Caymanian, stepping up to the mike, saying HELLO, defending Mr Elio Solomon.  You have said it all, and I know you have if I cant find anything else to say.

      We need more Caymanians like you and myself who refuse to let small minds vision hate and jealousy against our fellowmen.  You can always call on me for support. To Elio, I say GOD bless you and keep you away from the evil eyes and and hands that may try to reach your patience,  Dont let it happen STAND STRONG in you walk, be stil and know GOD>

      • Anonymous says:

        It is truely a shame that Ms. Vargas doesn’t have enough confidence in her chosen candidate, for whatever "reason" that she has to revert to adjectives such as hate, jealousy and evil to decribe her fellow country men  who happen to disagree with her that Mr. Solomon is far from the ideal man for the post.  Mr. Solomon continues to wear a coat of many colours that changes hue all the time.  God Bless…

  5. jack says:

    Dear Mr. EElio,

    I will vote for you. Please give me a washing machine and dryer. Please make them white or green. thank you.

    I hope you explain to England why we hate rights here. Let them know that we have the right not to want bill of rights!

    God bless

  6. Anonymous says:

    Who and what was he before he became a talk show host. As far as I can remember – I do not recall hearing any of this the last time he ran. Why now are we stating that he is just a talk show host. I know from working with Ellio in Government he has a degree. He was always a very intellent young man. I remember him as always a stand-up guy. Even when those would not stand up for themselves, he was always helping out. He was a very good guy and very well liked, even back then.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Obama want to be? Please do not insult Obama supporters of this great man himself. Ellio is no where close to Obama!! LOL … he has along way to go baby … if he ever gets there. I too am looking for the bullfight between Ellio and McKeeva – it’s only a matter of time.

    I think the number of posts that show up here EVERYTIME there’s something about Ellio on this news site says a lot about he he gets people up in arms. He does stir up a lot of hard feelings.

  8. Johnny Ebanks says:

    Concern Caymanian – wow – did you take a leap and jumped to a few conclusions. Our 4 year old is listened to but that does not mean that he’s allowed to run the household. Understood? Also, he learned to crawl before he started to walk and then run – understood?

    Now, back to Ellion (since analogies are lost on some people here) Ellio sounds good. He has the gift of gab as they say but very litle substance behind it. The man talks in sounds bites which often sound good and sometimes …. if you listen carefully do not make any sense at all. However, he has a lot to learn. So the few posters on here (and I do know its a few and that many of those are being posted by the same people who have a direct interest in Ellio being elected) should take note. Without any real solutions the people of GT will NOT put in him.

    He’s already pissed at the PPM. When he does not get in this time he will be pissed at the UDP and the people of GT. Then what? LOL ….. he’s very childish in many respects hence the comparison to my 4 year old. He lacks knowledge but pretends that he does and most importantly he has not EARNED the right to go on this trip – but earning something seems to be out of the scope of his understanding. He wants it to come easy and that is why he has joined up with the UDP. Mark my word – just watch and learn.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ellio is great for Caymanians!

      Its amazing how a few land crabs seemto use everything to try to hold a Caymanian down.

      Ellio is about change, and so I’m sure when he is elected he will work to better the lives of all Caymanians, including his critics and supporters.

      In closing, if having solutions was a prerequisite for being elected to Public Office the PPM most certainlywould not have been eligible to run for public office, and in any event should not be able to stand for re-election because the only thing they have shown is that it is possible to spend $700 million dollars and only benefit a small group of friends. 

  9. voiceofcayman says:

    Woweee!!! you go Ellio. We are so very proud of you. Keep up the execellent work. We know you will do whatever it takes to help us. Keep fighting the good fight. Keep focused on the road ahead – God is certainly with you, remember they crusified Chirst (yes his very own people). Jealousy and animosity is why this country is in the position it is now. The crabs are in the bucket and their feet are on your head (CAN’T YOU FEEL IT). 

    I love the cry to get you OFF the radio!!! it’s hilarious, you have GOT TO BE kidding me. What and make the PPM have the full swing and lauch into their usual "alarmist’ mode – railing up the people – whining as per usual ……"it was not me, look at this, I was mislead, Mac gave out all the statuses and WE HAD NO HAND IN IT, ahweeeee, it hurtsssss…we can’t  do this, we can’t do that …… we , we we,   – please where is the milk, give them a bottle, where is the pacifiers, bring out the pampers………………..PLeaseeeeeeeeeee give me a break . So pathetic as per usual.

    A PRAYER FOR ALL….please say it with me… God please bless this country that we will NOT have to endure this GOVERNMENT any longer than necessary. Please give us, the people of this country, the courage to standup, speak out and vote them out. For my children long have suffered at their hands and will NOW suffer for the next twenty (20) years – for the burden of debt they have placed on their backs and the backs of THEIR Jesus name we pray AMEN.

    Thank you all, may you have a blessed day.. go in Jesus.

    • Anonymous says:

      Bad enough when this fool is equated to the late John F. Kennedy, but to Christ?????????? God help us all!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I have to chuckle – the PPM are alarmist?! Nothing could be more alarmist than your contribution. Every day we see  a headline where (not so) Big Mac is suggesting that the Govt. has totally destroyed the future of the country, that this is the end of life as we know it etc. etc.  Same old UDP trick: whatever you are guilty of, you accuse the other side of. I think the psychologists call it ‘projection’.  Some people are naive enough to fall for it.   

      McKeeva plus Ellio. This I gotta see. Can’t have two bulls in one pen.  When pacts are made in the interests of political expediency rather than a mutual vision and philosophy it will last only so long as it is expedient.    

  10. Anonymous says:

    Ellio will look out for Caymanians!!!

    Reading some of these postings it hilarious how desperate some people are to try and discredit Ellio – a Caymanian who fights everyday for all things Caymanians.

    You go Ellio and show ’em wha we talking about.

  11. Concern Caymanian says:

    This is what concerns me greatly about the future of these Beautiful and God Blessed Islands, to which I am born along with my children and that we all call Home!

    Here is a young Intelligent Caymanian, who has for years continued to show interest, provide feed back and ideas in the issues that we face everyday in this country that continue to eat away at the very core of our being and those internal and external powers that are trying destroy and or exploit what our fore fathers have built and what some of us fight to preserve. 

    An individual who as some of us can recall, stood up for what should be our Gods given right, "Freedom of Speech" and paid for it in our Grand Courts when operating Caypolitics. But we forget that or we just don’t pay that any mind, because who he is!

    I’ve seen so many times that when we Caymanians see another son or daughter of the soil, raise their head and attempt to do something, be it for betterment of themselves or country. Wepull, we kick, we stone, we stab, we go out of our way to try and discredit the individual and why do we do this?! Because he doesn’t say what you want to hear? Because he hasn’t bashed a particular person, country or whatever that day? 

    But if it was a person who came off a plane in a fancy "Salmon" Coloured necktie and spoke with that magical "twang", we wouldn’t do that to them. As a matter of fact, we would have our heads, so far up his/her "you know what" before they even told us to put it there and when we pull it out, we’d just smile and say, that’s a smart man there Massa!

    What Ellio does everyday is what the late John F. Kennedy said "No president (Leaders of Governments also) should fear public scrutiny of his program, for from that scrutiny comes understanding and from that understanding comes support or opposition and both are necessary. Without debate, without criticism, no country can succeed…"

    What Ellio does everyday is the same thing that this great President encouraged during his time, that "The press is not primarily to amuse and to entertain, not to emphasis the trivial and the sentimental. Not to simply give the public what it wants, but to inform, to arouse, to reflect, to state the dangers and our opportunities. To indicate or crisis and our choices, to lead, mole, to educate and to sometimes even anger public opinion"

    Continue you openness and honesty in all that you do Ellio, keep your head up and carry it into the LA with you! No matter which party, group or independant(s) you’re with, my Fellow Caymanian…





    • Anonymous says:

      "Intelligently" said….that’s the mentatlity of the new Cayman

  12. Anonymous says:

    Let’s be honest, of course he shouldn’t be going but could he really be any more ignorant and self involved than the others who are??

  13. Anonymous says:

    Yea, Ellio likes the attention – McKeeva better think about this partnership real long and hard. Rollie giving him enough competition much less Ellio!! This will be war – mark my word – it’s going to be the end of McKeeva now.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Ellio is no more qualified on these talks than is my 4 year old!

    • Anonymous says:

      Chances are your four year old has a larger vocabulary and more voice intonation!  He would get my vote!

    • Concern Caymanian says:

      Firstly, I would say that maybe you should give your 4 year old a chance to talk and really listen to what they say, cause you could learn somethin from him/her!

      Thats the problem we have in this world today, we dont take the time to open our ears, shout our mouths and listen to what is being said around us and really hear and try to understand. 

      I pray for your child and you!

      • Anonymous says:

        "Shout our mouths?"  Prime example! Maybe we should "Shut our mouth," and implement spell check!

  15. Anonymous says:

    SORRY !!!!!!!!!!  I COULD NOT AND WOULD NOT VOTE for you if you were the only one running for the # islands.

  16. newcaymanian says:

    You have to admit that Ellio sure does get alot of attention wherever he goes and whatever he decides to do. I remember Caypolitics – I loved that site!! That was the brainchild for all other news-sites including this one to follow. I remember when he was on the e-advisory board and the telecommunication board always fighting for the betterment of Caymanians.

    Excellent chap – this young man

    • Anonymous says:

      Attention???   ATTENTION????? Negative attention is a type of attention as well, one that "this young chap" is very familliar with!!! Lets not forget this before we hastly support this Obamma wanna be!

  17. Caroline Armando says:

    Excellent choice, Ellio – a very intellent young man, very good for the Cayman Islands on a whole.

    I belive we are now seeing a change in this country. I believe the UK might be seeig this as well and that is why they have not excluded Mr. Solomon from the talks.

    They might be considering what this would do to the people of the Cayman Islands at this pint by refusing Ellio’s entrance. They see him as being the voice of the people and appriciate what this intales.

    It is a pity that some of his own people do not see what an excellent person he is. Sometimes you have to live in another man’s country to be appriciated. Therefore I say, excellent job Mr. Solomon. I do belive the UK sees the value in you.




  18. Bracker says:

    Good for you, Elio! And to Mr/Miss Anonymous who questioned is he has anything more than a high school diploma, so what???? I have no more than a high school diploma from the Cayman Brac High School and I am proud to hold an excellent Government position today! When posting remarks such as this, PLEASE PUT YOUR NAME WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS! Thank you.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Why is Elio replacing Ms Juliana O’Connor Connolly on the trip? Is it because she tthinks that a two hour photo-op with the prince in Cayman Brac will be more important than a constitution that will serve the islands for decades? Or is it because she is already sure of her seat and that the UDP feels that the exposure will help Elio win??

  20. Anonymous says:

    Now that Ellio has gone into full political mode I beleive it is time for him to step down from the radio talk show.

    For Ellio to continue as a talk show host is an unfair advantage and Cayman crosstalk is used as a political platform.

    The freedom of speech argument is rubbish.

    • Anonymous says:

      How small minded is that comment. Elio happens to be a talk show host running for an election. If Randy had an issue with this, he certainly wouldn’t have been place dthere in the first place. It’s thinking like this, the new Cayman has graduated from.

      Get over it.


      • Anonymous says:

        I agree with you. Randy is a businessman first and formost. If Elio was cutting into his profits he would be gone by now. I also disagree with the comments of Obama. Obama must have had his share of critics as well, some and most public of all was Mr. Jackson who said he was "not black enough". Imagine what others must of said, he was not wealthy enough, he was not white enough, he was too young, he did not have enough experiance, he is not good enough etc. we can all have our disagreements on if a person is cut from the right cloth, but that’s just life – we all have our own opinions and they are all based on our life’s experiences from whom we come in contact with over the course of our lives to those who leave a lasting impression which have an impact on us. It can’t hurt to give the guy a chance. We did the same for the others. From personal experience myself and being judged by others, I have learnt – do not judge others least ye be judged.

        Good luck son.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Excellent that Ellio is going to the negotiations as now I know for sure someone will be looking out for the best interests of the Caymanian people, and Cayman.

  22. Appalling! says:

    This is absolutely appalling!  I am sure Mr. Hendry and the rest of UK delegation got a huge laugh out of this.

    At the very least, maybe now that we know he is definetely running with the UDP- people can truly see the bias that is rampant on his program. Hey, journalist can’t be politicians too!Austin, maybe this is a good thing for you! lol!!

    Man oh man, what is this country coming to?

  23. Anonymous says:

    I hear ya’ dey’ Elio!

    Just one question tho’…when you gonna’ get rid a’ dat’ "flat-top" son??

    I just got a voicemail from 1988 – it read and I quote…"Kindly return our style immediately!!"

    (Just some Friday humour people – lighten up!)


    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for the laughs!!!  "Sponge Bob Visits the U.K.," should be next weeks post!

  24. Anonymous says:

    An advisor?  An advisor on what???

  25. Twyla M Vargas says:


    GO ELIO!!!!      GO ELIO!!!!!!!     "YOU GO ELIO."    I am a happy camper hearing this.  Elio, go take your trip, learn from it and come back and make us proud.  You are a young Caymanian, and  We love you very much and it dosent matter which team you are on, but of course choosing the UDP is the right way to go, because what ever they may say about McKeva Bush and his team, they are still the best .  Have a good trip and be blessed.

  26. Anonymous says:

       Note … please change in that last posting … "his word is not worth anything" as opposed to work.



  27. Anonymous says:

    His “word” is not work anything. Read this article carefully!! Here’s a man who made it clear that not only did he not approve of parties but that the 2 current leaders were inept. What is he now doing? Joining up with one of those leaders. Woe the day voters put him in office!! Is it not obvious he will do anything to get into office? A person who will do anything to get into office … wait til he gets there then what!!

    George Town voters, please do not put this power hungry man in office. He’s just as bad if not worse than McKeeva.

    I’m sorry, but this man is not qualified to do anything but talk gibberish. Ever listen to what he says? Smooth talker. No action behind it. When has he ever done anyting? Has he tried to learn something himself? Does he have anything more than a high school diploma? Work experience? Solutions for Cayman?

    Absolutely nothing at all – but power hungry and PPM bashing. He has this attitude that he’s already in government and walks around like he’s someone. When he went to the Brac after Paloma “he needed” a police escort. Only the LOGB and Governor got that.

    All the signs are there for the kind of politician this man is going to be. He did not deserve to get a seat on this delegation and both him and McKeeva know that. McKeeva tried saying that he has been in on the talks privately with the UDP. HOGWASH!!! I happen to know that a certain Bodden Town lawyer was in on the talks with them. So many more deserving people could have gone.

    Why accounce his candidacy and notthe rest of the UDP members? UDP is floundering just as much as PPM. They cant find any sensible candidates that want to run with them. You see the banner ad on this website for McKeeva? The one to the right of here – “All about McKeeva Bush”. No mention on the UDP – he’s right it has always been and will always be “all about” him. That’s the bottom line really. Take note people.

    Parties are a joke and are not well organized at all. What party would introduce one candidate in a district and not the others? Already, they seem to be giving him favorable treatment.

    FINALLY …. When is RANDY MERREN going to get rid of this politician on the radio??? RANDY … You are not being fair to the people of the Cayman Islands. If Ellio wants to campaign let him pay for the air time NOW!!!

    We all see the writing on the wall with this man but will we take heed?

    • Anonymous says:

      Could someone please explain to me why this self-serving moron felt the neccisity to demand a police escort for the brief period of time that he was on the Brac after Paloma!  Couldn’t their services be better used helping the hurricane vicitims rather than playing lackey boy to this idiot.  What in the hell did he need protection from?  Was he afraid me might get dirty by the comon folk that were tryiing to rebuild thier community!  Next time Elio do everybody a favour and stay home!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Elio going must be revenge for the UK sending Bridger et al to Cayman

  29. Jedi Dread says:


    Someone I know whose input and decision making process has not been corrupted by mistakes of the past.

    Good for you Elio, and I trust you shall repesent the Cayman Islands and it’s people, with much courage in defense of a noble cause, in other words, with much valor.

    Right on, Right on…

    – Jedi Dread –

    PS. to Anonymous…. At this point, WHY NOT???

  30. Anonymous says:


  31. JabJab says:

    Good for Elio. ‘im get ‘im lil trip to England. Be interesting to know who’s paying for his trip and how much. Purely as a way of judging how much his word "not used for jurnalistic puposes" is worth, of course.

    • Anonymous says:

      I guess it doesn’t matter if it is posted on this site or in the papers.  These talks should be made with our elected members.  not because Elio is a talk show host and a running member of UDP (up coming elections) should he giving the rights to travel to the UK for these talks.  Unless Big Mac know already that Elio will be elected this year!!!!!!