Lawyers amass for tribunal

| 03/02/2009

(CNS): The number of legal experts convening for Justice Priya Levers’ tribunal, to be heard in May, is steadily mounting. CNS has learned that not only has the tribunal itself engaged the services of Clifford Chance, a leading firm of solicitors based in London, the Chief Justice’s Office has also instructed local attorney’s Campbells to represent the witnesses, who will be called to give evidence against the Grand Court Judge. Priya Levers has confirmed that she has instructed three advocates to defend the accusations of misbehaviour made against her.

“The perception has been put out, obviously by someone who wishes to harm my case, that I have a large number of lawyers,” Levers stated. “I have three, Mr Wade DaCosta, Mr Anthony Akiwumi and Mr Stanley Brodie QC. While Mr James Eadie QC was previously working with me, he has been appointed First Treasury Council, Therefore, he can no longer deal with my case and I am working with Mr Brodie — but there was no overlap.”

In a recent statement Akiwumi confirmed that as Governor Stuart Jack had queried the liability of the Cayman government to fund Justice Levers’ costs, they were forced to make an application directly to the tribunal causing a change in date.

“The delay in proceedings was occasioned by the lack of consensus between Madam Justice Levers’ legal advisers and HE The Governor on the issue of his liability to fund the considerable costs incurred by Madam Justice Levers as a direct result of the proceedings initiated by the Governor on 12th September 2008,” Akiwumi stated.

“Given this lack of consensus, the issue of funding was referred to the Tribunal of Inquiry for resolution. On 12th January 2009 at a hearing held in London, the Tribunal of Inquiry resolved the issue in favour of Madam Justice Levers. This was an important issue because the costs of her legal representation in the Tribunal of Inquiry will be substantial and the unanimous decision of the Tribunal of Inquiry in Madam Justice Levers favour is significant.”

The CI Treasury will also be responsible for the costs incurred by the tribunal itself, chaired by Sir Andrew Leggatt, which will now included the fees of Clifford Chance, one of the most expensive law firms in the UK, as well as the three judges sitting on the Tribunal. Moreover, the recent revelation that the CJ’s office in the Department of Judicial Administration has also instructed its own counsel will add to the growing legal bill.

CNS asked the Judicial Administration for details of the number of lawyers involved and who they would be acting for. The office confirmed that Campbells would represent the interests of those staff members who may be called as witnesses at the tribunal. It could not confirm the number of attorneys that will be required as it is still not certain which staff members will be called, but the office stated that Campbells will be used to assist anyone who is called to the stand.

CNS also contacted Campbells for details on how they would be assisting those asked to give evidence against the judge, but were told that Campbells had no comment to make regarding the Justice Levers tribunal.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The only winners here will be all the lawyers who will be able to retire on their fat pay cheques from this case….

  2. Anonymous says:
    I thought it was Judge Levers who was being tried here. One has to wonder why the CJ felt that he had to seek representation to protect himself and court staff. Could they possibly have something to hide??? ……………………
    Good Point – I was wondering the same myself and why is Charles Cliffered on the rooster this morning trying to make the people believe that this is the same as the case on Herderson. This is completely altogether a different circumstance.
    Tsk, Tsk, tsk. talk about misleading……….
  3. Anonymous says:

     This is painful to watch.  Will you be sad to see the back of this Governor?  I know I won’t.

    The worstpart about it is he has mistaken the outcry for evidence he is on the right track.  What he does not know is that he is NOT.  This is a textbook, classic example, and will become one, of what happens when a tone-deaf administrator really is lost at sea and out of his depth.  

    Jack will go down as the most arrogant, stubborn mule of a governor Cayman has ever had.  What can I say…this is what happens when you have midgets running the country.  


  4. Anonymous says:

    Why don’t we wait and see where the dust settles?Who knows might pop though.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Clearly the costs of this exercise will now be several million dollars. Thanks Governor Jack – another strike against the solvency of the Cayman Islands Govt.  You are doing real well.  Any other CEO would have been tossed out on his ear by now.

  6. Twyla M Vargas says:


    I thought Judge Henderson hard cold case had really socked it to us, but Judge Levers case is the Bomb. 

      Now you think this aint going to cost the Cayman Islands some money, think again.   Imagine the CI Treasury will be picking up the tab of the tribunal, chaired by Sir Andrew Leggett, including the fees of Clifford Chance, one ot the most expensive law firms in the UK.   What is going on anyway, have we suddenly became the land of Milk and Honey.   I do hope this is not another Unlawful Arrest with Cayman having to pay out millions again.  It is becoming disgusting and disgraceful.  Some one has to be blamed for all of this, and I do hope Justice prevails where it suppose to.

    Now concerning CJ, and his administrative staff, PLEASE, dont bother go there, to even think that there is a cover up.  Maybe you do not know the CJ I know, but he is a distinguished Gentleman who  if   aware of it,  will not tolerate corruption.  Of course he is doing the right thing to have representation for his staff, it shows how much he appreciates them.  You know one thing I have to say.  if some corners need sweeping, sweep them, but we better be careful in the brooms we use.   Who next to call.!!!!!! MATLOCK,  AND DICK TRACY.   Hell, every day its getting hotter.


  7. Anonymous says:

    I thought it was Judge Levers who was being tried here. One has to wonder why the CJ felt that he had to seek representation to protect himself and court staff. Could they possibly have something to hide???