Drivers break law with tints

| 13/02/2009

(CNS): With a growing number of vehicles coming to its attention with very dark, black, or reflective tint the Department of Vehicle and Drivers’ Licensing (DVDL) has said that vehicle owners should be aware that the legal limit for window tint is 35 per cent light transmission. For safety reasons vehicle windows must let in enough light.


“Very dark tint is a safety hazard,” DVDL Deputy Director Richard Simms explained. “If the tint is too dark, a driver may have difficulty seeing a cyclist or pedestrian.”

The DVDL also said that despite inspectors compelling vehicle owners to remove excessively dark tint during annual inspections, some drivers are illegally replacing the dark tints once their cars have been passed through the inspection. The DVDL said people who do this and are caught with tint that lets in less than 35 per cent light can be fined $500 and imprisoned for six months, according to the Traffic Law (2003) part 8, clause 115.

Moreover, a number of international road safety groups suggest that there is a lack of evidence that tinting provides any significant benefits in keeping a car cool but there is evidence to show visibility is significantly reduced. Concerns are that even with light tints driver vision at twilight and night-time is reduced which presents a safety risk to both the occupants of vehicles with tinted windows, as well as to other road users. Another area of concern is the potential loss of eye contact between drivers on the road.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    the prescribe limit in inches for windshield tinting is 12. what if it’s 12inches but the tint in not dark. can you be ticketed for this

  2. Dennie Warren Jr. says:

    Dear Anonymous, you are 100% current, I also I believe that:

    1. For the first four inches down from the top of the front windshield, the application of a 30% film but whose installed measurement shall read greater than 25% light transmission.

    2. For front side-windows, the application of a 30% film but whose installed measurement shall read greater than 25% light transmission.

    3. Factory installed tint should be allowed on all other windows.

    What say you?

  3. Anonymous says:

    While having my car inspected I was told that I would need to remove the tint film applied to my windows as it was few points over the allowable limit for tinting, thereby causing a safety hazard.  When I pointed out vehicles passing inspection with tints so dark it was impossible to see anything inside the vehicle, I was advised by the inspector that thosevehicles most likely came from the factory with glass that is tinted (as opposed to tint film that is later applied to windows) and that was OK with the DVDL and it could be as dark as you like.  What??! 

    Either it’s a safety hazard or not…and if it is as Mr. Simms suggests, then enforce the law for the safety of everyone, regardless of how the windows ended up tinted.