Immigration officer arrested

| 07/02/2009

(CNS): An immigration officer has reportedly been arrested and charged for employing a person without a work permit and obstructing an immigration officer in the execution of his duties. The report came from Government Information Services on Friday evening, which said the officer, who is a female officer was not named, was charged on Wednesday, 4 February, for offences under the Immigration Law. She was arrested by Immigration Enforcement at the headquarters on Elgin Avenue and has been released on bail, and scheduled to appear in court. The immigration department has said it will not give any more details or name the officer.

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  1. Frank Essary says:


    I hope you Caymanian citizens get together and boot out the immigration people, and I mean ALL immigration people andset up a very honest immigration program that will address the jobless cayman citizens need for employment, and the need for talented new immigrants to come to the Caymans.  Also, I strongly urge all Cayman citizens to educate themselves.  Go to school for God’s ske and give yourself a fighting chance in this world.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps the Immigration Department could afford a spellcheck on their computers so at least their officers are learning something while wasting the rest of our days?

  3. Bruce says:

    Immigration- A money- stop what ever you are drinking. The Immigration Department must be applauded for enforceing the immigration law fairly. Time well tell whether this officer is innocent or guilty but at least the Department is taken a hard stance on abuse of the immigration law.

    The Immigration Department is NOT selling work permits. Caymanians are applying for them and in most cases they aregranted. I attended one of the public meeting that Immigration had last year and learned that over 1800 work permits were refused last year.

    So the Immigration Department stop issuing work permits- what happens then? Care to guess?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Immigration — A money Racket ? 

    Is there More Immigration Officers doing that ????  Or maybe not the Only one just the Only one squeeled on.

      Immigration just seems to be a racket and there is no telling just what else is taking place there.

     The selling of works permits is apparently the biggest revenue in the Immigration Dept. And while they are making such a revenue… They (Immigration Dept.) are just cutting the Caymanian Throat and Aiding their Pockets and Keeping the Caymanians down and deprived.

      At a rate of twenty seven thousand work permits to be granted and an estimated amount of fifteen thousand Caymanians in need of work, I would find it very hard to believe that "Not one Caymanian can fill one of those spots of twenty seven thousand work permits to granted".

      So is the Immigration Department saying now ,,, ?  "Well we are Not able to sell No work Permits to No Caymanians, and we can make Money from the Work Permits to the Expat, while Keeping the Caymanian out of a Job.  So what is wrong with robbing the Cradle even more by Working the Expat without a  Work Permit and Disrespecting the Immigration Laws as an Officer  then ?

    • Anonymous says:

      15000 caymanians  with out work! absolutely not. with a population of 54000- between 55%-60% caymanian. Now subtract: elderly, mentally and physically challenged, young persons, the incarcerated and those not looking for work ( as those cannot be term as unemployed according to the universial definition) for the total caymanian population.  Now tell me how you estimated that figure?

    • Anonymous says:

      I think we need to stop kidding ourselves and not look at the numbers of wrok permits that are granted on a yearly basis. There are a number of jobs out there that Caymanians are not interested in holding, therefore, employers who are need to get work done rely on the obtaining work permits for people from elsewhere to complete these jobs. Simply put, if there was an influx of Caymanian able bodied persons, who demand these jobs and actually complete these jobs to the best of their abililities, the employers will be forced to employ them. I am aware that there is another side to this with respect to wanting foreigners to do certain things. I have yet to see one Caymanian, at a Bar, tour guide, working at some of the high end stores, barber, restuarants, etc. We have to look at this fair, if the locals want to work and work is available, they can protest and they would have my acceptanec on the matter as a non-Caymanian.